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Home » Ahead of summer vacation, seven major fitness club companies gathered together with competitive swimming gold medalist Kosuke Hagino to call on the importance of the “clothed swimming” experience to protect children’s lives from water accidents.

Ahead of summer vacation, seven major fitness club companies gathered together with competitive swimming gold medalist Kosuke Hagino to call on the importance of the “clothed swimming” experience to protect children’s lives from water accidents.

Tipness Co., Ltd.
Ahead of summer vacation, seven major fitness club companies gathered together with competitive swimming gold medalist Kosuke Hagino to call on the importance of the “clothed swimming” experience to protect children’s lives from water accidents.
On July 3rd, just before the summer leisure season, seven major companies that operate comprehensive fitness clubs jointly held an event for the media to emphasize the importance of clothed swimming in protecting children’s lives from water accidents. Did. We will welcome competitive swimming gold medalist Kosuke Hagino as a guest, and through a talk session on “clothed swimming” and a demonstration in the pool, we will teach you how to protect your life in an emergency, how to be prepared, and the importance of learning by experiencing them in advance. called out.
[Image 1:×1002.jpg] □ Water accident prevention activities for the community that can only be done by a community-based general fitness club
“In our country, which is surrounded by the sea on all sides, being able to swim has an important meaning. However, it is true that during the summer vacation, there is an increase in the news of tragic accidents at the waterside.According to the Metropolitan Police Department, last year 7 In August, 568 people died in water accidents nationwide, and 236 people, or 40% of them, were dead or missing, even with their clothes on. In addition to conveying the fun and techniques of swimming, the companies participating in this project are collaborating with the local community to promote “clothed swimming” at their facilities as part of their efforts to reduce waterside accidents. With the number of swimming lessons in elementary and junior high schools decreasing and expectations placed on private fitness clubs increasing, “swimming” is truly “a way to save lives.” think.
Seven companies have decided to jointly hold this event in the hope that as many people as possible can save as many lives as possible by spreading the word about our local efforts and “clothed swimming”. . We want children to be able to enjoy summer safely and securely by learning about water and having the correct fear of water. ” First, as an opening greeting, Kenichi Miura, Director and Executive Officer of Tipness Co., Ltd. and General Manager of Fitness Business Division, informed the media about the background of this event.
[Image 2:×530.jpg] □Swimming skills and the ability to respond in an unexpected water accident are completely different. The importance of being prepared and learning properly -Talk Session-In the following talk session part, guest Kosuke Hagino and Hisayo Katsube, Deputy Director of Business Planning/Swimming Business Team of Renaissance Co., Ltd., talked about the importance of swimming while clothed. spoke to.
[Image 3:×1610.jpg] Mr. Hagino, who started swimming when he was 6 months old and that swimming has been a part of his life since he was young, says, “In order to prevent water accidents, more than just learning how to swim, we should avoid swimming at these times and in these places. I think it’s important to have the knowledge to avoid accidents like this.If you study properly and have the knowledge, it will definitely come in handy in an emergency.” There is also a story about “clothed swimming” that she experienced in physical education class at school. “As I used to swim every day, I remember thinking that swimming with clothes on was more difficult than I had expected as an elementary school student, and that it felt like a completely different experience. I feel the need for experience.” Even people who are learning how to swim and can swim often suffer from drowning accidents. For example, unexpected events can occur, such as panic or forcing yourself to swim and losing your physical strength. It was a time to anticipate accidents in advance and confirm the importance of “learning,” including “actual experience.” □Learn how to protect your life in a water emergency, such as how to walk underwater with clothes on, how to wait for rescue, etc. – Clothed Swimming
Demonstration – And finally, it’s time to demonstrate clothed swimming. Mr. Kosuke Hagino, who had changed into long sleeves and long pants, entered the pool with his clothes on, and with the support of his swimming coach, Mr. Chigo Sakaguchi of Sports Oasis Co., Ltd., carried out various “life-saving measures” in case of a water crisis. I experienced “Ta”.
▷Underwater wading First, you will experience how it feels underwater with your clothes on. Next, we practiced “sideways walking” while “shortening our stride” to make it easier to move underwater. Mr. Hagino commented, “If you walk sideways, there’s less resistance and it’s much easier to walk!”
[Image 4:×1073.jpg] ▷ Float on your back & hold a plastic bottle. “Wait!” When you are in a water crisis, if you try to force yourself to swim, your clothes will get in the way and you will drown. Staying afloat and waiting for rescue without wasting your physical strength will directly lead to saving your life. I experienced a state where the fish did not try to swim and just floated and waited.
[Image 5:×1195.jpg] Also, a plastic bottle is a great “float device” to have handy. If someone with you falls into the water and you jump in immediately to help them, you may end up drowning along with them. First, I learned how to use a plastic bottle to float in a situation where I can wait until I can definitely help someone. For children, school bags are also suitable as flotation devices. If you don’t have a flotation device, filling your clothes with air will help you float.
[Image 6:×1152.jpg] ▷ Elementary backstroke for retrieving a flotation device from the water If you fall into the water and are given a flotation device, how to swim to retrieve it as safely as possible and without using physical strength, even if you are wearing clothes. We received a demonstration. After the demonstration… Mr. Hagino was shown wearing top and bottom sweatshirts, so when he got out of the water he looked tired, saying, “It was so heavy!”
“I think there is a big difference between knowing about a skill like this and experiencing it.” Knowing what it feels like to actually soak your clothes in water, or what it feels like to float, is a great way to prepare yourself in an emergency. I thought it would be useful at times.I hope this kind of activity spreads throughout Japan.” As Mr. Hagino said, it is important to have hands-on experience along with knowledge, and the demonstration was packed with information that many people would like to know before they start spending more time at waterholes, such as camping and playing in the river.
[Image 7:×1287.jpg] □Aiming to become an indispensable health and lifestyle base for the community In actual oceans and rivers, there is great danger in entering the water with clothes on. Additionally, it is generally prohibited to enter the pool fully clothed. We would like you to learn more about the opportunity to have this kind of experience with the full support of a trained team of coaches. Our fitness club will continue to spread the importance of this “life-saving clothed swimming” and provide opportunities to experience it widely in the community, fulfilling our mission as a community-based facility and fulfilling our mission as a community-based facility. We aim to become a base for your health and lifestyle. [Event Overview] ■Date and time: Wednesday, July 3, 2024, 11:00-12:00 ■Venue: Sports Oasis Akatsuka 24Plus ■Guest: Kosuke Hagino (Rio de Janeiro Olympics 400m individual medley gold medalist) [Participating companies (in alphabetical order) ■ COSPA Wellness Co., Ltd. ■ JR East Sports Co., Ltd. ■ Sports Oasis Co., Ltd. ■ Sports Club NAS Co., Ltd. ■ Tipness Co., Ltd. ■ Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports Co., Ltd. ■ Renaissance Co., Ltd.
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