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Home » D by DADWAY’s new textile “Sunny Day” will be released on July 5th in the domestic gauze series!

D by DADWAY’s new textile “Sunny Day” will be released on July 5th in the domestic gauze series!

D by DADWAY’s new textile “Sunny Day” will be released on July 5th in the domestic gauze series!
*Dadway Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 5, 2024
D by DADWAY’s new textile “Sunny Day” will be released on July 5th in the domestic gauze series!
DADWAY Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Hiroto Ohno) is an original brand “D by
DADWAY” released 5 domestic gauze series products using the new textile “Sunny Day” on July 5, 2024.
Domestic gauze with the message “Thank you for being born” is a representative series of the brand. In May of this year, it was renewed in pursuit of a softer texture and more comfortable use. “Sunny Day” is a refreshing design that incorporates trendy bright colors. Celebrate the birth of your child and brighten your day. This product is eligible for the embroidery service “couturiere” and can be engraved with initials or a name. Also recommended as a special baby gift.

*Domestic gauze series*
This is a domestic gauze series where everything from fabric making to sewing and inspection is done in Japan. Renewed in May 2024, we currently outsource manufacturing to a domestic manufacturer specializing in baby items that has been in business for 60 years. Customers who came into contact with the gauze in stores and at exhibitions praised its soft texture, texture, and careful
construction. The most popular items are gauze items and star rattle gift sets. A soft boa is used for the star rattle. Customers choose the combination of products made of different fabrics to create a special gift-like feel.
The new textile “Sunny Day” has a star rattle with mint and gray ribbon as the focal point on a yellow background that matches the pattern. This set is easy to give as a gift to those who like glamorous tastes.

*Product features*
* ■Textiles*
D by
DADWAY’s textiles contain the message of “Thank you for being born” to your baby. Introducing the meaning behind the patterns created by designers.

* Sunny Day Sunny Day *
The joy of being born into this world,
Balloons and clouds floating in the clear sky are colorful,
All the birds will be celebrating.

* ■Fluffy and soft texture*
Gauze with a tasteful texture that blends into your skin from the moment you use it. This is accomplished by brushing and tumble drying. After applying a brushing process that lightly fluffs the surface of the gauze using a roller with small needles, the gauze is then tumble dried with hot air while rotating for an even softer finish.

* ■Beautiful border*
The edging (piping) on ​​the swaddle and bib covers the characteristic of gauze, which tends to wrinkle after repeated washing. The firm feeling you get when you first use it continues.

* Product Summary*
*・Gauze swaddle*
Price: 4,180 yen Size: W117 x D0.2 x H117cm
*・Gauze tie*
Price: 1,980 yen Size: W21 x D0.4 x H26cm
*・Gauze handkerchief*
Price: 990 yen Size: W28.5 x D0.1 x H28.5cm
* ・Gift set/M*
Price: 5,500 yen Contents: Swaddle, handkerchief, star rattle * ・Gift set/S*
Price: 3,080 yen Contents: Gauze bib, star rattle

*The star rattle in the gift set is made in China.
*All prices include tax.

* Available stores *
Dadway online store, Dadway stores, department stores, etc.

*Embroidery service*
D by your name or initials
“Couturiere” is a service that allows you to embroider items on DADWAY items. Along with the renewal of the domestic gauze series, the products eligible for embroidery services will also be renewed from July 12, 2024. Domestic gauze products including Sunny Day can be engraved with names, and the “Ible Stitch Mat/S”, a staple item for living with a baby, and the stylish “Omekashi Round Bib” can be embroidered with names* or initials.
*Name embroidery on “Ible Stitch Mat/S” and “Omekashi Round Bib” can only be done at the store.

Couturiere means “tailor” in French, and is a highly specialized technical position that oversees everything from sewing to design. Like a “tailor,” we carefully embroider each item, paying close attention to the recipient’s wishes and praying for the child’s happiness together.
A one-of-a-kind baby shower gift. We will help you convey your special feelings.

*D by DADWAY brand overview*
D by DADWAY introduces childcare products from around the world A brand centered on baby items created by DADWAY. We created a textile design that expresses the feeling of “Thank you for being born” to your baby. We deliver products that gently accompany the daily lives of families, which begin anew with the birth of a baby.
Brand site:
Instagram: (@d_by_dadway)

* Company Profile*
Company name: Dadway Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 2-15-12 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture Representative: Hiroto Ohno, President and Representative Director Established: October 1, 1992
Capital: 30 million yen

“Have an exciting day with your children”
Since 1992, we have been importing and selling excellent baby products from all over the world. In addition to planning original products tailored to the needs of Japanese families raising children, we sell products such as Sassy educational toys, NUK baby bottles, and Ergobaby baby carriers in Japan as an authorized exclusive agent in Japan. We are doing We also have a select shop for families called “DADWAY” and a parent-child cafe called “VITAL”.
We have 29 stores nationwide (including in-shops specializing in baby products) such as “MEALS BY DADWAY”.
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