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Rokko Garden Terrace is full of events during summer vacation!

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Rokko Garden Terrace is full of events during summer vacation! 1. Power word exhibition 2. Ice room opening & cold wind experience 3. Almost Hokkaido fair held
Rokko Garden Terrace, operated by Mt. Rokko Kanko Co., Ltd. (Head office: Nada Ward, Kobe City, President: Kimihiko Teranishi), is located at an altitude of approximately 880 m, so the temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius lower than in the city of Kobe, so it is cool even in summer. It’s a cool outing spot.
The “Weeping Museum 2024 Power Word Exhibition” is being held at the “Natural Experience Observatory Rokko Shidare (designed by Hiroshi Sambuichi)” in the area. This is an experiential art event held for the first time in Japan* with the theme of “power words” (words that have become a hot topic/words that have a strong impact), and a total of 12 artists have created works that you will be captivated by and will not be able to get out of your head. We are holding an
exhibition. Model and talent Anne Mika and junior high school video creator Chonmage Kozo have also cooperated in exhibiting, and the total number of views of videos related to this event posted on SNS by visitors has exceeded 10 million times (by 2024) (As of June 10th)! This event is a hot topic among young people.
*Researched on February 5, 2024 using the Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties database.
In addition, on Saturday, July 13th, the opening day of Rokko Shidare, the door of the Himuro, which stores ice during the winter, will be opened to let in the wind blowing over Mt. Rokko. Masu. This event has become a summer tradition of Mt. Rokko, and in the “wind room” inside the observatory, you can enjoy a “cold wind experience” where you can enjoy a cool breeze that is about 10 degrees cooler than the city of Kobe using only the power of nature. will also start.
The gourmet event “Hokkaido Fair” will be held for the first time from July 20th (Saturday) to September 1st (Sunday) at five food and beverage stores in the area. Mt. Rokko has many things in common with Hokkaido, such as its cool summer climate, local specialties such as Genghis Khan, and beautiful night views, so you can feel as if you are in Hokkaido. The three food and beverage outlets will serve gourmet food such as pork bowls made with ingredients from Hokkaido, and the two retail outlets will sell specialty products carefully selected from Hokkaido. In addition, we will also hold an “Almost Hokkaido Panel Exhibition” that introduces certain things about Mt. Rokko and Hokkaido that will make you understand, and an event where miniature horse Sunny-kun will come from Mt. Rokko Farm.
[Image 1:×126.jpg] ■Highlights of “Weeping Museum 2024 Power Word Exhibition”
(1) Power word display that created buzz
Ann Mika’s famous words, “White has 200 colors” and “It’s minced meat!” have made the topknot boy into art!
[Exhibiting artists] Anne Mika x Gaku Ogaki, Topknot Boy x Kazuya Kitaura (2) Word display that gives you power
Humorous and heartwarming words about love and life are expressed through illustrations, 3D modeling, and typography art.
[Exhibiting artists] Fu, Yoshihiro Sagawa, Hiroko Ichihara
(3) Power spot Mt. Rokko word display
Word art with the theme of “Mt. Rokko” created by six contemporary poets and a content production company is now available!
[Exhibiting artist]
Teru Aomatsu, Kon Ito, Ayumi Uesaka, Daitsugu Okano, Maho Okamoto, Tatsuya Kinoshita, Ningen Co., Ltd.
[Image 2:×172.jpg] (4) “Weeping Museum 2024 Power Word Exhibition” original goods are now on sale! The two retail stores in Rokko Garden Terrace (Rokko Souvenir Shop and Holty) have many original goods from the “Weeping Museum 2024 Power Word Exhibition” available. Acrylic key chains with the “Power Word Exhibition” logo and each exhibited work as motifs, as well as T-shirts and tote bags that are easy to use on a daily basis, are currently on sale.
※The image is an image. Stock is limited.
[Image 3:×193.jpg] ◆Overview of “Weeping Museum 2024 Power Word Exhibition”
[Image 4:×288.jpg] [Date and time]
Ongoing until Sunday, November 24, 2024
10:00-21:00 (Reception ends at 20:30)
*Closed on Thursdays (open every day from July 25th to November 24th). *Temporary closures and event details may change due to weather, etc. [Venue] Nature Experience Observatory Rokko Shidare (inside Rokko Garden Terrace)
【Admission fees】
Adults (junior high school students and above) 1,000 yen
Children (4 years old – elementary school students) 500 yen *Children under 3 years old are free.
■What is “Ice cutting, ice room opening, and cold air experience”? Ice was a very valuable commodity until refrigerators became widespread. Mt. Rokko has a history of gathering and storing thick natural ice in the ponds on the mountain during the winter,
transporting it to the base from spring to summer, and selling it in the urban areas of Kobe and Osaka.
The road that carried the ice was called the “Ice Road,” and it still exists today as a hiking trail.
At the Rokko Shidare Nature Experience Observatory, we have been conducting ice cutting, a natural circulation mechanism devised based on this history, on the Great Cold Day around January 20th every year. To cut the ice, ice is created by collecting rainwater on the ice shelf located on the east side of the observatory, and then cut out using a chainsaw. This year’s event was canceled due to poor freezing due to the warm winter, but artificial snow was cut from the slopes of the nearby Mt. Rokko Snow Park and stored in the Himuro inside the observation deck. .
[Image 5:×166.jpg] Every year, on July 13th, the opening day of Rokko Shidare, the door of the ice room where ice is stored is opened to let in the wind blowing over Mt. Rokko. The wind that passes through the ice room turns into cold air and is drawn into the wind room through the elbow rests of the chairs in the “wind room” inside the observation deck. The temperature in the wind room is about 10 degrees lower than in the city of Kobe, creating a cool and comfortable space with the scent of cypress. The “cold wind experience” is an experience where you can enjoy cooling off using only the power of nature without using any electricity. From July 13th (Saturday) onwards, you can experience it for free until the ice runs out (separate Rokko Shidare admission fee required).
[Image 6:×336.jpg] ■Highlights of the gourmet event “Hokkaido Fair”
(1) Hokkaido gourmet
The three restaurants in Rokko Garden Terrace and the takeout corner next to the Rokko Souvenir Museum offer a variety of menus related to Hokkaido. Each store has a number of seats where you can enjoy views of Kobe and Osaka, so please enjoy the view. In addition to the items listed below, each store also offers a number of attractive fair menu items. Please enjoy this opportunity. *All prices include tax. Some of the menu items at each store may change depending on purchasing status. The image is an image.
[Image 7:×357.jpg] (2) Sales of Hokkaido specialty products
The two retail stores in Rokko Garden Terrace (Rokko Souvenir Shop and Horti) sell carefully selected special products from Hokkaido, including sauces, honey, jams, butter, juices, sweets, and snacks. . Please take this opportunity to purchase. ※The image is an image.
[Image 8:×243.jpg] (3) Fair-only special event
“Almost Hokkaido Panel Exhibition” where the popular video creator “Manal-tai” from Hokkaido (main channel subscribers 1.31 million people *as of June 10, 2024) introduces “some stories” about Mt. Rokko and Hokkaido, two places. ” will be held for free. There will also be a face-fitting panel and a thermometer photo spot where you can see and experience the cool temperature equivalent to Hakodate, making this fair even more exciting.
Additionally, on August 4th (Sunday) and 18th (Sunday), miniature horse Sunny-kun from Rokkosan Farm will be visiting the venue and will be taking a walk around the Rokko Souvenir Museum and feeding the horse. *Scheduled to be postponed in case of rain. Details such as time will be announced on the website as soon as they are decided.
[Image 9:×307.jpg] ◆Overview of “Almost Hokkaido Fair”
[Image 10:×450.jpg] [Fair period]
Saturday, July 20, 2024 – Sunday, September 1, 2024
*Open every day during the period
*Temporary closures, business hours and event details may change due to weather, etc.
[Fair venue] 5 food and beverage stores in Rokko Garden Terrace 【business hours】
◆Rokko View Palace
10:00-20:00 LO
◆Mt. Rokko Genghis Khan Palace
– Weekdays – 11:00-14:00 LO, 17:00-20:00 LO
-Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays-11:00-20:00 LO
◆Granite Cafe
11:00-20:00 LO
◇Rokko Souvenir Museum
[Image 11:×154.jpg]
July 3rd (Wednesday) 12:00~
“Almost Hokkaido Fair” official website will be released!
Search for “Rokko Garden Terrace Almost Hokkaido Fair”!
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