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Home » UUUM Co., Ltd. “Ao Oni Online” x TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” A large-scale collaboration event will be held from July 5th (Friday)!

UUUM Co., Ltd. “Ao Oni Online” x TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” A large-scale collaboration event will be held from July 5th (Friday)!

UUUM Co., Ltd.
“Ao Oni Online” x TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” A large-scale
collaboration event will be held from July 5th (Friday)!
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] The online survival game “Ao Oni Online” will be collaborating with the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” from 3:00 pm on Friday, July 5th! Characters appearing in “Tokyo Revengers” are now available on Aooni Online! ?
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Characters from “Tokyo Revengers” appear on Ao Oni Online as collaboration skins for Ao Oni Online! During the collaboration period, “Tokkou Ao Oni” will appear as a limited demon! In addition, Higashi Libe members, Haru Haru, Kokuryu, and Tenjiku members will also appear as evolved skins and new skins!
“Tokyo Revengers” collaboration event overview
[Image 5:×1494.jpg] Event period July 5, 2024 (Friday) 15:00 to July 31, 2024 (Wednesday) 15:00 Contents: A collaboration limited demon “Tokkou Ao Oni” appears on the limited collaboration map!・“Manjiro Sano” and “Ken Ryuguji” will appear in the limited-time gacha during the collaboration period ・“Keisuke Baji”, “Iktora Hamiya”, “Shuji Hankan” from the Bloody Halloween edition will appear in the limited-time gacha every week “Izana Kurokawa,” “Ran Haitani,” and “Ryudo Haitani” from the Tenjiku edition of “Daijyu Shiba,” “Hajime Kui,” and “Seimou Inui” will appear. ・”Budo Hanagaki,” “Chifuyu Matsuno,” “Chifuyu Matsuno” and “Ryudo Haitani” will appear as reward skins for each event. Takashi Mitsutani,” “Tetsuta Kisaki,” “Hinata Tachibana,” and “Emma Sano” will appear. ・An event and ranking will be held around July 5th where you can collect event medals and win gorgeous rewards. ・Each collaboration character will be It comes with a special attack function that allows you to collect event medals efficiently. *Please check the acquisition period for each skin in-game.
“Tokyo Revengers” In order to save the Tokyo Mankai, which has completely changed, Takemichi Hanagaki time-leaps 12 years ago and leads the decisive battle against the Black Dragon on Christmas Eve to victory. They succeeded in expelling the traitor Tetsuta Kisaki, but for some reason the current situation only worsened. One day, with renewed determination, the Tokyo Mankai is attacked by a team calling itself Tenjiku. The person who appears before Takemichi, who is confused, is Kisaki wearing a jersey kamikaze uniform. The revenge of life continues towards the biggest and “last” conflict in the history of East Manji!
▶ “Tokyo Revengers” official portal site ▶ “Tokyo Revengers” copyright notation (C) Ken Wakui / Kodansha / Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Production Committee
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