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Dekunoverse Co., Ltd. Announces rebranding of Mishuku-based roast beef D2C brand “THE ROAST BEEF” to a gif t-specific type

[Dekunoverse Co., Ltd.] Announces rebranding of Mishuku-based roast beef D2C brand “THE ROAST BEEF” to a gift-specific type
*Dekunoverse Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 5, 2024
Announcement of rebranding of roast beef D2C brand “THE ROAST BEEF” from Mishuku to a gift-specialized type
*~Meeting a wider range of gift needs by integrating popular products and adding new product lineups~*
From Friday, July 5, 2024, Decnoverse Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ayumu Hirakawa) will transform the group brand “SIRCARS” into a D2C brand “THE” operated by the company.
We are pleased to announce that we have integrated the brand into “BEEF (The Roast Beef)”, added a product lineup, and rebranded to a gift-specific brand. *
■Background of rebranding
It was in March 2020 that we started an e-commerce site for roast beef under the brand “SIRCARS”. It was a difficult time due to Corona, but until then*
I decided to try selling roast beef*, which was popular in catering,* online, and I started selling it* using high-quality beef from Australia.*
Thanks to your support, our roast beef, which is made using a special method, has grown to the point where we have received 2,000 orders in just six months*.
Sensing this response, * In the fall of the same year, we launched THE ROAST Launched a brand called BEEF (The Roast Beef)*
I did. We are particular about doing everything ourselves, from selecting the meat to preparing it, packaging it, and communicating with our customers.

After three and a half years of working together with our customers, we have found that 80% of our customers buy us as gifts, other than seasonal gifts such as year-end gifts and mid-year gifts.*
Nowadays, they are used in a variety of situations, such as birthdays, wedding gifts, and as thank you gifts for those who have helped you.

Therefore, we have decided to combine “THE ROAST BEEF” and “SIRCARS” and add new products so that even more people will be happy*. I did it. We aim to create products that are sensitive to the feelings of the person giving the gift, while also making the recipient happy. Mishuku roast beef 300g 4,300 yen

Akagi beef roast beef 300g (rock salt) / Akagi beef roast beef (garlic) 300g Hyuga chicken, roast pork, beef fillet) 27,000 yen We will continue to incorporate elements of “Agaru” into our products and aim to become a brand that can be used by more people in a variety of situations. We hope that you will look forward to our new brand.

■THE ROAST BEEF’s future brand vision
* “The world’s most aggressive! roast beef. ” remains our mission*. We focus not only on deliciousness, but also on appearance, volume, and taste, providing an experience that lifts your spirits over and over again, from the time you receive the product until after you eat it*
I will do it. In addition, to express our gratitude for the
ingredients we use, we are also focusing on upcycling scraps, such as our meat pies made from roast beef scraps.
Turn roast beef scraps into bolognese
Rich meat pie black truffle

And* I plan to enter the confectionery industry in the future* doing. We believe we can develop new markets by leveraging our experience and know-how to provide attractive room-temperature products, and we plan to make an announcement soon.

In addition, in order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we are continually introducing new products in addition to existing products, with the aim of further expanding our market share.* To go. In addition to expanding our product lineup, we have set a target of 100,000 members* and are conducting aggressive marketing activities to expand our customer base.*
We will continue to provide services* that more customers will find attractive.

■THE ROAST BEEF Brand Producer Kazuki Sakai Comment
This is Sakai from THE ROAST BEEF.
We would like to look back at our progress over the past three and a half years and tell you how we decided to rebrand to specialize in gifts.
While many customers use it for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other gift-giving occasions,*
We have received many comments* such as “I would never buy it myself,” “I’m glad I received it,” and “I don’t mind receiving it over and over again.”
With these comments accounting for half of our customers, we feel that our brand has high value as a gift. moreover,*
Although people don’t often buy roast beef for themselves, receiving it is a truly magical product that brings people together.*
Our customers have told us that.
So from now on, we will *focus on the experience* and *
We would like to design* our brand by imagining the expressions on customers’ faces at each moment of “shopping,” “giving,” “opening,” and “eating.”

At THE ROAST BEEF, we offer many gift experiences that end once you give them.* The most important thing is how you spend your time with the product after you receive it.*
I think so. It doesn’t end when you can safely give a gift, we want to produce parties that go beyond that.

* “Become an opportunity to convey “congratulations” and “thank you.” ”*

THE ROAST BEEF will be the closest to you when you are thinking of someone and giving a gift, and we will create a space that will make the people around you feel good as well.
* 【Company Profile】*
Company name: Decnoverse Co., Ltd.
Head Office: Milestone Building 1F, 1-6-3 Mishuku, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Established: May 14, 2010
Capital: 7,070,000 yen
Representative: Representative Director Ayumu Hirakawa
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