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ITSUDATSU Co., Ltd. First in Japan, launches “I AM CEO”, a mindset analysis service specialized for manage rs

Japan’s first company to launch “I AM CEO,” a mindset analysis service specialized for executives.
~ Achieving analysis of the subconscious level of consciousness of managers through “99 questions” ~
ITSUDATSU Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Rei Kurosawa), which operates the top-priority training human resource discovery and selection service “KANAME”, has developed the mindset analysis service “I AM CEO” for managers. We are pleased to announce that we will start providing this service starting today, July 5th (Friday).
[Image:×1280.jpg] “I AM CEO” service overview
“I AM CEO” is a consciousness analysis service specialized for managers. Through “99 Questions,” we quantify and analyze the following three layers in a deep dimension.
First layer: As an organization, business, or service
Second layer: As a manager
Third layer: as a person
It is often expressed that “A company is no more than a vessel for its managers.”
Our company expresses the size of this vessel (subconscious level of consciousness) as “true true tone”.
True Honten Level is a measure of how much one’s true true intentions are respected in daily conscious and unconscious decision-making in daily life and business.
for example,
The higher the level of sincerity among managers, the more energy will flow from within, and the more they will be able to manage their business by making the most of their talents.
As the level of truthfulness in an organization increases, the purpose of the organization’s existence evolves day by day, and the power and potential of the organization and human resources are maximized. The higher the authenticity of a business or service, the wider and deeper it will be able to exert social influence.
Therefore, “the higher your level of truthfulness, the easier it will be for you to open up to reality and obtain the results you desire.”
[Table 2:] The growth of people, not just managers, proceeds through an interlinked chain of two axes: growth in “real things” and growth in “phenomena.”
“Reality” is something that actually exists in your mind.
A “phenomenon” is something that becomes reality as a reflection of reality. say.
The normal growth of a person occurs in this order: first, reality grows, and as a reflection of that, phenomena grow.
From an organizational perspective, phenomena such as sales, profits, productivity, products, systems, etc. will grow due to the actual growth of each individual.
We have realized the analysis of this actual growth (at the
subconscious level of consciousness) with “I AM CEO”.
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■“I AM CEO” Branding Movie & Service Site
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Background of “I AM CEO” development
To date, our company has provided support for organizational revitalization centered on “KANAME” to over 200 companies. Based on an analysis of 100,000 people, we were able to prioritize training resources from 3% to 5% of people who are likely to grow or change easily, and the ripple effect created by these people revitalized the entire organization. .
However, there were some projects that could not necessarily be said to be the shortest and most essential revitalization of the
organization. Many of these projects were due to a lack of approach to “management.”
Regardless of the size of the organization, the collective unconscious of the organization is created entirely by the consciousness of the management.
In other words, the high degree of sincerity of management has a close impact on the growth of the organization, business, and services, and it also creates a corporate culture that affects the company as a whole.
In the coming era, VUCA will further accelerate. There is a growing need for managers (leaders) who can make conscious decisions based on their true intentions without being shaken by the instability of management and organizational phenomena. Managers must lead the company in a better direction, even if they are lonely at times, and they must always move forward, overcoming worries and conflicts. We have developed this product to help these managers and realize true human capital management.
Comment from Rei Kurosawa, CEO of ITSUDATSU Co., Ltd.
We have recently started offering “I AM CEO”, a mindset analysis service specialized for executives. I have dealt with various organizations so far, but what I felt was the most dangerous was the pattern of creating phenomena (sales, profits, number of employees, etc.) that exceeded the true nature of the managers and their companies. There were many cases where things seemed to be going well from the outside, but were falling apart on the inside. On the other hand, there are many cases where managers and their companies have a high degree of sincerity, but it is frustrating to see cases that have not yet manifested themselves as a phenomenon. This time, in a world where we tend to focus on external and superficial tangible values, we would be happy if this service would be of help to your management by providing an essential internal perspective.
Company Profile
Company name: ITSUDATSU Co., Ltd.
Location: 8th floor, Aoyama Tower Place, 8-4-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director and CEO: Rei Kurosawa Established: March 5, 2019
Company website:
■For companies
– Top priority human resource discovery and selection service “KANAME”
– Development and operation of top-priority human resource discovery service “KANAME Recruiting” -For recruitment-
– ISO 30414/Human Capital Management Consulting Service
-Management specialized consciousness analysis service “I AM CEO”
■For individuals
– Potential diagnosis service “KANAMEPersonal” to face your potential
– “KANAME Academy”, a 9-month intensive course to hone your talents
ITSUDATSU provides corporate and individual customers with new HR solutions that enable extraordinary growth. With the vision of “creating a world where ITSUDATSU (non-linear phenomena) is highly reproducible,” we aim to utilize people as they are, expand freedom within organizations, and continue to achieve high results. We will treat our customers with sincerity.

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