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Home » Official fan club monthly plan pre-registration for tickets to “Great Aqua Plus Festival -30th Anniversary-” starts today!

Official fan club monthly plan pre-registration for tickets to “Great Aqua Plus Festival -30th Anniversary-” starts today!

Aquaplus Co., Ltd.
Official fan club monthly plan pre-registration for tickets to “Great Aqua Plus Festival -30th Anniversary-” starts today!
Daihiro Mizushima, who plays Haruki Kitahara in “WHITE ALBUM 2”, will appear on “Aqua Plus Channel” #2 on July 16th (Tuesday).
Starting today, Aqua Plus Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aqua Plus) will hold the “Great Aqua Plus Festival -30th Anniversary-” (sponsored by Aqua Plus Co., Ltd. / HIKE Co., Ltd.) for monthly plan members of the official fan club “AQUAPLUS official members club”. We have started accepting advance tickets for “Big Aqua Plus Festival”. We are also pleased to announce that some of the content of the program “Aqua Plus Channel” #2 (broadcast on July 16th), which regularly delivers various Aqua Plus information, has been released. It has been decided that Daihiro Mizushima (who plays Haruki Kitahara in “WHITE ALBUM2”) will appear as a guest on the #2 broadcast.
[Image 1:×720.jpg] ■Topics
●About “AQUAPLUS official members club” monthly plan advance lottery We are currently accepting advance lottery tickets for the “Great Aqua Plus Festival -30th Anniversary-” for monthly plan members of the official Aqua Plus fan club “AQUAPLUS official members club.” Please see below for the detailed ticket sales schedule. Annual membership premium plan members and annual membership basic plan members can apply for the monthly plan advance lottery.
About VIP seats
As of the application deadline for the fastest advance lottery (annual fee premium plan member advance), the number of VIP seats scheduled to be sold has reached the limit. Please note.
You can apply for various SS seats at this time, so please consider applying. Ticket sales schedule
[Table 5: ]
About AQUAPLUS official members club
“AQUAPLUS official members club” offers three plans. By registering, you can enjoy contents such as Movies and Gallery. Please see the “AQUAPLUS official members club” official website below for member benefits available for each course.
●About “Aqua Plus Channel” #2 broadcast on July 16th
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] “Aquaplus Channel” is a distribution program that delivers information about Aquaplus, discusses the works with fans, and deepens the love for Aquaplus with the viewers. Anime song singer YURiKA, who is affiliated with Fix Records and released “WHITE ALBUM2 COVER COLLECTION~YURiKA~” in January, will serve as MC.
The guest for #2 (broadcast on July 16th) is Hiro Mizushima, who plays the role of Haruki Kitahara in “WHITE ALBUM2”. YURiKA, who continues to talk about her love for “WHITE ALBUM 2” on her own SNS and media, will be paying attention to what kind of passionate “WHITE ALBUM 2” talk she will have with Mizushima-san. We are also planning a sales goods conference corner for the “Great Aqua Plus Festival”, so please feel free to leave comments such as “I want you to make these kinds of goods” or “I like this kind of design” during the live broadcast. We are also planning to hold a program watch party on the fan club exclusive Discord, where hundreds of comments will be posted every time, so please join us.
*Watch party is an event where you can watch the same broadcast program online with your friends and colleagues, cut and paste images from the broadcast, post them to chat, share them, and enjoy conversations in real time.
Program name: Aquaplus Channel
#2 Live distribution: July 16, 2024 (Tuesday) 20:00~ *Biweekly distribution (planned)
Distribution platform: AQUAPLUS official YouTube channel
Distribution URL: Scheduled to be published on official X etc. at a later date Cast (titles omitted): YURiKA (MC), Hiro Mizushima (guest)
●Overview of “Great Aqua Plus Festival -30th Anniversary-”
[Image 3:×630.jpg] Performance name: Dai Aqua Plus Festival -30th Anniversary-
Date: Saturday, November 9, 2024 Doors open 16:00 / Start 17:00 Sunday, November 10, 2024 Doors open 15:00 / Show starts 16:00 *The performance is scheduled to last approximately 4 hours (with a break in the middle).
Venue: Yokohama BUNTAI (2-7-1 Furocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0032)
Sponsor: Aqua Plus Co., Ltd./HIKE Co., Ltd.
Special event site:
Teaser PV
[Video 2:] Ticket details
<2Days ticket>
VIP seats (front guaranteed, premium benefits included): ¥51,600 (tax included) SS seats (with limited benefits): ¥29,600 (tax included)
○VIP seat benefits
*As of the application deadline for the fastest advance lottery (annual premium plan member advance), the planned number of VIP seats has been sold. Please note.
[Table 6: ]

○SS seat benefits
[Table 7:] <1Day Ticket>
SS seat (with benefits): ¥14,800 (tax included)
General reserved seats: ¥9,500 (tax included)
○SS seat benefits
[Table 8:]
[Image 4:×710.png ]
[Image 5:×1200.png ]
●Cast of “Great Aquaplus Festival -30th Anniversary-”
Performers (*Titles omitted, in alphabetical order)

Makoto Ishii, Ryoko Ono, Ai Kakuma, Yuko Goto
Rikiya Koyama, Suara, Risa Taneda, Akari Tsuda
Takuatsu Terajima, Kentaro Tone, Kazuya Nakai, Ikumi Nakagami Arisa Nakayama, Hitomi Namatenme, Aya Hirano, Hiro Mizushima Inori Minase, Ryoka Yuzuki, Yen Yonezawa and more…
[Image 6:×1200.jpg]
Chinatsu Akasaki, AKKO, Shizuka Ito, Kana Ueda
Yuya Uchida, Ryoko Ono, Hidema Kogure, Tsuyoshi Koyama
Rikiya Koyama, Rina Sato, Suara, Risa Taneda
Akari Tsuda, Kentaro Tone, Hitomi Namatenme, Aya Hirano
Daiichi Mizushima, Ryoka Yuzuki, En Yonezawa and more…
[Image 7:×1200.jpg] ■Aquaplus official website
■Official X
■Copyright notation
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