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Zthreee Co., Ltd. Zthreee announces “Stream Promotions”. Utilize streamers such as Twitch

Zthreee Co., Ltd.
Zthreee announces “Stream Promotions”. Utilize streamers such as Twitch ……
Zthreee Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of “Stream Promotions,” a streamer marketing service focused on streamers. Streamer: An influencer who regularly broadcasts games, etc. live on “Twitch” and “YouTube Live”
The biggest feature of streamers is that they have two-way
communication with their viewers in real time. Therefore, compared to influencers who post videos and programs, they have a higher level of commitment from their followers and are considered to be highly compatible with building PR and marketing for services.
While video posting and program-type influencers on YouTube and other sites are attracting attention, the reality is that the market that connects streamers and businesses has not been fully established. We speculate that this is because, compared to YouTube and Instagram influencers, streamers tend to be more motivated to stream for their own enjoyment.
In general, the information density increases in the order of live streaming – video – audio, image – text, and live streaming platforms have an advantage over other formats in terms of listener commitment.
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At Zthreee Co., Ltd., we propose marketing strategies that can maximize our clients’ sales based on information such as “viewer attribute analytics” and “specialized distribution methods” from our proprietary streamer list.
Streamer usage examples
・Game onboarding support
・Distribution tie-up
・Placement (an advertising method that places a logo or product on a distribution screen) ・Event/ad placement
・Collaboration/product development
Service development in Web3 area
Zthreee Co., Ltd. is developing services in the Web3 area, such as regularly holding JBGS (Japan Blockchain Game Summit).
In the Web3 domain, which requires users to have a certain level of knowledge, one of the challenges is mass adoption (everyone uses/knows about it). For users who are busy gathering information, streamers can provide more emotional two-way communication in a shorter amount of time than one-way communication with a higher density of information, and could be one of the breakthroughs for mass adoption. .
About Zthreee Co., Ltd.
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Zthreee is made up of members who have continued to study Web3 and the state of community as game players, business operators, researchers, and eventers that utilize blockchain technology. We will support and work side-by-side with projects that have the desire to “grow together with fans.”
Address: 1001 Aoyamadai Building, 2-9-10 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 Representative Director: Kaito Ogushi Business: Fandom content support business, fandom marketing business, consulting business Website: https://zthreee. jp/Contact:,
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