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Home » HAKUHODO EC+ “Regional DX Solution” launches new menu “Tourism DX Solution” to support tourism and local products

HAKUHODO EC+ “Regional DX Solution” launches new menu “Tourism DX Solution” to support tourism and local products

HAKUHODO EC+ “Regional DX Solution” launches new menu “Tourism DX Solution” to support tourism and local products
*Hakuhodo Inc.*
Press release: July 5, 2024
HAKUHODO EC+ “Regional DX Solution” launches new menu “Tourism DX Solution” to support tourism and local products
*–Aiming not only to attract tourists but also to create a “related population” in the region through “tourism x local products”-* Hakuhodo Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Masayuki Mizushima) has launched a cross-organizational project specializing in the EC field, HAKUHODO.
“EC+” is a new menu of “Regional DX Solutions” that provides EC/DX support for local governments and businesses in each region of Japan, and is a “Tourism DX Solution” that comprehensively supports everything from local products to tourism. Now available.
HAKUHODO started offering in February 2023
EC+ “Regional DX Solution” (*1) is a solution that solves problems and supports operation of EC/DX for local governments and businesses in accordance with each region. We offer six menus: “EC mall management agency,” “new product development,” “regional live commerce,” and “regional DX education.” Now, we have started offering “Tourism DX Solution” as a new menu.

* ■Creating a “relevant population” who are continuously involved with the local community is an important issue in regional areas* Along with the recent increase in inbound demand, Japanese domestic travel consumption in the January-March period of 2024 will increase by 11.8% from the same period last year, and will increase by 13.0% from the same period in 2019 before the coronavirus pandemic, reaching 4,757.4 billion yen ( *2) Tourism consumption in Japan continues to expand. On the other hand, for rural areas that are facing a shortage of people who can take part in community development due to population decline and aging, it is important not only to have a “exchange population” who visit temporarily for sightseeing, but also to have a “interchange population” who interact with the area in a variety of ways and on an ongoing basis. An important issue is how to create human resources from outside the region, known as the “related population,” and have them participate in regional development.

* ■Tourism DX solution that not only attracts tourists but also promotes the transformation of the “interaction population” into the “related population” *
Against this background, the “Tourism DX Solution” not only attracts tourists, but also supports the transformation of the “exchange population” into the “related population” through “tourism x local products” initiatives.
In addition to traditional tourism DX support, such as building infrastructure such as PR sites and SNS accounts to maximize tourist attraction, and retention marketing that uses customer data acquired to encourage repeat visits to each region, we also provide full-funnel commerce support. HAKUHODO supports
We provide solutions that take advantage of the strengths of EC+. For example, our original digital membership card program not only provides support while sightseeing, such as holding digital stamp rallies and distributing coupons that can be used at roadside stations and local restaurants, but also provides direct-to-farm product shopping malls (*3 ) and encourage them to make hometown tax payments, and by connecting with them “after sightseeing,” we support the transformation of tourists from an “exchange population” to a “relationship population.”
EC+ “Regional DX Solutions” will continue to support the
revitalization of local businesses through various initiatives with local governments and businesses, and will continue to build systems and develop solutions to expand our support areas.
In addition, HAKUHODO EC+ will continue to provide full-funnel support for marketing DX and business growth of companies and organizations across all value chains.

(*1) HAKUHODO EC+ starts providing “regional DX solutions” that support DX/EC for local governments and businesses, such as launching direct-from-farm EC malls:
(*2) Japan Tourism Agency “Travel and Tourism Consumption Trend Survey January-March 2024 (Preliminary Report)”:
(*3) Available by using the original cart system “EC Cart+” provided by Hakuhodo Products.

* -“Regional DX Solutions” webinar information-*
* [From local products to tourism and hometown tax payments! HAKUHODO EC + “Regional DX Solution”]*
Date and time: July 25, 2024 (Thursday) 15:00-16:00 *Archive distribution available
How to participate: Advance registration required
Participation fee: Free
Application deadline: July 22, 2024 (Monday) 15:00

* -About “Regional DX Solution”- *
“Regional DX solution” is “HAKUHODO
Hakuhodo, Hakuhodo Products, Celebrix, Sold Out, and SO of the Hakuhodo DY Group, which are members of EC+.
Technologies・Hakuhodo DY
All ONE companies will work together to plan and operate the event. By leveraging each company’s specialized skills and know-how, such as problem-solving capabilities and operational support tailored to the region, it is possible to strengthen sales promotions and improve DX skills centered on EC for local governments and businesses.
* -About “HAKUHODO EC+”- *

EC+” is a Hakuhodo DY group specialized in the EC field that brings together the knowledge and skills of Hakuhodo DY Group companies and partner companies to provide one-stop support for companies to promote various value creation DX starting with EC. This is a DY Group cross-sectional project. Quickly grasp the possibilities of new commerce and new EC, and develop systems and EC from market analysis, problem discovery, and strategic planning.
We provide full-funnel support for corporate marketing DX and business growth in all value chains, from site construction, implementation, customer attraction, CRM, and even fulfillment and contact center operations.

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