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Home » COGNOSPHERE Co., Ltd. “Genshin” Ver.4.8 update will be released on July 17th! A new character “Emilie” has appeared, and a summer adventure begins in the new limited-time area “Simlanka”!

COGNOSPHERE Co., Ltd. “Genshin” Ver.4.8 update will be released on July 17th! A new character “Emilie” has appeared, and a summer adventure begins in the new limited-time area “Simlanka”!

“Genshin” Ver.4.8 update is scheduled for July 17th! A new character “Emilie” has appeared, and a summer adventure begins in the new limited-time area “Simlanka”!
Press release: July 5, 2024
“Genshin” Ver.4.8 update is scheduled for July 17th! A new character “Emilie” has appeared, and a summer adventure begins in the new limited-time area “Simlanka”!
*A new area with a unique theme is full of exclusive stories and events! New costumes for “Nirou” and “Kirayoshi” are also available! * COGNOSPHERE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Lee)
Joten) will release Ver. 4.8 “Yonatsu! Evil Dragon? Fairy Tale Kingdom!” on July 17th (Wednesday) in the multi-platform compatible open world RPG “Genshin” distributed by HoYoverse. announced that it would be done. We will inform you about the opening of the new limited-time area “Simlanka”, the appearance of new characters, the appearance of new character costumes, and other new event information scheduled to be held.

* Ver.4.8 “Yonatsu! Evil dragon? Kingdom of fairy tales!” version PV is * * Click here *
A new area is open for a limited time!
In Ver.4.8, the limited-time area “Simlanka” will be opened. Simlanka is made up of several special areas and is an enchanting world populated by fantastical creatures such as origami creatures and wind-up dwarfs.
Join Kira, Nyrou, Navya, and the Wanderer as they explore this enchanted world, confronting looming dangers, and uncovering truths and surprises hidden in a magical world.
New mini-games and themed events will also be held!
A themed event “Yangxia! Evil Dragon? Fairy Tale Kingdom!” will be held in various locations in Simlanka, with various mini-games and luxurious rewards.
At the event, you can take a thrilling aerial tour of “Glowing Dust of the North Wind” and shoot balloons while overlooking Simlanka, or inhale as many moving building blocks as possible in “Flying Hat Catcher”, which is similar to a crane game. You can try out various mini-games, such as forming two teams and taking on a battle in “Orbit Castle Trial”.
By clearing these mini-games, you can earn “Star Travel Coins”. By using “Star Travel Coins”, you can obtain sculpture models with different shapes and poses, and display them on “splendid shelves” located throughout Simlanka.
If you clear all of Simlanka’s main stories, you will receive the “Splendid Shelf”, a piece of furniture that can be placed in the dust pot, as a summer souvenir.
New costumes for “Kirayoshi” and “Nirou” are now available!
In Ver.4.8, new limited costumes will be implemented for “Kirara” and “Nirou” who will be sharing this Simlanka adventure.
If you collect “Fragments of Ease”, which can be obtained by collecting “Feathers of Cheers” and opening “Fairy Tale Treasure Chests” in the Simlanka area, you can get a new costume with a phantom thief theme for free. can.
Furthermore, if you acquire a certain number of sculpture models obtained from themed events, you can also invite the ★4 character “Kirara”.
Nilow’s new flower-themed costume can be purchased from the shop at a limited discount price during Ver.4.8.
New★5 character “Emilie” is now available!
In Ver.4.8, the famous perfumer “Emilie” from Fontaine will appear as a new ★5 character.
★5 Emilie
CV: Yoko Hikasa
◇Element: Grass
◇Weapon: Pole weapon
◆ Fontaine’s perfumer hides a secret in a bottle.
Emilie fights using the “Vial of Lumidous” and deals more damage to enemies in the Burning state. Lumidous Bottle will inflict grass elemental damage on the enemy at regular intervals, and if the enemy is in the Burning state, Lumidous Bottle’s rank will increase, giving higher damage according to her attack power, and the attack range and attack speed will also increase. strengthened.

Emilie’s legendary mission “Pommm de Umbra Chapter”, which will be released in Ver. Let’s find out.
“Emilie” is scheduled to appear in the second half of Ver.4.8. In addition, “Navia” and “Nirou” will be reprinted in the first half of the prayer, and “Yoran” will be reprinted in the second half. System improvements in Ver.4.8
Following Ver. 4.7, where the conditions for opening the training point system were relaxed, Ver. 4.8 introduces a new “long-term training point.”
Overflowing training points will be converted into long-term training points and can be used to receive future daily rewards. Training points can be accumulated by completing missions, opening treasure chests, collecting special items (such as God’s Eye), and achieving event goals.
In addition, by consuming natural resin (e.g., receiving the loot of earth vein flowers, conquest areas, and bosses), you can convert long-term training points into training points required to receive daily rewards.
However, please note that long-term training points will be reset with the update of the version with “.0”. (Example: Ver.5.0)

Additionally, the update time for open world bosses that require 40 natural resins to receive their reward will be significantly reduced from 5 minutes to 10 seconds.
This allows you to challenge bosses at shorter intervals, consume resin and receive rewards, and even convert long-term training points and receive daily rewards.

Additionally, new character motions will be added in Ver.4.8. A special effect will now be displayed when a character equipped with the “Trajectory Appearance” feature, which will be implemented in Ver.4.8, runs.

A new challenge, “Fantasy Trajectory,” has been added to the same room as the Fantasy Theater, and by clearing the challenge, you can obtain the “Trajectory Appearance” of “Diluc,” “Nanachi,” “Kirara,” “Jin,” and “Kouko.” Masu.
A key is required to unlock the challenge of “Trajectory of Fantasy”, and you can obtain 2 keys when you open “Trajectory of Fantasy” for the first time, and other keys can be obtained by clearing the sixth act of each season’s Fantasy Theater. You can earn it with
◆About “Genshin”
Genshin is a free-to-play, open-world RPG in which the player’s point of view is a mysterious “traveler” who goes on a journey to find his separated brother and sister and adventures across the beautiful continent of Teyvat.
Players travel through countries with different cultures and vast regions, meet numerous characters, and use battles that utilize elemental reactions to uncover the secrets of Teiwat. From Ver.4.0, the fifth country, Fontaine, out of seven countries, has been released.
In addition, “Genshin” is compatible with PlayStation (R) 4/5, PC, and smartphone, and through cross-platform data save function and multiplayer, you can go on an adventurous journey across platforms, whether alone or with friends. You can enjoy it.

* Game Overview *
Title: Genshin
Genre: Open world RPG
Compatible OS: PlayStation(R)5/PlayStation(R)4/PC/iOS/Android Planned compatible OS: Nintendo Switch(TM)
Price: Basic free (some in-game purchases available)

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HoYoverse is a brand founded with the goal of providing immersive virtual world experiences to players around the world.
In addition to game content such as “Genshin”, “Kaitai 3rd”, “Undecided Case Files”, and “Kaitai: Star Rail”, live wallpaper app “N0va”
Desktop” and community service “HoYoLAB”, and produces various products such as anime, manga, music, novels, and goods, with a focus on original IP.
“Tech Otakus Save the
World”, we engage in technological development, pursue cutting-edge technology, and have accumulated top-class technology in fields such as toon rendering, artificial intelligence, and cloud gaming. HoYoverse is actively globalizing with offices in Singapore, Montreal, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Seoul.

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