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PlusEightyOne Released apparel goods to commemorate the release of the song “NOT NATURAL” by Satomi Shigem ori

[PlusEightyOne] Released apparel goods to commemorate the release of the song “NOT NATURAL” by Satomi Shigemori
Press release: July 5, 2024
Apparel goods released to commemorate the release of the song “NOT NATURAL” by Satomi Shigemori
*Satomi Shigemori “NOT NATURAL” Apparel Collection Supported by SPLR* *SPLR, an apparel brand operated by Street Culture Company Plus Eighty One Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
(S.P.L.R.)” supported by Satomi Shigemori’s song “NOT NATURAL Apparel goods will be on sale to commemorate the release of “(Knot Natural)”.* This collection commemorates the release of her first new song in seven months (her first solo song in a year and a half), and is an item completely supervised by Satomi Shigemori.
In the music video released on July 5th, she wears some of the products and shows off her high-toned hair style, which is completely different from her image from the past few years.

The calm atmosphere of the first half is completely different, and the second half suddenly takes on a horror flavor. As seen in the music video, the cut-sew features a graphic that combines two logos that embody the dual-faced worldview of the song. A total of 7 items are available, including trendy baggy denim designed with an extremely large silhouette, and a long belt with a distinctive tartan check pattern that accents your style.

SPLR official online store and select shop “FREAK’S” will be available from 19:00 on Friday, July 12, 2024.
It will be sold at some stores of “STORE” and the official online store.

– *Sales store*
・SPLR Official Online Store ・FREAK’S STORE
FREAK’S STORE Shibuya: 03-6415-7728
FREAK’S STORE Umeda LUCUA Women’s: 06-6151-1163
FREAK’S STORE Nagoya PARCO: 052-684-8741
FREAK’S STORE Fukuoka PARCO: 092-235-7476
Official online store “Daytona Park”:
*If you purchase one or more of this product at each FREAK’S STORE physical store, you will receive a limited edition keychain that is not for sale.
*Excludes purchases from online stores.
※Up to one per person. Quantities are limited.

– * SPLR (SPLR) *
A streetwear brand based on the concept of “fashion that you can embody without hesitation.”
By mixing music, art, and modern youth culture, and incorporating catchy graphics.
We create designs that allow everyone to enjoy fashion without breaking the mold.
Instagram: [@splr_official] – *Concept store SUPPLIER*
SUPPLIER was launched in 2017 by four young people in Kobe, Japan, and was born as an online platform where you can find the latest street styles proposed by communities around the world. UNKNOWN,
A Few Good Kids (AFGK), SALUTE, Wasted Paris, Evae Mob
While acting as the official sales agent in Japan and Asia for street brands that have sparked new trends in the street scene around the world, we hold events both online and offline to spread the community. Based in Tokyo, with satellite offices in Kobe, Osaka, Shanghai, Bangkok, London, Paris, and Amsterdam, and in 2020 SUPPLIER was established as an original street brand from Japan.
has been launched.
It started with the desire to “convey the richness and excitement of America to Japan.”
Since our founding in 1986, we have selected items that we think are really good, mainly clothing, but also culture and art. A select shop that proposes realistic ways to enjoy a rich lifestyle as a freak who actively enjoys life experience.
Instagram: @freaksstore_official

* [Plus Eighty One Co., Ltd. Company Profile] *
Company name: PLUS EIGHTY ONE Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Shota Takemoto
Address: 801 Miki Building, 2-12-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Capital: 10 million yen (as of February 2022)
Established: January 2018
Business details: Men’s and women’s wear planning, production, import specialty stores, wholesale to department stores, retail sales at our own EC STORE, various OEMs, food and beverage business, media business URL:
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