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Home » SuMPO Inaugural general meeting of “SusPla (Sustainable Plastics Initiative)” held on 7/16 (Tuesday)

SuMPO Inaugural general meeting of “SusPla (Sustainable Plastics Initiative)” held on 7/16 (Tuesday)

[SuMPO] Inaugural general meeting of “SusPla (Sustainable Plastics Initiative)” held on 7/16 (Tuesday)
Press release: July 5, 2024
7/16 (Tuesday) Inaugural general meeting of “SusPla (Sustainable Plastics Initiative)” held
*~Continuing to recruit supporters (members)~*
 Sustainable Plastics
The SusPla Initiative (Secretariat: Within the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization) aims to expand the recycled plastic market through material recycling that contributes to quality improvement and stable supply.
The founding general meeting of the Plastics Initiative will be held on July 16th (Tuesday).

At this general meeting, we will announce the supporters (members) who have expressed their support for SusPla’s activities before the general meeting. We will also confirm future activity policies and plans, and after the general meeting, we will hold a social gathering that will be a place for members to have their first dialogue with each other.

[Overview of SusPla founding general meeting]
Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Schedule: General meeting 16:00-17:00 *Doors open at 15:30
Attendees: SusPla members, observers, special advisors (advance registration required)
*Registration form is available only to members.

Katsuichi Ishizuka (Representative) Chairman, Ishizuka Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Masayuki Isono Representative Director and President of Isono Co., Ltd. Shigeki Shibahara Representative Director and Chairman, Omi Bussan Co., Ltd. Takehisa Kabeya Representative Director, Sustainable Management Promotion Organization
Naoya Tada Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. ESG Management Promotion Department Manager
Fumio Kaneko Representative Director and President, Daiei Kankyo Co., Ltd. Twenty-Four Hirano Representative Director and President, Taibo Co., Ltd. Masashi Kiyono Senior Director in charge of Research and Development Center, DENSO Corporation
Hideki Matsuura Representative Director, Toyama Environmental Maintenance Co., Ltd.
Takayuki Nagai Toyota Motor Corporation Advanced Technology
Development Company Project Area CE Promotion Office Manager Takeshi Takahashi President and Representative Director, Nippon Kagaku Qei Co., Ltd.
Koji Nishio Panasonic ET Solutions Co., Ltd. Resin Resource Recycling Department Director General Manager
Daisuke Maruyama Manager, Green Chemical Business Promotion Office, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
*Company names in alphabetical order


The circular economy, which aims to create new business models by improving resource efficiency (decoupling), is attracting worldwide attention as an effective means of achieving carbon neutrality. Particularly in Europe, environmental regulations in the product field are gradually being strengthened, such as the introduction of eco-design regulations, and in particular, the ELV regulations proposed in July 2023 will make up more than 25% of the plastic required for new car production. In Japan, the demand for recycled plastics is rapidly increasing, especially in the automobile-related industry. Among these, “material recycling,” which involves collecting used products and process scraps and reusing them as raw materials for products, contributes to the recycling of resources and to the control of GHG emissions, which cause global warming. This is expected to expand in terms of carbon neutrality.

Currently, the material recycling rate for all plastic waste in Japan (more than 8 million tons) remains at about 20%, and only about 500,000 tons of that is recycled domestically. In order to meet the strong demand for recycled plastics in the future, we will need to work together beyond the size of our management base and traditional business practices to address issues such as ensuring quality, stable supply, and clarifying traceability. All measures are required.

[SusPla’s aims and vision] *Summary material: *Click here*

At SusPla, we aim to contribute to doubling the use of recycled plastics through material recycling in Japan by 2030 through activities such as expanding SPC certification, creating a forum for dialogue where both arteries and veins can gather, and considering the formulation of environmental impact indicators.
(Figure 1) Aims of SusPla activities
【Member recruitment】

SusPla continues to recruit members. As of July 4th, we have received support from over 50 companies and organizations, and we are interested in people from a wide range of fields, including companies in the automobile, textile, chemical, recycling industries, trading companies, and packaging, local governments, and universities. We are receiving your feedback. How to join *
Please see the announcement page here*

[Those planning to join SusPla (as of July 4, 2024)] *In no particular order (Figure 2) People planning to join SusPla (as of July 4, 2024)

SusPla Secretariat (within the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization)

[Inquiries regarding coverage]
Sustainable Management Promotion Organization, Corporate Planning Department, Public Relations and Marketing Office
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