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TV Asahi Corporation Legendary game commentator Gatchman has arrived! Gatchman, who is appearing on terrestrial TV for the first time in two years, will lead you through the recommended summer horror games!

[TV Asahi Co., Ltd.] -July 5th broadcast episode: Friday Metaverse- Legendary game commentator Gatchman has arrived! Gatchman, who is appearing on terrestrial TV for the first time in two years, will lead you through the recommended summer horror games! Nogizaka46 Ririan Ito and Ayano Yoshida are screaming
*TV Asahi Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 6, 2024
-July 5th broadcast episode: Friday Metaverse-
Legendary game commentator Gatchman has arrived! Gatchman, who is appearing on terrestrial TV for the first time in two years, will lead you through the recommended summer horror games! Nogizaka46 Ririan Ito and Ayano Yoshida are screaming
*Haraichi Iwai, a comedian who loves blue rock, takes on the challenge of creating a virtual world! *
“Friday’s Metaverse,” which TV Asahi broadcasts every Friday from 12:45 a.m., has undergone a major renewal starting from May 3rd (Friday). Leos Vincent, a VTuber who belongs to Japan’s largest VTuber agency “Nijisanji” and has over 400,000 subscribers, will be a regular on terrestrial TV for the first time, and will talk about inevitable virtual topics and the latest trends every time. Delivered in a chaotic studio where VTubers, Metaverse people, and humans gather.

July 5th (Friday) * “Recommended by super popular game commentator Gatchman! Special feature on horror games you want to play during summer vacation” *
was broadcast. Gatchiman is a charismatic and legend in the game commentary world, with 1.91 million YouTube channel subscribers and over 1.4 billion total views of his commentary videos.Last year, he held an event with his fellow game commentators for 50,000 people at Tokyo Dome. is coming to terrestrial TV for the first time in about two years. We asked them to choose three recommended games, and Nogizaka46’s most serious gaming members, Ririan Ito and Ayano Christie Yoshida, took on the challenge. After a live broadcast with Mr. Gatchman, we had a “lead play” while he gave us a super luxurious explanation.
Videos that could not be broadcast will be released as “overtime” on TV Asahi’s official YouTube channel “Video, I tried it for the first time.”

[Missed delivery]

I watched the video for the first time [TV Asahi Official] * Gatchman explains calmly, but Nogizaka46 Ririan Ito, Ayano Yoshida Christie, and the studio’s Mogrider Shiba scream in fear! *
Mr. Gatchman is a game commentator active in Japan and has been active for about 15 years. I have played over 3,000 games, mainly focusing on “live explanation play” of horror games. The game is popular among viewers, as it allows them to experience just the right amount of fear while also understanding the fun of the game, thanks to calm and collected play and easy-to-understand explanations based on a wealth of knowledge.

In fact, Ririan Ito and Ayano Christie Yoshida, who are serious gamers and also own gaming PCs, said when Gatchman appeared, they said, “I always watch it!” and “Thank you for taking care of me,” and were happy to be able to play games together. seems to be in high spirits. However, after the recording, Ito said, “I was so surprised that I thought I was going to lose my voice,” and Yoshida said, “Let’s buy some honey on the way home.” Just as they said, they screamed one after another. Even in the studio, Mogrider Shiba, who is a big fan of horror, was screaming and freaking out.
The first game is “No. 8 Exit,” which is a sequel to “No. 8 Exit,” which recorded exceptional sales among indies and became famous for its eerie spot-the-difference game. This is an escape horror game where you move around the train while dealing with eerie abnormalities and aim for the goal, platform 8.
Before we start the game, there is a famous quote from Mr. Gatchman. * “I think some people don’t like horror games because they’re scary, but fear is something to enjoy. We want you to be as scared as you want and experience the thrill!”*
In “Platform No. 8”, the incidents that occur are random, so you can always be excited as you don’t know what will happen. Immediately, the “famous uncle” in the game charges at him, and the two of them suddenly scream and do a “synchronized kick”. Ririan Ito and Ayano Christie Yoshida are at the mercy of terrifying events such as a hand suddenly appearing and the inside of a car being flooded with water. There is also a scene where he is furious at a girl who suddenly appears after dark, calling her “that woman.”

The second game is “Tsugu no Hi”, a unique horror game that has become a hot topic on the internet as a “real horror that invades everyday life” that anyone can easily play by simply moving to the left.
”. The video is so popular that it has been viewed over 150 million times by game commentators. It is a horror game where the story progresses as you move to the left, and your daily life is eroded into a terrifying world. Daily life becomes more and more strange each day, but the story gradually becomes clear.
No matter how scared they are, they can’t go back and have no choice but to move left, but the two scream at the sudden terrifying scene. “I don’t like this!” Mr. Shiba says, glaring at the camera as if he’s not particularly good at it.
The third game is Shadow Corridor 2, a popular Japanese-style 3D horror game whose long-awaited sequel was released last year. Ame no Shiha”. This is an exploration horror game where you aim for the goal while running away from attacking wanderers in a randomly generated dungeon. Mr. Gatchman recommends, “The mazes are different every time, but the feeling of accomplishment when you break through the maze is incredible,” while Mr. Shiba and Leos are frightened just by hearing the outline, saying “Japanese style is the scariest.” She searches with a lighter on and repeatedly turns it off and hides when an enemy seems to be coming, aiming for the exit, but there are scary scenes when she is attacked by wanderers, and Ayano Christie Yoshida cannot see them directly. . Mr. Shiba at the studio was so scared that he almost fainted.
After playing the three games, the two said, “There are many different types of horror games,” and “It’s good to enjoy the story and world view.” Mr. Gatchman seemed very pleased with this, saying, “I’m really happy.” In the studio, Mr. Shiba screamed repeatedly in anger, and Atsuko Hashiyasume even chided him, saying, “Mr. Shiba, you’ve gotten old.”
-Comment from Gatchman-
“Horror games tend to focus solely on their fear, but the feeling of accomplishment when you use your wits to survive by dealing with threats and solving puzzles is exceptional.When you play while sharing the fear with your friends like this time, I think you’ll still enjoy it!”*
Mainly performs live commentary for horror games. The style of playing while explaining the game that has already been played is called “commentary commentary,” and it is popular to comment on the game in a calm and calm voice with humor.
Gatchiman, who isn’t too surprised, only plays horror games.
-Comments from Ririan Ito and Ayano Christie Yoshida-
*Ririan Ito*
“I’m someone who usually watches Gatchman, so it was a new and strange feeling for me! All the horror games were so much deeper than I expected. I was so surprised when I got the chance to play a horror game that I lost my voice. I thought so.”

* Ayano Christie Yoshida *
“I had absolute trust in Gatchman and played the recommended games, but there were some games I didn’t even know had a story, so it wasn’t just scary, it was fun.
(I was screaming so much) that while I was playing, I thought, “I’ll buy some honey on the way home” (lol).
Blue Rock fan Haraichi Iwai’s “Challenge to create a soccer world!” will be released on July 26th!
TV Asahi will hold “Meta-Meta Daisakusen” from July 20th (Saturday) to September 1st (Sunday) as the largest virtual cultural festival in history. Among them, a collaboration project with the popular soccer anime “Blue Rock” whose second season will be broadcast from October this year is “Blue Rock Presents”.
We will be holding a contest to create a soccer world as “Infinitely Fun!! Future Soccer Contest”.
Recruitment has already ended, but we are recruiting worlds with the theme of “Survival through infinite play! Let’s create a soccer world of the future.” If you are successfully selected as the Grand Prix winner, you will receive a prize of 500,000 yen, and the total prize money will be 1 million yen. It’s a gorgeous contest. The original author of “Blue Rock”, Muneyuki Kinjo, will also be participating as a judge.
▼Official website
To make this contest more exciting, Haraichi Iwai, one of the entertainment industry’s best blue rock fans, took on the challenge of creating a soccer world. Of course, he has watched all the anime and movies, and his favorite character is Meguru Bachira, and the character he feels sympathy for is Chigiri Hyoma because of his quick feet. .
When it came to creating the world, it was impossible for a craftsman to do it, so we wanted to create something that would get people talking about it, and we wanted to create a world that people would want to post screenshots of on SNS, so we took on the challenge with the full cooperation of the TV Asahi CG team.
As a fan of Blue Rock, he seriously tried to create a world, but he struggled with the rules of the Metaverse world, such as “Is there gravity in the Metaverse?” and “Freedom is the most difficult thing!”.
Under these circumstances, “Look for Hachiraku-kun! We devised “Labyrinth Blue Rock”.

-Devised by Haraichi Iwai-
・Choose the door and move forward while carrying the ball
・Choose one door and if it’s correct, you’ll go to the lower floor, if you’re wrong, you’ll fall.
・You cannot reach the goal unless you select the correct door many times until you reach the bottom floor (B4th floor).
・Dangerous steel crossing at the end
・When you reach the correct route, Hiraku-kun will greet you at the goal. This complex world was devised and the TV Asahi CG team spent two weeks creating it.

The studio members experienced this world and had a great time watching it drop as they answered correctly. The route to the goal will be 1/27. This world will be released from July 26th (Friday).

* Latest information on the Meta-Meta Daisakusen! *
In the “Hashiyasume News” corner, where Atsuko Hashiyasume delivers the latest hot news from the Metaverse, we will deliver the latest news about the event “Meta-Meta Daisakusen” to be held this summer. This time, “Fukujiri Sensei
Don’t be like me!!” We introduced a collaboration world.
The studio set is recreated in Metaverse space, and there are also photo spots where you can take photos with the performers. When you sit down in the classroom, you will notice that
There is also a device where you can take a diagnostic test. This collaboration booth will open on July 26th.

Metameta Daisakusen

*New Podcasts program “Leos’ Kinmetal Reflection Room (tentative)” is also popular*
The renewed Kinmeta has started “Leos’ Kinmeta Reflection Room (tentative name)” on TV Asahi’s podcast brand “Kiki TV Asahi,” which was created in February. This is a podcasts channel where Leos will be making regular appearances on terrestrial TV, which is a new challenge for them, and they will talk about their exciting
impressions, reflections, discoveries, etc. immediately after recording each time, and deliver their growth to listeners. Lots of behind-the-scenes stories! It is released every Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. the day after the broadcast date.
The title of this time is “People who have been popular for a long time have developed a sense of humanity.” Leos was recorded right after the end of Niji GTA, which had Jisanji fans going crazy the other day, and the beginning is not a reflection, but a story about those hot days. I’m looking back. Most of all, this time we talk about Gatchman’s awesomeness, his theories on horror games, and his popular Chirazu art.
Listen TV Asahi “Leos’ Kinmetal Reflection Room (tentative)” official page

Now available on YouTube

* TV Asahi’s official YouTube channel “Video, I tried it for the first time” also has unreleased episodes of the program!!*
“I tried the video for the first time” is currently broadcasting studio talks with regular guests such as Mog Rider, Atsuko
Hashiyasume, and Leos Vincent, as well as regular guests, which unfortunately did not make it into the broadcast.

This time, we’re bringing you “3 horror games that popular game commentator Gatchman loves.”
What is “Indie horror that is a hot topic among commentators”, “The ever-evolving classic survival horror”, “The ending will move you to tears!? The scariest Japanese-style horror adventure”? In the second half, there is also a direct interview with Gatchman, such as “How do you search for new games?”

I watched the video for the first time [TV Asahi Official] About “Friday Metaverse”
“Friday’s Metaverse”, where Mogrider Daisuke Shiba and Atsuko Hashiyasume serve as MCs, has so far introduced the Metaverse world and creators that are currently trending as a Metaverse information variety show, and delved into everyone’s “likes”.
The renewal from May 3rd (Friday) will feature a mix of humans, VTubers, and Metaverse residents (avatars) in a virtual studio, and the program will discuss virtual topics that cannot be avoided in the future, as well as the latest culture and trends that you should know about now. Version upgrade. A complete change from the previous virtual studio, the performers and VTubers will sit on a platform and have a passionate talk in a studio that is like a crossroads where the real world and the metaverse are fused.
・Program title: Friday Metaverse
・Broadcast date and time: Every Friday from 0:45 a.m. to 1:15 a.m. ・Broadcast area: Kanto area
・Program official website: ・Missed broadcast on Tver: ・Program official X:
・Program official Instagram: *About details about this release*

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