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Home » Japan Properties Co., Ltd. Implemented early redemption and dividend for real estate crowdfunding “LEVECHY ” Fund No. 3

Japan Properties Co., Ltd. Implemented early redemption and dividend for real estate crowdfunding “LEVECHY ” Fund No. 3

Japan Properties Co., Ltd.
Early redemption and dividends for real estate crowdfunding “LEVECHY” fund No. 3 ……
Japan Properties Co., Ltd. (Location: Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masashi Taka; hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), which operates “LEVECHY”, a smart asset management service starting from 10,000 yen, announced on July 5th ( We would like to inform you that the redemption and dividend of “LEVECHY Fund No. 3”, the third fund of “LEVECHY”, has been completed on Friday).
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“LEVECHY Fund No. 3” was expected to have an operating period of 12 months, but due to early sales, the actual operating period was 290 days.
Additionally, we paid dividends of 8% (annual rate, pre-tax) to preferred investors who invested in this fund as originally planned. We received applications from investors for 1,991.84 million yen, which is 217% of the total offering of 914.4 million yen.
LEVECHY will continue to strive to further improve service quality and provide services that satisfy each and every investor.
We sincerely appreciate your continued patronage and support. About LEVECHY Fund No. 3
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・Property: Motoazabu area land
・Application amount: 914.4 million yen
・Distribution rate (annual rate): 8%
・Planned operation period: 12 months
・Actual operation period: 290 days
◆Details of “LEVCH Fund No. 3” here: About LEVECHY
“LEVECHY”, a smart asset management service that starts from 10,000 yen, is a “real estate crowdfunding” service that allows you to invest according to your budget. This is a scheme that was previously only available to real estate investment professionals, and allows you to invest in a wide variety of properties from 10,000 yen per unit. ◆LEVECHY official website:
About Japan Properties
As we celebrate our 11th anniversary in 2023, we have transformed from a real estate company into a fintech company with the purpose of “maximizing Japan’s value through the power of technology and finance.”
Since our founding, we have been conducting business centered on the office leasing business, but in 2020 we started our own renovation brand “JP-BASE”, and in 2023 we will focus on the financial business and launch the real estate crowdfunding “LEVECHY”. ” has been launched. In the future, we will develop businesses that combine technology, finance, and investment.
■Company overview
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Company name: Japan Properties Co., Ltd.
Address: 5th floor, JMF Building Akasaka 01, 1-11-28 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: January 2012
Representative: Masashi Taka
Business details:
1. Development and operation of real estate crowdfunding business “LEVECHY” 2. Development and operation of next-generation office and residence creation business “JP-BASE”
3. Office leasing, property management, asset management, finance, and investment businesses

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