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Wao High School principal speaks at Learning Link joint briefing session

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[Wao High School principal speaks at Learning Link joint briefing session] “Recommendation for university entrance exams through Eiken x high school study abroad, which can be done through correspondence high school” Wao High School Principal Tsuyoshi Hirata will be giving lectures and consulting on studying abroad all over the country! ……
Now being held in Yokohama, Shizuoka, Tochigi, Shinjuku, and nationwide!
[Image 1:×1365.jpg] Wao Mirai Gakuen Wao High School (headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Principal Tsuyoshi Hirata) (hereinafter referred to as Wao High School) will open in April 2021, fostering the ability to survive in turbulent times through practical studies and education. This is a completely online school where you can study when and where you want. Through the exploration of philosophy, science, and economics, we cultivate the ability to live in the real world.
At Wao High School, we would like to inform you that the principal will be giving a lecture at a joint briefing session sponsored by Manabi Link, with the theme, “Recommendations for university entrance exams through Eiken x high school study abroad, which can be done only because we are a correspondence high school.”
・How should I acquire English skills to study abroad?
・Can I graduate from high school in 3 years if I study abroad for a long time? ・Do I have to find a high school or university to study abroad on my own? ・If I am going to study abroad, which country and which university should I choose?
Wao High School has produced three long-term international students to Australia, including the first batch, and their backgrounds and stories vary, including those who transferred from preparatory schools and those who refused to attend school. Principal Hirata will personally explain to the students how they can go on to universities both domestically and overseas, including the “English instruction for speaking English” and “study abroad support” that they have received from Wao High School’s study abroad course. If you are considering growth through a tough experience by studying abroad (long-term study abroad) where you learn and live in English, rather than studying abroad to learn English, please join us.
Recommendations for university entrance exams through correspondence high school and Eiken x high school study abroad
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○Lecturer: Wao High School Principal Tsuyoshi Hirata
*This lecture will be held at the “Joint Consultation Meeting for Correspondence High Schools” sponsored by Manabi Link.
On the day of the event, there will also be a “Study Abroad Consultation Corner,” so please feel free to contact us.
For more information, please visit this URL or QR code!
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Wow High School Virtual Campus
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Because it is online, communication between students and between students and faculty is even more important than in real life. The virtual campus, which recreates the atmosphere of our school in Okayama Prefecture, hosts daily homeroom sessions, joint learning activities such as morning activities, and on-campus events. Whenever you have trouble studying, need advice, or want to start something new, your friends from Wao High School are waiting for you. For events hosted by Wao High School, including open schools, you can visit this virtual campus online and enjoy a learning experience just like a real class.
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Wow High School is a Reiwa online high school that cultivates the ability to learn and grow on your own through philosophy.
For those of you who don’t want to be the same as everyone else and seek freedom and independence, this is an online high school created by a cram school with a 45-year history. Deepen your knowledge and practical studies in small, interactive classrooms… Mirai Gakuen enjoys surprising and moving “Wow!” learning experiences. – Wow High School’s Mission Be an intelligent wildman. We will cultivate super global elites who have the ability to survive in the next generation through their own strength and freedom.
●Wao High School’s VisionWe will create a society where unique “sticks” can make great strides through learning that allows people who value freedom and growth to become independent.
●Value of Wow High School
The philosophy and experience of a cram school that has pursued “learning is fun” for 45 years.
A small-group online discussion-based classroom that emphasizes “connection.” Liberal arts and practical classes with surprising and moving “wow!” moments. My classmates are “different from others” and “have something they want to do.”
●What is learning at Wow High School?
We will practice new discussion-based classes that will help you learn and grow on your own.
You can develop the ability to live in the real world by exploring philosophy, science, and economics.
We specialize in comprehensive selection entrance exams and support you in getting into the university of your choice.
All classes are online! You can learn from anywhere in the country.

[Inquiries regarding Wao High School] Wao Mirai Gakuen Wao High School 0120-806-705 Official homepage
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