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Home » Asian Bridge Co., Ltd. 2nd edition due to popular demand! “Residential Design School in NAGANO” where you can learn about the appeal of residential design work in 1 night and 2 days! We will also hold internships limited to participants, providi

Asian Bridge Co., Ltd. 2nd edition due to popular demand! “Residential Design School in NAGANO” where you can learn about the appeal of residential design work in 1 night and 2 days! We will also hold internships limited to participants, providi

[Asian Bridge Co., Ltd.] [2nd edition due to popular demand! ] “Residential design school in
NAGANO” is now available! We will also hold internships limited to participants, providing a place for learning and practice.
*Asian Bridge Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 5, 2024
[2nd edition due to popular demand! ] “Residential design school in NAGANO” is now available! We will also hold internships limited to participants, providing a place for learning and practice.
*Even if you are not an architecture major, you can participate if you are interested! Experience the joy of creating a life! *
* Matsumura Design and Architecture Office (Location: Nozawa Onsen Village, Nagano Prefecture, Representative Director: Daisuke Matsumura) and an architectural design company
Iein Co., Ltd. (Location: Asahi-cho, Toyama Prefecture, Representative Director: Hideaki Bando) co-hosts the “Housing Design School in NAGANO” will be held for students (operation support: Asian Bridge Co., Ltd.). *

* This cram school is held for two days and one night during students’ summer vacation, and is open to all students interested in
architecture and design, not just students in the Faculty of Architecture. *
Furthermore, only those who attend this cram school can participate in an internship at Matsumura Design and Architectural Office after completing the cram school. This is a valuable opportunity to put your learning into practice. *

This cram school opened in Toyama in March 2024 and was very well received by all the students who participated. This is the second time the event will be held, having moved the venue to Nagano. *
In addition to learning how to design houses from instructors who are active on the front lines of the construction industry, we hope that by experiencing practical content that cannot be learned at school, students will start to see architecture as a career and become even more interested in it. Our goal is for you to become one. *
* Two precious days where you can interact with other students who have the same aspirations. If you are interested, please join us. * View details

* Experience the fun of home design! “Residential Design School in NAGANO”* Home design work is a lot of fun and very rewarding work.
What you think remains in form, and depending on how you do it, it can have a great impact on the happiness and health of your family, and it can also affect the landscape of your town.
The more you learn about the work of housing design, the more profound it becomes, and the more you learn about it, the more you learn about it.
I can feel the happiness and gratitude of many customers, which is not only fun but also very rewarding.
In order to convey this appeal, Iein Co., Ltd. has decided to launch a housing design school for students.

Our school also welcomes students from outside the Department of Architecture to participate.
This is because we believe that having the mindset to consider customer happiness as if it were your own is more important than knowledge or technology.
Last time, we held our first ever “Residential Design School in TOYAMA” has the participation of many students, from those who are new to architectural design to those studying architecture at university, and offers a more practical and “thinking about others” design lesson than in school classes. We received feedback that they were able to enjoy the experience.

This time, we will be holding the second course in Nagano Prefecture, co-sponsored by Matsumura Design and Architecture Office, which produces and designs “homes that are unique to you” in Nagano Prefecture, and Iein Co., Ltd.

* ◆Lecture content*
At this cram school, you will learn the “Ikkenma Grid Design Method” (*), which you can immediately put into practice at the home design site, from customer interviews to presentations.
You will acquire design skills.
(*This is a traditional Japanese architectural design method in which the floor plan is arranged along squares drawn vertically and horizontally at intervals of 1 ken (= approximately 1.818 m), and pillars are built at the intersections of the grid.)

Experienced instructors discern the individuality of each participant through assignments and spend a lot of time carefully providing individual feedback.
A valuable opportunity to learn about the perspectives necessary for housing design and experience the fun. We look forward to your participation.

*Only paper and pens will be used in class. *

You can enjoy learning about the essence of architecture, which cannot be learned at school, through traditional Japanese architectural design methods.
Even students who are not majoring in architecture can participate if they are interested!
A piece of paper, a pen, and the decision to attend this school may change your life forever.

Rather than focusing on knowledge and teaching how to do things like in school classes, the main focus of the school is to convey the mindset and purpose of making customers happy, in other words, the way home design should be done.
The aim is to increase the number of young people who love
architecture, and to help them understand beautiful architecture that protects landscapes and the environment through classes, and to contribute to the future local environment.

No matter how much specialized knowledge you have, when it comes to actually working, there are many tasks that are very simple, such as finding the model number of a toilet that matches the customer’s desired design.
We will also provide you with content that is similar to actual work, allowing you to experience what it is like to work in the construction industry.

The lecturer was Masayori Waki, representative of the first-class architect office Ruska Design.
To date, we have held more than 80 residential design classes for professionals, with a total of more than 400 participants (as of December 2023).

* ◆Voices from students who participated last time (partial excerpts) * The state of the previous class
・At university, I usually completed two months’ worth of assignments at the last minute, but this time I was surprised to be able to complete them in just a few hours. A big factor was that I was able to clearly imagine what I wanted to create and for whom after listening to the class.
I was also able to talk with the participants and instructors about various things, and I was able to realize the importance of creating while being inspired.

・This time I was able to feel the joy of designing for others. Design that takes advantage of the characteristics of the land; for example, in Toyama Prefecture, how do you design a design that takes advantage of the ocean? There were many things that made me think.

・At university, I mainly did practical work, but I had no experience designing with the customer in mind like I did this time. It was a time when I felt that there was a design method that only I could do.

・Although I was an amateur in architecture, I am glad that I was able to attend this cram school before studying architecture in depth. Thanks to this experience, I think I will be able to learn more deeply, gain more perspectives, and broaden my horizons. It was pure fun.

* ◆Instructor introduction*
Ruska Design Co., Ltd. Representative Masayori Waki
After graduating from university, he got a job at a major general contractor and gained experience managing large-scale construction sites.
He retired at the age of 30 and moved with his family from Tokyo to Yamanashi. He relearned wooden construction while serving as a carpenter’s apprentice for two years.
At the age of 33, he met architect Keiji Yoshida and spent the next 10 years studying wooden architectural design.
At the same time, he has a track record of designing more than 150 wooden houses in areas rich in nature, mainly in Karuizawa and Yatsugatake.
With the belief that “good builders create a good society,” in 2016 he opened a “housing design school” for professionals in order to spread the “one-ken grid design method” taught by his mentor.
To date, more than 80 classes have been held, with a total of over 400 participants. (As of December 2023)

* ◆Event overview*
Date: Friday, August 9th to Saturday, August 10th, 2 days and 1 night         1st day: 12:00-17:00
        2nd day: 10:00-15:00
* Participant -only internship applicants are 2 nights and 3 days until 11th (Sunday) the next day.
Location: Day 1: +M (1148-4 Ebe, Nakano City, Nagano Prefecture 383-0045)            Day 2: IIYAMA CULTURAL HALL Iiyama City Cultural Exchange Center Nachura
(1370-1 Iiyama, Iiyama City, 389-2253)
*Parking space available (free)
Accommodation “KOKUTO iiyama home” (3020 Iiyama, Iiyama City, 389-2253) Target: Technical college students and university students who are interested in architecture, not limited to those in the faculty of architecture.
Number of people recruiting: 10 people
Cost: 7,000 yen (accommodation fee + social gathering fee)
       Lunch on the second day is free
       Transportation expenses must be paid by yourself.
       *Applicants who wish to participate in the internship will be required to pay an additional 5,000 yen for accommodation.
*Please bring cash on the day of the event.
Application deadline: July 26th (Friday) 17:00

On the event page, we also provide details about the design school schedule and venue/accommodation facilities. Please take a look. Click here for details

Apply here

* ◆Residential design school participants can participate in this limited internship! *
At +M (Matsumura Design and Architecture Office), which is the venue for this housing design school, an internship will be held the following day on the 11th (Sunday)* Exclusively for housing design school participants*
We are planning to implement this.
An internship at a company that is actively working on community development in order to become a company that is loved by the local community and is indispensable to the local community.
This will be a valuable opportunity for you to see how what you learned at the residential design school is actually taking shape and making customers happy.
This program is perfect for those who are interested in urban development in addition to housing design.
Would you like to take part in this opportunity?
◆Intern program (partial)
・Representative’s thoughts and company introduction
・Building tour/Walk around town
・Interaction with staff
Take a look at internships [Sponsor]
・Matsumura Design and Architecture Office
・Iein Co., Ltd.

・Ruska Design Co., Ltd.
・Asian Bridge Co., Ltd.

・Kaneta Construction Co., Ltd.
Since our founding in 1933, we have been involved in the growth of the Joetsu/Itoigawa area for over 90 years.
A unique comprehensive company that provides “one-stop living services.” ・Cocochie Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Based on the motto “Building a home is about brightening the lives of the people who live there,” we aim to “build a unique home in the world” so that our customers can spend many years with their loved ones. We will help you make it memorable.
Rakukensha, a construction company in Yamanashi Prefecture, uses its knowledge, experience, and technology to build homes that are fun and comfortable, with the aim of building high-quality custom homes that will be appreciated 30 years from now.

* ◆Company profile*
*Matsumura Design and Architecture Office*
Established April 1965
Representative: Representative Director: Daisuke Matsumura
Business details Complete construction work, architectural design, structural design, design, store construction, energy-saving renovation design and construction, earthquake resistance diagnosis Address: 8466 Maesaka, Nozawa Onsen Village, Shimotakai District, Nagano Prefecture
Number of employees: 19 people

* Iein Co., Ltd. *
Established May 1, 2015
Representative: Representative Director: Hideaki Bando
Business details: Design, construction management, design, and renovation of wooden houses, regeneration and management of old folk houses, townhouses, and vacant houses, store design and construction supervision, design, production, and sales of solid wood furniture. Location: 240-2 Hirayanagi, Asahi-cho, Shimoshinkawa-gun, Toyama Prefecture Number of employees: 7

*Ruska Design Co., Ltd.*
Established April 2016
Representative Representative Masayori Waki
Business content
・Operation of a school that teaches wooden architectural design methods ・Planning and presentation support for construction companies ・Design and design supervision of wooden houses, villas, stores, etc. ・Branding/public relations support for construction companies ・Interior/FFE coordination
Address: 3888-1 Yato, Oizumi-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture Number of employees: 3

*Asian Bridge Co., Ltd.*
Established March 22, 2007
Capital: 84 million yen (including capital reserves)
Representative: Representative Director Hiroyasu Konishi
Business content
A venture company that plans, develops, and operates IT solutions. LAB was established in Ishikawa Prefecture in 2017 and in Toyama Prefecture in 2021. Utilizing IT, our specialty, we will work on regional revitalization together with companies in Hokuriku. Developed and operates internship matching service “Care Return”, online shop “NOTOteMA”, etc.
Offices: Tokyo Head Office, Kanazawa LAB, Toyama LAB
Number of employees: 76 (including part-time workers)
(As of April 1, 2024)

[Contact information]
Iein Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Noriko Bando
TEL:0765-33-5189 (10:00~16:00)
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