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High-performance digital whiteboard “Smart AI Board NE” launched

High-performance digital whiteboard “Smart AI Board NE” launched *NHP Solution Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 5, 2024
High-performance digital whiteboard “Smart AI Board NE” launched *We will start selling “Smart AI Board NE” as the next generation of “Smart AI Board”, a large high-performance digital whiteboard that has been installed on more than 2,000 units. *
NHP Solution Co., Ltd. has started selling “Smart AI Board NE” as the next generation of the large, high-performance digital whiteboard “Smart AI Board”.

“Smart AI Board” is the latest conference DX tool that integrates a large display, whiteboard, online conference camera, and
high-performance microphone, and has all the functions necessary for both real and online conferences. We will strongly promote the transformation of companies into DX with smart design. The
next-generation model, the “Smart AI Board NE,” is intended for use in business conferences and educational settings, and while inheriting the high reliability of the previous model, it has achieved greater ease of use and improved performance. Of particular note is the further increase in write delay speed. This allows users to write smoothly in real time, allowing meetings and classes to proceed smoothly.

*Simple and powerful appearance packed with cutting-edge functions*

“Smart AI Board NE” is a high-performance digital whiteboard that is equipped with two operating systems, Android and Windows, and is packed with many features such as a dedicated speaker,
high-performance microphone, and high-resolution camera. While achieving these functions, the design has a simple appearance that fits in any office. Although the lineup includes large screens of 65 inches and 86 inches, it blends into the surrounding environment without feeling oppressive like traditional large screen displays.

*Make conference rooms simpler and more convenient with DX*
Remote meetings have now become essential for business, but trying to make it happen in one conference room required a lot more than expected. A projector, microphone, speaker, and external camera for projecting images. There are also whiteboards to help give shape to ideas. If you try to convert a conventional conference room into DX, it will become cluttered, and problems tend to occur with connections and settings. However, the “Smart AI Board”, which packages all these functions into one product, makes the office neat and tidy, and in terms of functionality, it strongly promotes the transformation of business into DX without having to worry about connections between devices or individual settings. To do.

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