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Home » Datacom Co., Ltd. A seminar for retailers will be held on July 23rd (Tuesday) and 24th (Wednesday) with the theme of the latest trends in prepared foods and data utilization! !

Datacom Co., Ltd. A seminar for retailers will be held on July 23rd (Tuesday) and 24th (Wednesday) with the theme of the latest trends in prepared foods and data utilization! !

[Datacom Co., Ltd.] A seminar for retailers will be held on July 23rd (Tuesday) and 24th (Wednesday) with the theme of the latest trends in prepared foods and data utilization! !
*Datacom Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 5, 2024
A seminar for the retail industry will be held on July 23rd (Tuesday) and 24th (Wednesday) with the theme of the latest trends in prepared foods and data utilization! !
*[KTM Planning R Representative Director Kaizoji will be on stage! 】* Datacom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Representative Director: Shuichi Onodera), which develops and provides package systems including product and customer analysis solutions specialized for the retail industry, announced on July 23, 2024. On Sunday (Tuesday) and 24th (Wednesday), Mr. Kaizoji from KTM Planning Co., Ltd. will be on stage to hold a seminar on the latest trends in prepared foods and data utilization in the retail industry.

Event page: A thorough explanation of the latest trends in prepared foods from an on-site perspective and data!
The delicatessen section of a supermarket plays an important role in motivating customers to visit the store and differentiating it from other companies. In particular, with the increase in the working generation and single-person households, the need for convenient and healthy meals is increasing, and more and more companies are focusing on the prepared foods sector after the coronavirus pandemic. With this background in mind, we will be holding a seminar on how supermarket delicatessen departments can increase their competitiveness and meet consumer expectations. This seminar has two parts; in the first part, Mr. Kaizoji from KTM Planning R will talk about the latest trends in prepared foods and noteworthy initiatives. In the second part, Noto, Datacom’s Customer Success Office Manager, will introduce real data from the delicatessen sector, while Mr. Kaizoji will unravel the problems faced by each company.
[Recommended for these people! ]
・People who are in charge of the prepared food department in the retail industry ・People who are in charge of analysis in the retail industry [Event overview]
Event name: “~ Talking about the reality of prepared foods ~ The latest trends in the prepared food sector and the use of data to generate profits”

Date and time: July 23, 2024 (Tuesday) 11:00-/16:00-
Wednesday, July 24, 2024 10: 00-/15: 00-

Holding format: Online seminar (recorded distribution)

Participation fee: Free

Sponsor: Datacom Co., Ltd.


* Part 1: From side dishes to ready-to-eat meals*
*Part 2: Approaching issues based on real data in the delicatessen sector* * 【how to apply】*
1. Event page Please fill in the required information and apply.
2.A URL for viewing will be sent to the email address you registered at the time of application.

*If we receive an application from someone other than the end user, we may decline your participation. Please note.
Seminar speakers
*KTM Planning R Co., Ltd.*
*Representative Director Rikako Kaizoji*
At Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd.’s food division, he was involved in business division planning, sales promotion planning, store VMD, and cooking support corner construction. After that, he became a senior
merchandiser in the side dish department and group infrastructure reform project leader. Responsible for developing prepared foods by leveraging group synergies with 7-Eleven members. Later, he joined Yaoko Co., Ltd. After becoming the manager of the Cooking Support Department in the Sales Planning Department, he became involved in Yaoko’s proposal-based merchandising.
Currently, he founded KTM Planning R as a food consultant and focuses on supporting the deli department of food supermarkets, MD
construction support for deli manufacturers, and product development support from the producer’s perspective. Since 2020, he has been appointed as an advisor to Datacom Co., Ltd., and is involved in bridging activities with retail companies and supporting the retail industry from various angles.
*Datacom Co., Ltd.*
* Naoki Noto, Manager, Customer Success Office, Sales Management Department* Since 2004, he has served as head of departments such as CS, business management, new business development, and sales at Nippon Travel, Fuji Xerox, and Sega.
Since 2014, he has been involved with the retail industry in a wide range of roles, including business strategy formulation and data analysis support, at consulting companies and location information venture companies.
Joined Datacom in 2024
About KTM Planning R Co., Ltd.
We will help you plan your prepared food product policy, 52-week merchandising, and sales promotion plans (especially value-conveying sales promotions). The seller (grocery store) and the buyer (customer) strive to solve problems from multiple perspectives, and the ultimate goal is to tell the customer, “Buy it (K)” {Eat it (T)} and “Satisfy (M)”. We aim to be of service to you.

Datacom Co., Ltd.
Since our founding in 1994, we have been consistently working on packaging systems specializing in the retail industry. In the distribution market, where products handled and sales methods are diversifying, corporate strategy design based on sales and customer data has become even more important. “Product analysis system d3” and other products, we will contribute to the further growth of retail companies. We believe that our mission at Datacom is to “create new value for business and create solid excitement” by focusing on our customers, and we strive to ensure that this excitement leads to further revitalization of the industry as a whole. I will continue to try new things.
Name: Datacom Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Shuichi Onodera
Head Office: Sendai Matsumura Building 6F, 1-13-22 Honmachi, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Tokyo Branch: 7-16 Nihonbashi Tomizawacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo THE GATE Nihonbashi Ningyocho 5F
Established: April 8, 1994
Product analysis system (d3):
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