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Home » Nomad Trailers Co., Ltd. |Natural environment-friendly and stylish next-generation villa |The birth of “ THE NATURE Mobile Villa”, a removable villa

Nomad Trailers Co., Ltd. |Natural environment-friendly and stylish next-generation villa |The birth of “ THE NATURE Mobile Villa”, a removable villa

[Nomad Trailers Co., Ltd.] |Natural environment-friendly and stylish next-generation villa |The birth of “THE NATURE Mobile Villa”, a removable villa
*Nomad Trailers Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 5, 2024
|A stylish next-generation villa that is friendly to the natural environment |The relocation villa “THE NATURE Mobile Villa” is born *Innovative holiday home solution that combines economy, mobility and sustainability*
THE NATURE Mobile Villa is designed to pass vehicle inspections, and is a next-generation villa with excellent mobility for relocation and movement through continuous vehicle inspections.
* [Tokyo, July 5, 2024] * Nomad Trailers Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director)
Shuichi Ohno) has launched the innovative villa solution “THE NATURE,” following on from “THE NATURE,” a lodging business where you can enjoy the lodging experience of becoming one with nature. We have started* offering “Mobile Villa”. This solution utilizes *a trailer that pursues urban flair and mobility*,*
While responding to social issues such as a shortage of local craftsmen, rising construction costs, and the abandonment of villas*, we are creating a new style of villa and dual-base living that will be needed in the coming era*
This is what we provide.
NATURE aims to “create a world where you can deepen your bonds with yourself and your loved ones and live a fulfilled life through harmony with nature.” Nomad Co., Ltd.
This is an accommodation business announced by Trailers in June 2024. “THE NATURE
“Mobile Villa” is a sister business that sells trailer-type cabins for this accommodation business as “removable vacation homes.”

■Social issues to focus on
In recent years, in Japan, due to a shortage of local construction craftsmen and rising construction costs due to the weak yen,* some owners of vacation homes are unable to begin construction even if they own vacation homes.*
is increasing. Additionally, with the spread of remote work, the number of people who wish to live in two locations in urban areas is increasing, while there is an absolute shortage of attractive houses in rural areas.
doing. Furthermore, vacant and abandoned houses in villa areas remain unused due to overdevelopment and abandonment of inheritance during the bubble period.
However, this poses problems such as collapse, the risk of fire spread in the event of a wildfire, and landscape destruction. There is still no solution to these *problems with rural villa areas and living environments*.
Innovative solutions* are needed.

■Our solution
Nomad Trailers Co., Ltd. is offering villa solutions “THE NATURE” centered on * creative trailer-type cabins *.
By providing “mobile villas”, we offer superior economy, mobility, and sustainability, and a new style of villa and dual-base living that will be required in the coming era.
This is what we provide.

* Features of THE NATURE Mobile Villa *

1. * Urban flair and minimalism: * A mobile villa that pursues sophisticated design and minimalism. We use plenty of Japanese natural materials.
2. *Quick time to complete your villa:* No construction work is required and installation is quick, so you can start living in your villa in a short period of time.
3. * Modularity and customization: *
The modular trailer system allows you to customize features such as a panoramic cabin for living, as well as a mobile terrace, mobile sauna, and mobile dining.
4. * Economic efficiency: * Construction costs and land development costs are reduced, and there is no fixed asset tax (however, automobile tax is charged).
5. * Tax efficiency: * Cabin with 4 year depreciation period. When used for company welfare facilities, etc., the deductible amount for a single year is attractive.
6. * Sales flexibility: * Mobility allows you to search for potential buyers across the country without being affected by the market price of a particular vacation home location.
7. * Mobility and convenience: * You can move your base depending on the season, such as a cool mountain area in the summer or a warm area in the winter. Nomad Co., Ltd.
If you use Trailers’ mobility support service, you can relocate your base anywhere in the country.
8. * Sustainability and environmental protection: * No construction is involved, so the natural environment is not destroyed, allowing for an environmentally friendly installation.
While many trailer-type cabins are fixed and lose mobility after installation, THE NATURE Mobile Villa always has a vehicle number and mobility.
Panoramic view from inside the panoramic cabin. You can enjoy the view of nature through the huge two-sided glass. (Design registration pending)
We also plan to move villas according to the season – mobility support service – ■Future development of THE NATURE Mobile Villa
– * THE NATURE Mobile Villa Owners Community: *
We are planning special events and trial stays exclusively for owners who can enjoy the blessings of nature from all over Japan. – * THE NATURE special preferential rate: * For villa owners, “THE NATURE Special preferential rates will be applied to each location of THE NATURE, an accommodation service, including “Yatsugatake” (scheduled to open in August 2024)
– * THE NATURE Mobile Villa Revenue type: * The days when the villa owner does not use it are
We plan to provide a business model in which a portion of the profits will be returned to NATURE’s accommodation business. – *Mobility support service: *A service to relocate villas according to the season is planned.
– * Collaboration with villa property management companies and accommodation business management companies: *
We plan to collaborate with villa land management companies that seek to utilize vacant villa land and offer innovative proposals to villa owners, as well as lodging business management companies that want to make wellness tourism a reality.
■THE NATURE Mobile Villa Exhibition | July 11th and 12th (Akasaka Ark Hills) THE NATURE
We will hold an exhibition of Type-A of Mobile Villa Type-A (one-story type)/Type-B (loft type). We look forward to your visit. (Please note that there is no free parking available for exhibition visitors)

– Date: * July 11th (Thursday) 15:00-21:00 / July 12th (Friday) 10:00-21:00 * – Location: * Akasaka Ark Hills/Karajan Square * (1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo) – * Search for “Karajan Square” on Google Maps * – 1 minute walk from Exit 3 of Roppongi-Itchome Station on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
– 1 minute walk from Exit 13 of Tameike-Sanno Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
– 8 minutes walk from exit 4 of Kamiyacho Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
– 9 minutes walk from Exit 5 of Akasaka Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
– 10 minutes walk from Exit 3 of Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line “Kojijijijimae Station”
– Exhibition vehicle: * THE NATURE Mobile Villa | Type-A (estimated price: 20 million yen | consumption tax included/excluding miscellaneous expenses) *
– Dimensions: L9120W2460H3600 3320K
– Area: 17.9 square meters
– Structure: Steel frame + LGS
– Chassis: integrated camping trailer
– Exterior wall: Natural wood (domestic cedar) aluminum composite board – Roof: Galvalume corrugated sheet
– Interior walls and ceiling: Natural domestic cedar
– Floor: Solid oak, oil finish
– Window: Aluminum sash double glass
– Insulation: Sprayed insulation

Nomad Trailers Co., Ltd.|Company Profile
– Company name: Nomad Trailers Inc.
– Address: 15th floor, Toranomon Hills Business Tower, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6415
– THE NATURE website: (scheduled to open in mid-July 2024) – Established: May 22, 2024
– Corporate philosophy: Create new experiential value and style with the power of mobility, filling the world with freshness and high consciousness.
– Representative Director: Shuichi Ohno
– Business content: Accommodation experience that blends into nature “THE NATURE” operation/Partnership and contracting of new experiential accommodation businesses/Development, design, and sales of trailer houses and chassis with permanent mobility/Regional collaboration projects aimed at revitalizing local tourism/Sustainable tourism content Planning and provision of
Contact point regarding this matter
■For press and interview requests
■Consultation regarding business alliances and collaborations ■Inquiries from VCs and CVCs
■Request for mobile villa sales agent
■Wish to purchase a mobile villa
■Hope to participate in the team, etc.
– * Email:*
– *Telephone: 090-6504-9375 (direct public relations line)*

(Reference material) Nomad Trailers Co., Ltd. members
* Shuichi Ohno | Representative Director*
Joined Hotel Nikko Tokyo as a new graduate, then Grand Hyatt Tokyo (sales manager), Andaz
Served as top management in Tokyo (sales and marketing manager) and two foreign luxury hotels. He also works to develop the industry by serving as a human resource development instructor for the Japan National Tourism Organization and the Tokyo Tourism Foundation. In 2022, we will open an accommodation facility “The
Opened “Yatsugatake” (Yamanashi). As of June 2024, it has received 42 consecutive Google reviews with a perfect score of 5, making it the highest rated hotel in the Yatsugatake area. Nomad Co., Ltd. to spread the experiential value unique to trailer houses
Appointed as the representative of Trailers.

* Taka Kashiwagi | Business design and business planning / Brand design / Marketing / System concept *
He was involved in the creation of many brands at an advertising company in the United States, and oversaw marketing at GE’s personal finance division, spreading interest-free loans to society. After that, he grew the team he led at Google into Asia’s largest YouTube ad handling volume, and Visa
In Japan, as CMO, he will spread cashless payments. After working as marketing manager for Amazon’s payment department, he became an entrepreneur and started Nomad Co., Ltd.
Through Trailers’ efforts, we aim to create innovative social value and revitalize local tourism through mobility and natural assets. Master of Business Administration/Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant.

* Kaori Takahashi | Development of a business model that utilizes trailer houses *
Concurrently serves as representative director of EAGLEVALLEY Co., Ltd. After studying abroad in North America, opened a general store, Northern.
Lights, and in his 20s he started a North American cultural goods store and a furniture manufacturing and sales business, growing his business and expanding his business to include building renovations and the construction of single-family homes. After that, he founded EAGLEVALLEY Co., Ltd. and grew it into Japan’s number one constructor of trailer homes and special vehicles. Nomad Co., Ltd. pursues the innovative experiential value hidden in trailer homes.
Co-founded Trailers.

* Masanori Hiruta | Planning, development, manufacturing, and base creation of trailer houses*
He started a furniture workshop in the 1990s, and also acquired ironwork skills, and has been involved in the construction of many expressive stores, studios, and homes. He began to frequently travel to North America to purchase furniture and miscellaneous goods with Kaori Takahashi, his business partner at the time, and was fascinated by the local “cargo trailers” and decided to someday spread the trailer culture in Japan. Co-founded EAGLEVALLEY Co., Ltd. with Takahashi in 2015. Sharing the same aspirations as Takahashi, Nomad Co., Ltd.
Co-founded Trailers.

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