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Home » Curry University is producing a corner at the new store of “Everyday,” the world’s number one crane game specialty store certified by the original Guinness World Records Selected retort curry corner “Curry Catcher” opened on July 6th by Curry Unive

Curry University is producing a corner at the new store of “Everyday,” the world’s number one crane game specialty store certified by the original Guinness World Records Selected retort curry corner “Curry Catcher” opened on July 6th by Curry Unive

Curry Research Institute Co., Ltd.
[Curry University is producing a corner at the new store of
“Everyday,” the world’s number one crane game specialty store certified by the original Guinness World Records] Selected retort curry corner “Curry Catcher” opened on July 6th by Curry University certified “Curry Conductor”
Crane game specialty store “Everyday Toretoreya Okegawa store” opens on July 6th! The Curry University Curry Initiator Corner has opened here! You can also get retort curry from the latest curry trend, “New Spice European Curry”!
Curry Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Representative: Takehisa Inoue/Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), a curry consulting company that is well-known on TV and other media, has announced that Curry University, which it operates, will open on July 6th (Saturday). At Toretoreya Okegawa branch, a new branch of Everyday, a crane game center run by Toyo Company (Representative: Hideo Nakamura/Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture), a corner where certified curry instructors recommend carefully selected retort pouch curry. We will produce “Curry Conductor Catcher”. This event will be carried out as part of a project aimed at training experts and raising the standard of the curry industry.
– Key points of this release – (1) Curry University will produce the “Curry Conductor Curry Catcher” corner at Everyday “Toretoreya Okegawa Branch”. (2) Selected by elite curry professionals who graduated from curry university and obtained the “curry conductor” qualification! (3) We will give you a prize of our recommended curry that is both rare and delicious! Each recommends retort pouch curry carefully selected from all over Japan.
■“Curry conductor Curry Catcher” project overview Project name: Curry conductor Curry Catcher Location: Everyday Toretoreya Okegawa store Mametra Shopping Park 2F, 2-9-36 Nishi, Okegawa City, Saitama Prefecture Opening date: July 6th
       *Please see below for the store overview and opening details of the new store. Contents: Qualified “curry conductor” who graduated from Curry University Selection and recommendation of retort curry Curry conductor and recommended curry 1) Hideo Nakamura (Crane game curry researcher) / Crane game cafeteria curry 2) Yasuhito Kondo (pork specialty curry researcher) / Awa Mibuta keema curry 3) Kazuma Arimura (Kyushu retort curry researcher) / Eating Kurobuta deliciously Curry 4) Kazuhiko Yokoyama (curry restaurant management consultant) / A delicious curry with black pork 5) Manami Kanai (vegetable sommelier & curry expert) / Curry with vegetables as the main character 6) Yasuo Nakata (Yakiniku curry expert) / Finishing curry after yakiniku
[Image 13:×13.jpg] ■“Curry University General Faculty” Course Overview Aim to become a curry expert with a high probability of business success and a curry lover with a wide range of knowledge about curry at Japan’s famous curry professional training institution! Curry University has a large number of students who work in business, so we aim to have them put their skills to use in actual business. There are over 1,500 graduates of Curry University, and they are active in various parts of the curry industry. It is no exaggeration to say that we have produced many human resources who support the curry industry, including curry product development.
[Click here to apply] Curry University HP
[Image 2:×427.jpg] -Course name: Curry University, Faculty of General Studies- Start date: September 7th (Sat) 10:00-17:00 Tuition fee: 35,000 yen (excluding tax) Format: On-campus course Location: Around Kanda Station Objectives: 1. We aim to spread the knowledge of curry and the profound world of curry and develop the culture of curry.      2. By deepening your knowledge of curry, you will be able to learn from business aspects such as running a curry shop and developing retort curry, to hobby aspects such as hosting parties at home and eating out.
       It will be useful in various ways. 3. The goal is to cultivate “curry instructors” who will lead the curry industry throughout Japan. Contents: 6 subjects/5 hours, certification exam
1. “Introduction to curry – What exactly is curry?” 2. “History of curry – Japanese history of curry and history of the world of curry” 3. “Sociology of curry – Culture related to curry” 4. “Curry product studies – Curry products on sale” 5. “Curry Cooking: Basics of Curry Cooking” 6. “Curry Eating Learning: The correct way to eat curry”
[Image 3:×688.jpg] Note: This is a special course mainly taught by graduates of Calais Graduate School.
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[Image 5:×17.jpg] ■Introduction to retort curry 1) Curry instructor/Hideo Nakamura (crane game curry researcher)
[Recommended curry] Crane game cafeteria curry
[Image 6:×369.jpg] We offer a large number of retort curries as prizes in crane games. However, there are only a limited number of curries available specifically for crane games, and there are very few that specialize in developing and selling authentic curry. Therefore, for the first time in the game center and crane game industry, we developed an original curry that is perfect for crane games. That is “Crane Game Restaurant Curry”. Crane Game Shokudo Curry uses vegetables grated into a paste and dairy products (such as yogurt) for the sauce. The result is a mild-tasting curry. In order to match the wide range of customers who visit our store, we have created a flavor that everyone from children to seniors can enjoy. It is a mellow, rich, and sweet beef curry. Please try our crane game cafeteria curry, which is only available from us. After having fun playing crane games, you can spend a luxurious time enjoying delicious curry. We strive to provide the best crane game experience and delicious curry that will satisfy our customers. We look forward to your visit. 2) Curry instructor/Yasuhito Kondo (pork specialist curry researcher) [Recommended curry] Awa Mibuta Keema Curry
[Image 7:×360.jpg] I am the owner of Liebefrau, a specialty store in Tokushima Prefecture that sells delicious hams and sausages without using any additives. He is well versed in pork and is also an expert on pork curry from all over Japan. My recommendation is the keema curry, which uses luxurious brand pork “Awa Mibuta”. Awami pork is a brand of pork produced in Tokushima Prefecture, and is characterized by its low fat content and fine-grained meat. This keema curry, made with generous amounts of Awa Mi pork, has a rich flavor and richness, making it extremely filling. It also has a perfect blend of spices, making it not too spicy and easy to eat. This keema curry is characterized by being slowly simmered at a low temperature to bring out the maximum flavor of Awami pork. In addition, we use carefully selected high-quality spices. Therefore, you can enjoy the rich aroma of spices and the deep flavor. 3) Kazuma Arimura (Kyushu retort curry expert) [Recommended curry] A delicious curry with black pork
[Image 8:×363.jpg] He is a curry expert specializing in Kyushu curry, and has sampled over 100 retort curries a year. We supervised and developed “Shichiro Kensetsu’s Kurobuta Keema Curry”. We have had many people in Kagoshima try our products, and we have received many positive comments from people who were impressed by the taste. The curry has a perfect balance between the flavor of the black pork and the spices, and is highly praised as a curry that will make you feel happy the moment you eat it. This curry is made with black pork from Kagoshima Prefecture and over 10 types of spices. You can really feel the flavor of the black pork, accented by the aroma and spiciness of the spices, and it’s a flavor you’ll never get tired of eating. Also, the sourness and sweetness of the tomatoes bring out the flavor of the curry. 4) Curry instructor/Kazuhiko Yokoyama (curry restaurant management consultant) [Recommended curry] IICA chicken korma curry
[Image 9:×355.jpg] I run a soup curry restaurant in Hiratsuka, Shonan. After developing recipes on his own and opening his long-awaited curry restaurant in 2003, he fell in love with soup curry among other curries, and was able to create a popular soup curry specialty restaurant. Currently, I am still working hard every day at the store, but I am using the experience and knowledge I have gained through many years of store management to work tirelessly to make conveying the wonders and depth of curry my life’s work. Among the many retort curries, IICA chicken curry is my favorite. Curry University’s IICA chicken curry is a retort curry jointly developed with India’s top cooking school, IICA. It recreates the taste of authentic Indian curry, with a rich aroma of spices and a rich, rich flavor. Also, the chicken is soft and filling. IICA chicken curry has such an authentic taste that it’s hard to believe it’s a ready-made curry, and it has received high praise from many curry fans. 5) Curry instructor/Aimi Kanai (vegetable sommelier & curry researcher) [Recommended curry] Curry with vegetables as the main character
[Image 10:×375.jpg] JA Tokyo Musashi’s “Vegetable-based Curry” is a healthy and delicious dish that makes the most of the flavor and nutrition of vegetables. We use carefully selected fresh and delicious vegetables that JA purchases directly from partner farmers in Tokyo. It is highly nutritious, rich in flavor, and packed with the delicious flavor of vegetables, and when you take a bite, the deliciousness of vegetables spreads throughout your mouth. Furthermore, each vegetable is carefully cut and simmered slowly to bring out its sweetness and texture. In addition, we value the natural taste of vegetables without using special seasonings or spices. Therefore, you can enjoy the rich natural flavor and color of the ingredients. “Vegetable-based curry” is a retort curry that can be easily prepared. You can enjoy the authentic taste just by warming it with hot water. You can easily enjoy a delicious curry full of vegetables even in your busy daily life, so it is recommended for those who are concerned about their health and still want to eat delicious food.
[Image 13:×13.jpg] ■Curry University Japan’s top curry professional training institution where you can learn curry authentically and thoroughly.
[Image 12:×427.jpg] ■Course content You will learn all the essential knowledge needed to understand curry in a fun and interesting way. You will systematically and practically learn about curry, including an overview of curry, its history, culture (sociology), product knowledge (product studies), cooking methods (cooking studies), and ways to eat while walking. It is practical knowledge that can be used not only as mere knowledge, but also as “living learning” that can be used in business and at home. If you graduate from Curry University, you will be able to talk about curry, which will become a lubricant for conversation in many business situations. Also, by knowing the essentials of making curry at home, you can make even more delicious curry.
■Course outline/Subject commentary/6 subjects Lecture 1: “Introduction to curry – What is curry?” Lecture 2: “History of curry – Japanese history of curry and world history of curry” Lecture 3: “Sociology of curry” Culture and social phenomena related to curry” Lecture 4 “Curry products – Curry products on sale” Lecture 5 “Curry cooking – Basics of curry cooking” Lecture 6 “Learning to eat curry – The correct curry” “How to eat curry while walking around~” ■Characteristics of the course – You can learn the true nature of “curry” that you may know but don’t know. ・Not only will you learn curry and increase your knowledge, but you will also be able to use curry in the real world. This will be a practical and beneficial course. ・Takehisa Inoue (representative of Curry Research Institute Co., Ltd.), a leading expert in the curry world, has acquired curry through the
establishment and management of a curry museum, media such as television and magazines, and research at multiple universities. The content is based on his wide and deep knowledge and the latest information on curry. It can be said to be Japan’s top curry course. ■Recommended for these people! ・People who love curry and want to learn curry from the basics ・People who want to make curry a hobby ・People who make curry a business (curry product development, marketing person, curry merchandiser, curry town revitalization producer, curry shop management)・Those who seek to master food culture by deepening their knowledge of curry (culinary researchers, food writers, food coordinators, etc.) ・Those who make a business out of curry knowledge (editors, planning companies, etc.) , writers, TV directors, etc.)・Those who want to use curry as a conversation starter・Those who want to go on a curry-eating trip, or those who are stuck while eating curry・Those who want to make delicious curry, or those who are stuck in a curry-making rut. For those who live in a community centered around “curry”, for those who want to interact with each other, and for those who want to make “curry friends” ■For those who are considering learning Takaga curry, Sarado curry, I know the name of curry and have eaten it. There are things that happen, but we don’t really know what they really are. ・Do you know the history of curry?・Do you know the origin of the name curry?・Do you know when it came to Japan?・Do you know why it has become so popular among Japanese people that it is considered the national food?・Do you know how to easily make curry delicious?・Is it true that curry tastes better if you let it sit overnight?・How is curry roux manufactured? Can you answer all of these questions immediately? You can learn about the wide and deep aspects of this curry. What will happen if you know? Is there anything to be gained? That’s a lot. As it is a national dish, it stimulates conversation, so knowing curry can be a lubricant for communication in business, at home, and in the community. In business, it is said that the probability of success in negotiations increases. I think you can learn the tricks to making a successful curry restaurant. Making curry will be more fun and delicious. It can also be useful in emergencies, such as when running a soup kitchen. Each person can use it in various situations.
[Image 13:×13.jpg]
[Image 14:×119.jpg] “Curry Research Institute” aims to further develop curry, which is loved by all Japanese people and is even said to be the national food, by studying the food culture of Japan as a whole through curry, and a health approach by popularizing curry as a healthy food. The purpose is to encourage and develop.
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