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Makoto Ayukawa’s documentary film will be released on DVD!

RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Makoto Ayukawa’s documentary film will be released on DVD!
Makoto Ayukawa, a rock musician, passed away on January 29, 2023 at the age of 74. A documentary film produced by RKB Mainichi
Broadcasting that approaches the true face of the man who continued to perform on stage as an active rocker until the end after forming Sheena & Rockets in 1978 will finally be released on DVD.
The documentary film “Sheena & Rockets: Makoto Ayukawa – The Bonds of Rock and Family” depicts the love and bond between Makoto Ayukawa and Sheena, and includes many valuable live footage, an interview with Makoto Ayukawa, and the family who supported him. , consisting of testimonies from friends, bandmates, and musical influences. The movie was released nationwide last August 2023 as a Kadokawa film
documentary, and many fans had requested that it be made into a soft version, but one year after its theatrical release, it has finally been decided that it will be released on DVD. .
Please thoroughly enjoy this gem of a documentary that lets you feel Makoto Ayukawa’s rock spirit to your heart’s content.
[The first edition is full of luxurious benefits! ]
・Contains the main movie uncut!・The bonus disc includes the valuable Wakamatsu location TV program “Makoto Ayukawa & Sheena Walking in Wakamatsu” in which Makoto Ayukawa and Sheena appeared in 2006, and Makoto Ayukawa’s talk in March 2015 in Sheena’s hometown, “Makoto Ayukawa, Special recording of “Walking through
Wakamatsu”.・Additional interviews with performers that were not used in the movie are also included. The bonus disc includes unreleased scenes in which artists who have been friends with Masami Tsuchiya, Hiroto Komoto, Kenichi Asai, and Shinya Oe talk about their encounters and unknown anecdotes about Makoto Ayukawa.
-Interview performers- Kenichi Asai, Shinya Oe, Hiroto Komoto (The Cro-Magnons), Masami Tsuchiya, Masato Tomobe
Toshihiro Nara (Sheena & Rockets) Hiroyuki Hanada Hiroshi (HEATWAVE) (in alphabetical order)
[Advance sale at the live venue! An official bonus DVD is also included! ] Advance sales of the DVD will also be made at the same time as the Sheena & Rockets live concert to be held in Kurume, Makoto Ayukawa’s hometown, on August 12th! A special package that comes with a DVD of “Makoto Ayukawa Live MC Collection” will be available as a bonus when purchased at Sheena & Rockets’ live performances or at the official shop. Officially, quantities are limited, so please get yours as soon as possible.
Makoto Ayukawa documentary film
“Sheena & Rockets Makoto Ayukawa ~Rock and family ties~”
Cast: Makoto Ayukawa, Sheena, Kenichi Asai, Ryo Ishibashi, Shinya Oe, Kazuhide Kawashima (Sheena & Rockets), Hiroto Komoto (The
Masami Shiya, Masato Tomobe, Toshihiro Nara (Sheena & Rockets), Hiroyuki Hanada, Yutaka Matsushige, Yasushi Matsumoto, Kazuhiro Momodo (MO’SOME TONEBENDER), Junta Mori (JUN SKY WALKER(S)), Hiroshi (HEATWAVE) ※Order of the Japanese syllabary
Yoko Ayukawa (model/painter/eldest daughter), LUCY MIRROR (Sheena & Rockets vocalist, third daughter), Junko Ayukawa (second daughter), Yuiko Ayukawa (grandchild)
Narration: Yutaka Matsushige
Director/Editor: Itaru Terai
Production: RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Production manager: TBS TV Distribution: KADOKAWA 2023/Japan/Color
Cooperation: Juke Records, Rocketduction, Victor Entertainment ・Movie “Sheena & Rockets Makoto Ayukawa ~Rock and Family Bonds~” First limited edition 2-disc DVD set Release: RKB Mainichi
Broadcasting/TBS TV Sales RKB Mainichi Broadcasting
Price: 5,900 yen (tax included)
DVD content
Disc 1 Main movie 98 minutes
Disc 2 First bonus video 104 minutes
“Makoto Ayukawa Walking through Wakamatsu” (2015)
“Walking around Makoto Ayukawa & Sheena Wakamatsu” (2006)
Interviews with related parties (including unused parts of the movie) Kenichi Asai, Shinya Oe, Hiroto Komoto (The Cro-Magnons), Masami Tsuchiya, Masato Tomobe, Toshihiro Nara (Sheena & Rockets), Hiroyuki Hanada, Hiroshi (HEATWAVE) (in alphabetical order) ・When purchased at the S&R Official Shop or live venue, a bonus disc “Makoto Ayukawa Live MC Collection” DVD is included separately (limited quantity).
Sheena & Rockets Official ★DVD advance sale site URL: Movie official website:
[Sheena & Rockets Live Information] Movie DVD will be released in advance at the Sheena & Rockets live venue on August 12th!
August 12th (Monday Holiday) Kurume Weapon
Fukuoka/Kurume Summer Beat ‘24 MAKOTO Festival! ”Open 17:30 Start 18:30Adv6,000yen/Door6,500yen+D Cast: Sheena & Rockets, THE 0942, Hiroyuki Hanada
Advance tickets are now on sale at E+ or S&R Official Ticket Center!
[Distribution information]
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