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“Dolls Frontline” Added 4 new mental upgrades including Px4 Storm!

“Dolls Frontline” Added 4 new mental upgrades including Px4 Storm! *Sanborn Japan Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 5, 2024
“Dolls Frontline” Added 4 new mental upgrades including Px4 Storm! -Dolls Frontline News Release-
Delivered on July 5, 2024
Sunborn Japan Co., Ltd. has announced that in the smartphone strategy simulation game “Dolls Frontline (hereinafter referred to as “Dollflo”), “Px4” will be targeted for “mental upgrade” that gives new powers to characters.
We would like to inform you that 4 characters including “Storm” will be added on Friday, July 26th.
In addition, we will also inform you about additional information in the game that will be held soon.

* “Dolls Frontline” Official X (old Twitter) *
* @GirlsFrontline* (  )

– * 4 new mental upgrades including Px4 Storm will be added on Friday, July 26th! *
From “After maintenance on July 26th (Friday)”, you will be able to perform “Mental Upgrades” that bring out the hidden power of dolls and bring about major changes such as raising the level limit, adding skills, acquiring special equipment, etc. Four new people will be added.
Please prepare the necessary items and conditions for “Mental Upgrade” and wait for implementation!
Also, if you perform a “Mental Upgrade”, you will be able to see a story at the cafe that describes how the doll underwent the “Mental Upgrade”, so please be sure to check it out after the “Mental Upgrade”.
▼Target character
Px4 Storm

* “Architect-NVW type” and “Adeline” are reprinted in “Capture Operation”! * In the “Capture Operation” that allows you to capture powerful fusion force units, the past capture areas “SPzh3000 Naval Battle Platform” and “Hurricane N2 Secret Interrogation Room” will be reprinted “after maintenance on July 12th (Friday)”. Each will allow you to capture ★3 units “Architect-NVW type” and “Adeline”.
If you were not able to capture it before, don’t miss this chance to get two types of units.
▼Event period
After maintenance on Friday, July 12th to Friday, August 9th, 13:00

– *About “Dolls Frontline”*
Dolls Frontline official website Official X (old: Twitter) account * @* GirlsFrontline
Official YouTube account
App Store
Google Play Store Genre: Training & Strategy Simulation Game
Management: Sanborn Japan Co., Ltd.
Rights notation: Copyright (c) SUNBORN Japan Co., Ltd. All rights Reserved. Price: Basic free (in-app purchases available)

– * “Dolls Frontline” (Basic Information) *
“Dolls Frontline” is a strategic simulation game for smartphones that is set after World War III and features a dark and serious worldview. Players become “commanders” and freely train and organize “tactical dolls,” characters that are anthropomorphized firearms, and aim to destroy the enemy using a wide variety of strategies!

▲Various firearms on cute girls! Run through the battlefield with your favorite tactical doll!
* A profound story that unfolds in a devastated world after World War III * Speaking of “Dollflo”, we think of the attractive “tactical dolls” and the hard “story.”
2062 after World War III. The player is the commander of the private military company “Griffin”.
You will run through numerous battlefields with tactical dolls. The “Iron-Blooded” dolls that avenge humanity and the mysteries lurking in the shadows of the battlefield await your arrival.

▲M4A1, the main character in the main story. A special tactical doll that belongs to an AR platoon and can take command of the unit without a commander.
▲ “Iron-Blooded” is the enemy of “Griffin”. A certain incident occurs, and all the “Iron-Blooded” dolls go out of control. He stands in front of the player as an enemy of humanity.
* Obtain characters by “manufacturing” them! Let’s form a squad! * Tactical dolls can be manufactured by combining the number of “manpower”, “ammunition”, “ration”, and “parts”!
Tactical dolls not only have strengths and weaknesses depending on the type of firearm, but also individual skills. Think about combinations of tactical dolls and organize your troops.
▲In order to manufacture dolls, a “doll manufacturing contract” is required. You can get it by clearing daily missions, so be sure to actively complete the missions.
▲ Organize your troops while considering the types of firearms and skills. Let’s set your position during battle while checking the effect range of the skill in “Formation Settings”.
* Capture squares and defeat enemies! Aim to accomplish your mission! * Battles in “Dolflo” are board game-style.
During map battles, move while consuming action points every turn. By moving to the same square as the enemy, a gunfight will begin. Occupy the squares while anticipating enemy movements! Execute your strategy strategically!

▲The mission can be cleared by achieving the mission objectives for each map. There are various gimmicks in the placed squares. Let’s attack while thinking about placement and effects.
▲Battle basically proceeds automatically. The key to victory is to carefully consider the formation when organizing your troops. Battles basically proceed automatically. when organizing troops
Thinking carefully about your formation is the key to victory. *About details about this release*

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