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Eel Naruse First live commerce event to be held on July 6th at 9pm

[Eel Naruse] First live commerce event to be held on July 6th at 9pm *Franchise Business Incubation Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 5, 2024
[Eel Naruse] First live commerce event to be held on July 6th at 9pm *You can enjoy Kabayaki from [Unagi no Naruse], which has over 200 stores nationwide, at home*
Naruse’s first Kabayaki eel sale!
An eel specialty restaurant based on the concept of “filling your belly with delicious eel!” operated by Franchise Business Incubation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Yamamoto), which provides support to franchise headquarters and member stores. The store “Unagi no Naruse” will collaborate with the beauty YouTube channel “Reytenor Channel” to hold its first live commerce event (Youtube Live) on Saturday, July 6, 2024 from 21:00 to 23:00. I will do it. *

During the live performance, we will fully highlight the appeal of eel as an ingredient and fully promote our commitment as an eel specialty restaurant. In preparation for the upcoming Doyo no Ushi Day on Wednesday, July 24th, we are planning to introduce a set that will allow you to enjoy eel from a specialty restaurant at home.

Unagi no Naruse was born out of a desire to bring people closer to the national dish of unajyu, which has been loved since ancient times. Improvements in aquaculture technology and diversification of cooking methods have made it possible to provide eel with both high quality and low price. In less than two years, we have opened more than 200 stores nationwide, and our business style, which allows us to provide eel with stable quality, has been frequently featured in the media. We have decided to plan a live commerce event as an opportunity for people to experience eel more easily and familiarly.

Originally, we operated on two pillars: dine-in and take-out, but this time we will sell frozen eel to preserve its delicious taste so that you can enjoy the taste of Naruse eel at home. This is our first attempt at selling frozen products, and they will only be available at this live show. I hope you enjoy watching it.

■Event date and time
Saturday, July 6, 2024 21:00-23:00
■Event overview
Enjoy the specialty store’s Unajyu at home!
With 120,000 subscribers, a beauty Youtube channel aimed at viewers who are highly sensitive to beauty and health [anti-aging specialty * Raytenor channel], and Naruse, the representative of Unagi.
Yamamoto’s collaboration live commerce.

■How to watch
Distributed on Youtube channel [Anti-aging specialty * Raytenor channel] URL
■Products for sale
Various frozen eel sets. *Comes with sauce, Japanese pepper, soup, and wasabi 1 serving from 1,650 yen (tax included)

Product example
Kabayaki eel Naruse (half tail)
Grilled eel naruse (3 servings)
Grilled eel naruse (5 servings)
・Items will be delivered by frozen delivery between July 20th (Saturday) and July 23rd (Tuesday).
・As this is a live limited item, it can only be purchased from the sales page listed in the distribution summary column.
・Please note that the live archive will not remain.
-Eel Naruse Characteristics-
*1 Uses Japanese eel available at high-end stores*
We purchase eel from carefully selected eel farms to provide the most delicious eel of the season.
* 2 Completely reproduces craftsmanship techniques and significantly shortens delivery time *
At long-established stores, it used to take 20 to 30 minutes to be served, but by successfully shortening the wait time to about 10 minutes, you can now enjoy takeout as well as dine-in.
*3 Reasonably priced despite being full of volume*
By making the price about half the price and the quantity 1.5 times* (compared to the number of grams), we aim to allow as many people as possible to enjoy delicious eel. *According to our research
■Company overview

Company name: Franchise Business Incubation Co., Ltd.
Representative: Masahiro Yamamoto
Location: 6F, Aoyama Marutake Building, 3-1-36 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: September 20, 2020
Company members: 100 people (including part-time workers)
H P:
Business details Franchise headquarters support, FC system
development, FC brand launch advice, financing support for
franchisees, etc.
■Live commerce management

Company name: Rays & Company Co., Ltd.
Location: 4th floor, Yonezen Building, 1-1-17 Kugenuma Ishigami, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Representative: Kyoki Sugiyama
Business details: Beauty salon management, Colgi salon management, restaurant management, rental studio management, video production Homepage:
Youtube channel:

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