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De-LIGHT Co., Ltd. Stage production of “Lehman’s Club” has been decided!

De-LIGHT Co., Ltd.
The stage play “Lehman’s Club” has been decided!
Cast information, ticket information, performance schedule released!! ……
The cast who will be playing the characters who are full of unique personalities has been revealed at once!
[Image 1:×595.jpg] The original TV animation “Lehman’s Club” was broadcast in January 2022. This is an original TV animation produced by Leiden Film, which focuses on corporate badminton players and depicts two aspects: the daily life of office workers and the drama of athletes. The stage play “Lehman’s Club” based on the same name will be performed at Theater Saint Maur in September 2024. Takeo Tabuchi will play Takeru Shiratori, and Masakatsu Nemoto will play Ken Miyasumi.
We have now released cast updates, ticket sales information, and performance schedules all at once. The cast of unique characters is revealed all at once. In the main team [Sunlight Beverage], Takeo Shiratori will be played by Yukio Tabuchi, Ken Miyasumi will be played by Masakatsu Nemoto, Sota Saeki will be played by Kenya Nakao, Toya Saeki will be played by Ryunosuke Nagashima, and Hiroki Takeda will be played by Riki Tanimizu. Masu. The performance schedule is 11 performances over 7 days from September 5th (Thursday) to September 11th (Wednesday), of which 6 performances will have after-talks with different performers. From July 9th (Tuesday), we will begin accepting advance ticket lottery tickets for De-CLUB members. [Nasen 1] The special ticket comes with a clear file of Sunlight Beverage members, not for sale, and a set of 3 2L bromides of 3 teams, not for sale. We have also released information on various ticket advance lottery receptions.
Please look forward to the next report on how the members who were wild in the TV animation will be active on stage!
The stage play “Lehman’s Club” will be performed from September 5th (Thursday) to September 11th (Wednesday), 2024!
◆Sunlight Beverage◆
Shiratori: Takeo Tabuchi
Ken Miyasumi: Masakatsu Nemoto
Sota Saeki: Kenya Nakao
Touya Saeki: Ryunosuke Nagashima
Hiroki Takeda: Tanisui Power
[Image 2:×538.png ]
◆Tomari Transport ◆Tachibana Azuma: Masaki Matsuda
Shiryu Tonosaki: Seiri
Yuho Mashiba: Yuto Fukasawa
Yusuke Saruhashi: Kosuke Kuwano
Kotetsu Gokura: Yoshito Morigami
[Image 3:×560.png ]
◆Unisix◆Kirishima Hayato: Senda Kyohei
Ayato Misora…Ryota Yamamoto
Daiki Oginome…Hiromichi Shimazaki
Jun Yagami… Teruhito Takahashi
Natsuki Ryo…Yuyoshi Kimura
[Image 4:×550.png ]
Takuya Fukuda
Yoshiya Toyama
Izumi Nagata
Haruki Kise
Naoki Kiritani
Screenplay/Direction: Sho Kubota (planning theater group Bokura Dangi) Theater: Theater Mon Mall (Sun Mall Crest B1, 1-19-10 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
Ticket information released!!
■Ticket type
With special benefits… ¥9,500 (tax included)
(Includes a not-for-sale clear file from Sunlight Beverage members and a set of 3 2L bromides from 3 teams) *All seats reserved
General… ¥8,500 (tax included) *All seats reserved
*There is no superiority or inferiority of seats between special and regular seats.
*Tickets with benefits are sold until the play guide advance, and will not be available after the general sale.
■Ticket sales schedule
〇De-CLUB advance (lottery) *Only De-CLUB paid members can enter Reception period: July 9th (Tuesday) 19:00 to July 15th (Monday/holiday) 23:59 Click here to join De-CLUB →
★Those who pre-register as De-CLUB members will receive a not-for-sale postcard of a Sunlight Beverage member!
〇Official advance (lottery)
Reception period: July 16th (Tuesday) 12:00 to July 21st (Sunday) 23:59 〇 Cast advance (lottery)
★For those who apply from the desired cast URL in advance of the cast, you will receive a not-for-sale bromide of the corresponding cast! Reception period: July 22nd (Monday) 12:00 to July 28th (Sunday) 23:59 〇Play guide advance (lottery)
Reception period: July 29th (Monday) 12:00 to August 4th (Sunday) 23:59 〇Play guide 2nd advance (lottery)
Reception period: August 5th (Monday) 12:00 to August 12th
(Monday/holiday) 23:59
〇General sale (first come first served)
Reception period: August 17th (Sat) 10:00~
Performance schedule released!!
Thursday, September 5th 13:00/18:30
September 6th (Friday) 18:30 (After Talk 1.)
September 7th (Sat) 13:00 (after talk 2.) / 18:30
September 8th (Sun) 13:00 (After Talk 3.) / 18:30 (After Talk 4.) Closed on Monday, September 9th
Tuesday, September 10th 13:00 (After Talk 5.) / 18:30 (After Talk 6.) Wednesday, September 11th 13:00/17:30
After Talk 1. (September 6th (Friday) 18:30 performance) Cast: Sunlight Beverage (Tabuchi, Nemoto, Nagashima, Nakao, Tanimizu, Imai) After Talk 2. (September 7th (Saturday) 13:00 performance) Cast: Tomari Transport (Matsuda, Seiri, Fukasawa, Kuwano, Morigami) After Talk 3. (September 8th (Sunday) 13:00 performance) Cast: Unisix (Senda, Yamamoto, Shimazaki, Takahashi, Kimura)
After Talk 4. (September 8th (Sunday) 18:30 performance) Cast: Sunlight Beverage (Tabuchi, Nemoto, Nagashima, Nakao, Tanimizu, Imai) After Talk 5. (September 10th (Tuesday) 13:00 performance) Cast: Tomari Transport (Matsuda, Seiri, Fukasawa, Kuwano, Morigami) After Talk 6. (September 10th (Tuesday) 18:30 performance) Cast: Unisix (Senda, Yamamoto, Shimazaki, Takahashi, Kimura)
*Lobby doors open 60 minutes before the performance, audience seats open 45 minutes before the performance.
[Official URL]
Official website of the stage play “Ryman’s Club”:
Stage “Ryman’s Club” Official X (old Twitter): @RymansclubStage ■TV anime “Lehman’s Club” work overview
TV anime “Lehman’s Club” is now being distributed on various distribution sites!!
Takeru Shiratori was an active badminton player with a genius observational eye. However, due to the trauma he suffered at Inter-High, he was unable to play as well as he wanted.
Takashi was fired from the powerful team Mitsuhoshi Bank, which he belonged to as an adult player.
What awaited him when he joined Sunlight Beverage in hopes of making a comeback as a player was:
A small badminton club that is not getting any results due to the unaccustomed work of an office worker…
On top of that, there’s this guy who’s rough, has a loud voice, and is very close to me…Ken Miyasumi.
A former genius and a new member of society and a dynamic old man “Badleyman” When a duo with complete opposites is born, the dream that they had almost given up on begins once again.
Original work: Team RMC / Director: Aiya Yamauchi / Series
composition: Teruko Utsumi, Aya Yamauchi / Character design: Suzuhito Yasuda / Character design: Majiro
Art setting: Masahiro Sato (Head Works) / Art director: Masatoshi Kai / Art background: Studio KAIMU / Color design: Shoko Onodera / 2D works: Gaku Watanabe, Shun Nakajima, Asahi Production Design Department / 3D works: FelixFilm / Director of photography: Naho Hasegawa / Cinematography: Asahi Productions / Editing: Mai Hasegawa (editz) / Music: fox capture plan / Sound director: Satoshi Motoyama / Music production: Glow Vision / Animation production: Leiden Film / Production: Sunlight Beverage Public Relations Department
[Official URL]
TV anime “Ryman’s Club” official website: TV anime “Ryman’s Club” Official X (old Twitter): @rymansclub_PR [About original display and (C) display regarding article content, images, and logos]
When posting articles, logos, or image materials related to “Lehman’s Club,” please be sure to include the following information next to the image or on the same page.
(C)︎2024 Stage “Lehman’s Club” Production Committee (C) Team RMC/Sunlight Beverage Public Relations Department
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