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Home » Fuji Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Fujizakura Kogen Beer 26th Anniversary Limited Beer “Golden Komorehi” on sale from 7/5 (Friday)!!

Fuji Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Fujizakura Kogen Beer 26th Anniversary Limited Beer “Golden Komorehi” on sale from 7/5 (Friday)!!

[Fuji Tourism Development Co., Ltd.] [Fujizakura Kogen Beer] 26th Anniversary Limited Beer “Golden Komorehi” on sale from 7/5 (Friday)!! *Fuji Tourism Development Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 5, 2024
[Fujizakura Kogen Beer] 26th Anniversary Limited Beer “Golden Komorehi” on sale from 7/5 (Friday)!!
*Fujizakura Kogen Beer, a craft beer brewed with natural water from Mt. Fuji, has released its first limited edition Dortmunder style beer to commemorate its 26th anniversary! It has a light taste and goes perfectly with any dish or snack! ! *
Fujizakura Kogen Beer “Golden Tree Leaving Day”
Fuji Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture, Representative Director and President) From July 5th (Friday), Fujizakura Kogen Beer, brewed and sold by Kazuya Shimura, will be releasing a limited edition beer called Golden Korehibi (Dortmunder Style), which was brewed to commemorate its 26th anniversary. We will start selling in limited quantities.

Fujisakura Kogen Beer “Golden Komorehi” was created by working together with five beer fans who acquired the brewing rights at the 25th Anniversary Thanksgiving held last year to brainstorm ideas on what kind of beer they would like to make. This is a limited edition beer commemorating the 26th anniversary that was planned, devised, and brewed.

“Dortmunder Style” is one of the traditional German styles that Fujizakura Kogen Beer is attempting for the first time.It was prepared on April 20th and was unveiled in advance at the 26th anniversary Thanksgiving held on June 30th. The we.
With an alcohol content of 5.5%, this beer has a mild hop feel, a pleasant texture, and a mild taste, making it a beer with good drinkability.
Preparation carried out jointly with beer fans
* ★What is “Dortmunder Style” *
Originated in Dortmund, Germany. It has a weak hop aroma and bitterness, and is characterized by a mild taste and light texture. It has a very beautiful, transparent, pale color, which is why it is also called “blond beer.” In Japan, Sapporo beer “Ebisu” is this style.

The name of the beer “Golden Komorehi” was chosen with the hope that people can enjoy the golden (blissful) time of gathering under the shade of a tree to beat the heat during summer and toasting beer. , a large tree designed with the motif of Fujizakura Kogen Beer’s cherry blossom petals.
In addition, the taste is light and goes well with any dish or snack, but we recommend German potatoes made with summer vegetables, ginger-grilled eggplant, and salty dishes that bring out the flavors of the ingredients.

Please note that you can purchase Fujizakura Kogen Beer at directly managed stores or online (Rakuten Market
), some supermarkets and convenience stores in Yamanashi Prefecture. 【Product Summary】
Product name: Fujizakura Plateau Beer Golden Leaves of the Trees Release date: Friday, July 5, 2024
Alcohol content: 5.5% IBU: 22
Contents: 330ml bottle Suggested retail price: 550 yen (tax included) Online shop:
*As this is a limited edition beer, sales will end once it is sold out.

★* What is Fujizakura Kogen Beer *
Fujizakura Kogen Beer is a beer brewed using precious underground water that has been gushing out from Mt. Fuji over a period of over 10 years, using brewing techniques cultivated at Demens Brewing School, one of the few nationally accredited schools in Germany. Most of the ingredients are imported from Germany, and the beer is 100% malt (with some exceptions). In addition, since it is not filtered, it contains a lot of live yeast, allowing you to enjoy the original taste and aroma of beer.
It is sold at Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.’s leisure facilities, some supermarkets and convenience stores in Yamanashi Prefecture, as well as online stores such as Rakuten Market.
Fujizakura Kogen Beer Standard Beers (Pils, Weizen, Laojo, Schwarzweizen) ★* What are the four standard types of Fujizakura Kogen Beer * * Pils * …Premium lager beer with a balance of aroma hops and bitter hops (5.0% alcohol)
* Weizen * …Fruity aroma and elegant taste that are easy to drink even for people who don’t like beer
(5.5% alcohol)
*Raoch * …Special product of Bamberg, Germany. Smoked beer that you can hardly taste in Japan
(5.5% alcohol)
* Schwarzweizen * …a new standard for dark beer that coexists with sharpness and sweetness
(5.0% alcohol)

Address: 6663-1 Kenmaruo, Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko-cho,
Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture
Contact: TEL 0555-83-2236
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