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Home » The number of Japanese students studying abroad at British boarding schools is rapidly increasing!! “British Boarding School Fair Japan 2024” will be held on November 2nd (Saturday) in Marunouchi, Tokyo!

The number of Japanese students studying abroad at British boarding schools is rapidly increasing!! “British Boarding School Fair Japan 2024” will be held on November 2nd (Saturday) in Marunouchi, Tokyo!

The number of Japanese students studying at British boarding schools is rapidly increasing!! “British Boarding School Fair Japan” 2024” will be held in Marunouchi, Tokyo on Saturday, November 2nd! *Pippa’s Guardians Ltd.*
Press release: July 5, 2024
The number of Japanese students studying at British boarding schools is rapidly increasing!! “British Boarding School Fair Japan” 2024” will be held in Marunouchi, Tokyo on Saturday, November 2nd! *An event that connects families considering studying abroad at UK boarding schools with 18 of the UK’s most traditional boarding schools*
Charterhouse School is known as one of the nine main schools that were board members of the Clarendon Commission, which was established as a royal commission.
Pippa’s Guardians, Suite 4, Nimrod House, Sandy’s Road, Malvern, United Kingdom
Representative: Ben Hughes) will be holding the JP Tower Hall & Conference (Tokyo) on Saturday, November 2, 2024 as the second installment of the highly popular British Boarding School Fair Japan, which was first held in Tokyo last year. 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Miyako
“British Boarding School Fair Japan 2024″ will be held at KITTE (4th floor). This event brings together 18 traditional boarding schools from the UK and provides an opportunity for Japanese families to consult directly with school admissions officers and principals. The fair held last year became popular in the UK and we received a flood of inquiries from admissions representatives across the UK, so we decided to hold the second fair.

What is British Boarding School Fair Japan?
This is an event where a unique and wonderful boarding school from the UK comes to Japan, and you can directly consult with the principal and entrance exam representative. Pippa’s Guardians, who are experts at each school and UK boarding study abroad.
An educational seminar by representative Ben Hughes will also be held at the same time, providing accurate information about British education and boarding schools that is shrouded in veils. In addition, actual boarding school students will be visiting Japan for the event, so you can hear about the real life of boarding school students.

*British Boarding School Fair Japan 2024*
Implementation overview
Venue: JP Tower Hall & Conference
(KITTE 4th floor, 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-7004) Date: Scheduled to open at 10:00 on Saturday, November 2, 2024 Sponsored by: Pippa’s Guardians
Details of seminars, etc. will be announced as soon as they are decided.

18 unique and wonderful boarding schools coming to Japan
Malvern College is located on a beautiful hill called Malvern Hill. This year, 13 out of the 15 schools that came to Japan last year, as well as Charterhouse School, known as the nine major schools (known as The Nine in Japan), which were board members of the Clarendon Commission established as a royal commission in 1861. Five schools have been decided to come to Japan, including The King’s School Canterbury, said to be the oldest school in the world, and Brighton College, known as a top A-level school due to its innovative school reforms. Masu.

1. Abingdon School
2. Blundell’s School
3. Brighton College
4. Charterhouse School
5. Cheltenham College
6.Cheltenham Ladies College
7. Christ’s Hospital
8. Clifton College
9. Cotsmore School
10. Culford School
11. The King’s School Canterbury
12.Malvern College
13. Millfield School
14.Rugby School
15. Sevenoaks School
16. Shulesbury School
17. Stowe School
18. Wellington School

New boarding schools coming to Japan this year
brighton college
Senior School (13-18 years old)
Brighton College is located in Brighton, a calm port town in the south of England, where 80% of the students are full-board students. These days, it is said to be one of the best co-educational schools offering A-levels in the UK. The school buildings are also undergoing renovations, and the modern design of the science building, which resembles that of an IT company, has become a hot topic.
charterhouse school
Senior School (13-18 years old)
A boarding school located in a suburb rich in nature, an hour’s drive from London. Many graduates are active in politics and business. Most students live in dormitories, but the school is unique in that there are many weekly boarding students from the London area. Approximately 20% of students are fully boarded, so they have the advantage of being able to spend quiet time on the weekends. cotsmore school
Prep School (4-13 years old)
Cotsmore School is located in West Sussex, about an hour and a half south of London. It is known as an elementary school that produces a large number of students who pass into Eton College, which has ties to the British Royal Family, every year. The school has a reputation as a school that has a homely atmosphere and cares for its students as if they were members of the family.
shrewsbury school
Senior School (13-18 years old)
A boarding school located in Shropshire, a beautiful natural area about 3 and a half hours north of London. In the UK, it is known as the alma mater of Charles Darwin, author of The Theory of Evolution. A liberal school that respects its students while preserving tradition. Year
Students in grade 9 are also focusing on sports, such as making rowing a compulsory subject. One of the affiliated schools of the Keio University integrated education school dispatch study abroad system. The King’s School Canterbury
Senior School (13-18 years old)
A boarding school located in the Canterbury region, about an hour and a half east of London. Known as the oldest school in the world. Another appeal of this school is that it allows students to use the adjacent World Heritage site Canterbury Cathedral for school events. The school has a junior school, so one advantage is that children can prepare to enter senior school from the age of 8 (local 4th grade).

Reasons for the rapidly increasing number of Japanese students studying at UK boarding schools
The UK Independent Schools Association releases data on private schools. According to the annual report published by the association, as of January 2024, there were 659 single international students from Japan, an increase of 182 from 477 last year. In recent years, there are many schools in the UK where the number of international students from Russia and China is biased. In particular, as a result of accepting many hard-working Asian students to raise the academic level of the school, some schools have ended up with more than half of their students being Chinese.
Due to such concerns, an increasing number of schools are placing importance on the nationality diversity of their students. Among them, there are many boarding schools that are willing to accept Japanese international students who are excellent and have high social skills. Representative Ben Hughes speculates, “Additionally, British boarding schools have been opening one after another in Japan recently, and there is a growing understanding in Japan of the benefits of British education.”
The charm of British education
Another advantage of British education is that it focuses on developing students who are well-rounded, not only academically, but also caring and independent, preparing them for a career at
university. Boarding life is full of extracurricular activities after school and on weekends, such as sports and music activities that are common in Japan, as well as seemingly difficult activities such as horseback riding, sailing, and orchestra, as well as academic Olympics. You can easily engage in this as an activity within your school. This wonderfully well-balanced environment that can be expected to increase children’s curiosity and motivation is the greatest appeal of British education, and is one of the reasons why the number of international students from East Asian countries such as Hong Kong, China, and South Korea is increasing in recent years. It is also said to be one.

Last year’s British Boarding School Fair

Individual consultation at school booth
Seminar by boarding school principal
Last year, despite being held for the first time in Japan, it was a great success with a total of 460 visitors from 200 families. There are wonderful and unique schools in various fields such as academics, sports, and the arts, such as “Rugby School,” which is well-known in Japan, “Sevenokes School,” which is a regular in the IB World Rankings, and “Millfield School,” where current Olympic athletes are enrolled. The school visited Japan and held a seminar on British education and a counseling session for further education.
At each school’s booth, entrance exam representatives and principals eagerly provided individual consultation to visitors, and some participants accepted applications on the spot and underwent assessments (entrance exams) while the representatives were there. Additionally, nine educational seminars were held at the same time. We invited former Harrow School teacher Naomi Matsubara and Cheltenham College Principal Nicola Huggett to speak to us about boarding school life, international curriculum, and more. Every session was sold out, and some sessions had standing room only.

What is Pippa’s Guardians?
There are over 40 area managers nationwide who belong to Pippa’s Guardians and are responsible for the care of international students. Pippa’s Guardians Representative Ben Hughes
We are experts in boarding school study abroad in the UK, providing guardianship for international students in the UK and appropriate school advice services for families considering studying abroad. By leveraging our relationships and experience with boarding schools, which we have cultivated by supporting over 700 international students from all over the world every year, we connect families considering studying abroad with boarding schools, providing support that is tailored to the growth and individuality of each child. We provide tailored school advice. Our office is a friendly, family-owned business located in Malvern, central England, a quiet and natural area.

British Boarding School Fair Office
Official website:
Pippa’s Guardians Ltd,
Address: Suite 4, Nimrod House, Sandy’s Road, Malvern, United Kingdom Contact:
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