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Home » Discover Japan Co., Ltd. “Discover Japan” August 2024 issue “Intellectual Adventure Recommendation” wi ll be released on July 5th!

Discover Japan Co., Ltd. “Discover Japan” August 2024 issue “Intellectual Adventure Recommendation” wi ll be released on July 5th!

Discover Japan Co., Ltd.
“Discover Japan” August 2024 issue “Intellectual Adventure
Recommendation” will be released on July 5th!
The August 2024 issue of the monthly magazine “Discover Japan” published by Discover Japan Co., Ltd. (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Toshihiro Takahashi) “Intellectual Adventure Recommendation” has been released. Ta.
“Discover Japan” August 2024 issue Vol.153 “Intellectual Adventure Recommendation”
[Image 1:×2700.jpg] Do you know the term “adventure tourism”?
In recent years, it refers to a form of tourism that consists of two or more of nature, activities, and cultural experiences, which has attracted attention as a key to increasing the added value of tourism. A new style of travel.
This special feature features trips where you can encounter the “local culture” that satisfies your intellectual curiosity.
This summer, photographer Yuki Ueda discovered spectacular views of Japan, a pilgrimage to the Kumano Kodo, which celebrates its 20th anniversary as a World Heritage Site, a trip to Kochi that takes advantage of the natural resources unique to the island nation, and gastronomy to enjoy the local culture… Contains travel destinations you would like to visit.
The second special feature is titled “Japanese Festivals You Should Visit at least Once in a Lifetime,” and we dig into the highlights and historical background of the festivals recommended by writer Hajime Oishi, along with incandescent visuals!
Intellectual adventures that allow you to experience local culture, history, and folklore are the future travel trends.
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Japan’s nature that you want to see at least once in your life
[Image 2:×800.png ]
Yuki Ueda is a photographer who spends most of the year traveling and photographing nature around the world. Mr. Ueda, who continues to “record” the earth from Mount Everest and the 8,000m peaks of the Himalayas to the ocean, and from Antarctica to the desert, said that the coronavirus pandemic was the trigger for him to turn his attention to Japan. We introduce the spectacular scenery that moved his heart with spectacular visuals.
Yamanashi/Mt. Fuji/Hokkaido/Shiretoko/Wakayama/Kumano
Kodo/Kagoshima/Yakushima/Kagoshima/Amami Oshima/Okinawa/Miyakojima 20th anniversary of World Heritage registration!
How to walk the Kumano Kodo in Reiwa.
[Image 3:×800.png ]
Kumano Sanzan is the root of Japan’s nature worship and has been worshiped since the Heian period. The Kumano pilgrimage, which aims to be a “land of resurrection,” has become popular among everyone from the imperial family to samurai and common people, and is said to be the origin of travel in Japan. It was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004, and 2024 marks its 20th anniversary. When we unravel this value from a “now” perspective, we begin to see advanced initiatives that are essential for a sustainable future, such as diversity and universal tourism.
The beginning of adventure tourism!
I want to learn and walk around Japan’s three sacred mountains.
[Image 4:×800.png ]
Mt. Fuji, Mt. Tate, and Mt. Hakusan have been deeply worshiped by Japanese people since ancient times, and in modern times they have been called “Japan’s Three Sacred Mountains.” Each mountain has a long history, starting with Mt. Fuji, which is said to be the pinnacle of mountain worship in Japan, Mt. Tateyama, which has a deep relationship with the Pure Land and is feared by people, and Mt. Hakusan, which is a sacred place for water worship. We spoke to Professor Masataka Suzuki, who has been researching mountain worship, about the relationship between Japan’s three sacred mountains and the Japanese people.
I want to go there once in my life
Nippon festival 25
[Image 5:×800.png ]
Summer is almost here! It is the season when festival music and energetic shouts can be heard from all over the country. This time, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, we are introducing Japanese festivals that you should see with your own eyes at least once in your life, using impressive visuals.
Ubagami Daijingu Togyo Festival / Goshogawara Tachibuta / Aomori Nebuta Festival / Kitakami Michinoku Performing Arts Festival / Akita Kanto Festival / Saiba Onnai Bon Odori / Kiryu Yagibushi Festival / Sumida River Fireworks Festival / Hamaori Festival / Nagaoka Festival Fireworks Festival / Owara Kaze no Bon / Abare Festival / Gujo Odori / Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival / Gion Festival / Tenjin Festival / Nachi Fan Festival / Matsue Suigo Festival Lake Fireworks Festival / Tanabata Lantern Festival / Tokushima City Awa Odori / Uwajima Ushioni Festival / Hakata Gion Yamakasa / Spirit Nagashi / Aso Shrine Ota Festival / Okinawa All-island Eisa Festival
What is Discover Japan?
Discover Japan, a magazine first published in 2008, is based on the concept of “rediscovering the charm of Japan” and aims to explain the charm of authentic and high-quality Japanese culture through Japanese things, things, places, and people. This is a “Japanese introductory book” media that is easy and carefully edited and proposed.
Published by Discover Japan Co., Ltd.
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-Notice of next issue-
Discover Japan September 2024 issue
“Living with trees”
Japan is one of the most forested countries in the world.
Japanese culture, including architecture, housing, tools, food, and customs, has been nurtured precisely because of forests.
Therefore, we will explain the value and possibilities of rich forests in an approachable way, using various examples.
It also includes efforts to connect traditional wood technology to the future, as well as the latest research on how living with wood is good for people in wooden buildings that you’ll want to see.
We will also introduce activities to create and protect forests. This is a special feature that condenses the charm, value, and possibilities of “living with trees.”
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