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Home » Sansan Co., Ltd. Announces the winners of the “Sansan Innovation Award 2024”, which recognizes users who h ave realized DX that changes the way they work

Sansan Co., Ltd. Announces the winners of the “Sansan Innovation Award 2024”, which recognizes users who h ave realized DX that changes the way they work

Sansan Co., Ltd.
Announcement of winners of the “Sansan Innovation Award 2024”, which recognizes users who have realized DX that changes the way they work ……
Sansan Co., Ltd., which provides DX services that change the way you work, announces the winners of the “Sansan Innovation Award 2024”, which recognizes users who have brought about changes and innovations in their businesses and work styles using our DX services. To do. This award is held in order to stimulate the sharing of experiences and know-how among users and further support digital transformation, and this is the sixth time it has been held. This time, three companies were selected for two awards: “Sansan Innovator” and “Sansan DIGITALIST Innovator”.
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■About the “Sansan Innovation Award” The Sansan Innovation Award utilizes DX services that change the way we work, such as the sales DX service “Sansan”, the invoice management service “Bill One”, and the contract database “Contract One”. Any company, organization, or individual can apply. Selection will be conducted comprehensively based on criteria such as originality, results/effects,
sociality/influence, reproducibility of usage, and degree of contribution to the user community “Sansan Innovation Community.” This year, the 6th time of the award, the Sansan Innovation Award Secretariat conducted a strict screening and selected the winning companies and organizations for “Sansan Innovator” and “Sansan DIGITALIST Innovator” from among the many users who applied. “Sansan Innovator” will be awarded to users who have contributed to the transformation of work styles using our DX services, and the special award “Sansan DIGITALIST Innovator” will be given to users who have contributed to work style innovations by utilizing our DX services. This award is given to users who have worked to change the world. ■“Sansan Innovation Award 2024” winning company (*1) [Sansan Innovator] Nippon Express Co., Ltd. Corporate Representative: Sales Enablement Department Section Manager Ayano Sasaki Reason for award: Nippon Express Co., Ltd. is the first in history to receive the award for two consecutive years is. After introducing Sansan, the company achieved over 70% of its employees becoming active users, and in January 2023, it launched a “Sales Enablement Department” to drive sales transformation using Sansan. In January 2024, we introduced Salesforce and linked data from 120,000 companies and 631,000 people on Sansan. We have redefined the sales phase from the customer’s decision-making process and are sharing the “type” of effective sales activities throughout the company. In addition, a “corporate relationship score” is calculated based on the amount of contact points. Since we have confirmed that there is a correlation between the depth of relationships with executives and sales, we are promoting “meaningful top sales,” which involves efficient sales activities, using the score as an indicator. In addition, we created a “heat map” that visualizes the depth of contact by position and department, and a “power map” that shows the relationships between key people, including those surrounding those with authority to make decisions, and utilized them in sales strategies. We praised Sansan for its multifaceted use of Sansan to promote data-driven sales management transformation involving the entire company.
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・THAI TAKENAKA INTERNATIONAL LTD.Company Representative: Hiroshi Kajikawa, Group Leader, General Affairs and Human Resources Group, Administration Department, International Branch, Takenaka Corporation Reason for Award: THAI TAKENAKA INTERNATIONAL LTD. is a group company of Takenaka Corporation, a general construction company, and is based in Bangkok. We are conducting construction work at our base. In Thailand, the culture of paper and handwritten signatures is more deeply rooted than in Japan or Singapore, and most business documents are exchanged on paper. The company received over 2,000 invoices a month in various formats, creating an environment that was prone to errors and was difficult to manage. After implementing Bill One to improve this situation, the company was able to reduce its man-hours by 400 hours per month, leading to an acceleration of monthly closing. In the Thai market, where digital invoice receipt is not as common as in Japan, we held a total of 14 on-site training sessions over 7 business days to seek cooperation from vendors. We commended the company for promoting the benefits of using Bill One and increasing support for sending bills directly.
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[Sansan DIGITALIST Innovator] Sumitomo Mitsui Card Co., Ltd. Corporate Representative: Business Marketing Department Group Manager BtoB Marketing Squad Product Owner Yasuyuki Nishiyama Reason for award: Sumitomo Mitsui Card Co., Ltd. is involved in credit card business, credit sales business, and transaction business. It is the core company of SMBC Group’s payment business. Due to the business nature of corporate cards, which are used to pay for company expenses, there was a potential for 2 million companies to become potential customers, but the issue was that sales resources were limited. Therefore, the company introduced Sansan with the aim of comprehensively and early approaching a large number of potential customers. After
implementation, we not only digitized customer information, but also used tools such as Salesforce and Sansan Data Hub to digitize the business flow itself, freeing up sales resources and using customer information for marketing. Ta. As a result, the collaboration between the sales and marketing departments has been strengthened, making it possible to take a comprehensive approach, cultivating customers that could not be reached through sales alone, and increasing sales by billions of yen. The company was recognized for its use of digital technology to transform work styles and achieve significant sales results.
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Details will be available at a later date on the Sansan User Forum, an online community for users. have also decided to hold the “Sansan Innovation Award 2025”. Please see below for details. https://sia.sansan.comSansan will continue to evolve toward realizing our mission of “creating innovation from encounters.” *1: The positions of the representatives of award-winning companies are as of July 5, 2024. *Salesforce is a trademark of Salesforce, Inc. and used with permission. (That’s all) ■Sansan Co., Ltd. Company Profile With the mission of “creating innovation from encounters,” we provide DX services that change the way you work. Our main services include the sales DX service “Sansan,” the business card app “Eight,” the invoice management service “Bill One,” and the contract database “Contract One” both domestically and internationally. Established: June 11, 2007 URL: Address: 150-0001 Aoyama Oval Building 13F, 5-52-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Capital: 6,748 million yen ( (As of February 29, 2024) Business details: Planning, development, and sales of DX services that change the way you work Sansan https://jp.sansan.comEight https://8card.netBill One
https://bill-one.comContract One
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