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KIMONO MODERN, 20th Anniversary “Summer Kimono Yukata” Collection

KIMONO MODERN, 20th Anniversary “Summer Kimono Yukata” Collection *KIMONO MODERN*
Press release: July 5, 2024
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KIMONO MODERN, 20th Anniversary “Summer Kimono Yukata” Collection *The new trend of wearing a yukata like a kimono is a hot topic, a new standard style that can be enjoyed from summer to fall*
2024 new yukata
KIMONO is an American kimono brand that continues to spread the traditional beauty of kimono and kimono as a “wardrobe” both domestically and internationally.
MODERN” has celebrated its 20th anniversary. To commemorate this anniversary year, we are currently selling “Summer Kimono Yukata” (all 7 types) as our first special project. Since its release, it has become a hot topic mainly on SNS, and the design that combines tradition and modernity is attracting attention.

The “summer kimono yukata” proposed by MODERN is a style that refers to wearing a yukata in the style of a kimono, and has been attracting attention as a recent trend, and is gaining popularity as a “way of dressing” that can be enjoyed for a long time not only in summer but also into early fall. I am.

Yukata + undergarment as a “kimono” from May to October
In fact, what it means to “wear a yukata like a kimono” is to wear a yukata with a collar and an undergarment underneath, just like a general “kimono”, for a long period of time from May to early autumn. You will be able to enjoy it as a kimono for a long time. This allows for a more diverse range of coordination that goes beyond the traditional yukata framework.

In particular, it uses a new material called “Theo α (polyester)” and is gaining popularity for its innovative features that solve summer kimono problems, such as quick drying, cooling sensation, ease of washing at home, and no need for ironing. Furthermore, they come in a variety of designs, from bright summery patterns to nostalgic designs, and are loved by a wide range of people, from beginners to veterans.
Summer kimono yukata, which bring out the natural, unadorned beauty of women, are attracting attention in the summer fashion scene.

Detailed Information KIMONO MODERN 20th Anniversary “Summer Kimono Yukata” Release date: On sale from spring 2024 on the website and THE GUIDE SHOP Product line-up:
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KIMONO MODERN Public Relations Department Email: Phone: 050-1419-5886
MODERN’s “Summer Kimono Yukata” is an item that brings out the natural beauty of modern women and combines the traditional beauty and functionality of a kimono. Be sure to pay attention to this fashion icon from this summer to fall. Please feel free to contact us about providing or renting costumes for media.
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