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Home » HAMIRU Co., Ltd. Enjoy life in an old private house! “Katori Hachisanroku” reopens today, July 6, 2024!

HAMIRU Co., Ltd. Enjoy life in an old private house! “Katori Hachisanroku” reopens today, July 6, 2024!

HAMIRU Co., Ltd.
Live life elegantly in an old folk house! “Katori Hachisanroku” reopens today, July 6, 2024!
Katori Hachi Sanroku, a lodging facility in Katori, Chiba Prefecture, which is an old private house that is managed by HAMIRU Co., Ltd. (location: Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative: Sayaka Kumazaki, hereinafter referred to as “HAMIRU”), has newly added an open-air bath. We will reopen today, July 6, 2024, with the
introduction of , sauna, and cold bath. While taking advantage of the charm of a traditional old folk house, we have introduced the latest comfort equipment to provide an even more special lodging experience.
[Image 1:×1414.png ]
What is “Katori Hachisanroku”?
[Image 2:×884.jpg] “Katori Hachisanroku” is an accommodation facility that was created by renovating an “old folk house” with a history of 150 years. HAMIRU opened on January 1, 2024, combining modern comfort and traditional taste in Katori, a place where the good old Japanese scenery remains.
It has the following characteristics so that you can feel the Japanese atmosphere.
・Old-fashioned hearth experience
We have prepared a menu where you can enjoy Japanese culture and enjoy a meal surrounded by an irori hearth. Enjoy fresh local ingredients.
[Image 3:×1536.jpg] ・Providing a comfortable accommodation environment
While retaining the charm of an old folk house, we provide modern comfort with beds, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi so you can fully enjoy your stay. In addition, we have created a beautiful Japanese garden and bonfire area outside that change with the seasons, creating a space where you can relax and spend time in nature.
[Image 4:×1536.jpg] ・Spacious floor plan
A spacious space that can accommodate up to 10 people. We offer special moments to spend with family and friends.
[Image 5:×1536.jpg] ・Preparation of yukata
In order for our guests to enjoy even more comfort and a Japanese atmosphere, we provide yukatas in the rooms. Yukata is a summer tradition in Japan, and is a costume that is both cool and
comfortable. During your stay, you can relax in a yukata.
[Image 6:×884.jpg] Introduction of luxurious relaxation space
This time, we have newly introduced an open-air bath, sauna, and cold bath outdoors. We offer a luxurious space where you can relax in nature and refresh your mind and body. You can enjoy the beautiful garden view from the open-air bath and have a special relaxing time.
[Image 7:×884.jpg] Open-air bath with natural water pumped from underground
[Image 8:×884.jpg] Sauna and cold bath where you can enjoy authentic louryu
[Image 9:×884.jpg] Enjoy a relaxing moment surrounded by nature in a reclining chair.
[Image 10:×884.jpg] Reservation method: Katori Hachisanroku official website
Phone number: 047-701-5775
About HAMIRU Co., Ltd.
HAMIRU Co., Ltd. is a company that develops and operates accommodation facilities in the Kanto region, with the management philosophy of “solving regional issues through resorts.” Aiming for “operation rooted in each region,” each facility is operated daily with the aim of developing the region and expanding the lodging and tourism markets in cooperation with local governments and local governments. By utilizing idle land in the area as a resort, we will increase the number of overnight tourists visiting the area, create new demand for the use of local resources, and local employment, and embody the idea of ​​“sustainable community development.”
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