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Home » The ultimate power stone bracelet “Aloha Serenade” with the image of roses and the sky is now available from “Marulani Hawaii” from Hawaii!

The ultimate power stone bracelet “Aloha Serenade” with the image of roses and the sky is now available from “Marulani Hawaii” from Hawaii!

H1GLOBAL Co., Ltd.
The ultimate power stone bracelet “Aloha Serenade” with the image of roses and the sky is now available from “Marulani Hawaii” from Hawaii! ……
Marulani Hawaii, a natural stone accessory brand originating from Hawaii, has started selling the power stone bracelet “Aloha Serenade”, which combines high-quality Inca rose and Larimar with Hawaiian jewelry.
The bracelet is made of Hawaiian jewelry with Inca rose, which symbolizes a rosy life, Larimar, which symbolizes love and peace, and plumeria motifs, which are beloved in Hawaii, and has an elegance that allows you to fully enjoy the charm of natural stones.
This bracelet, which has both beauty and solidity, is perfect not only as a talisman for yourself, but also as a gift for a loved one.
[Image 1:×500.jpg] ◇Aloha Serenade
[Image 2:×600.jpg] A bracelet that stands out for its healthy beauty, with the
rose-colored pyroxene Inca Rose, larimar, a symbol of love and peace, and Hawaiian jewelry that adds a mature cuteness. Blue topaz, a symbol of the sun, will bring out the charm and talent that lies within, and will support those who have decided to live their own way in a new era, enveloping them with love and light.
◇Size/Sales price
S (approx. 14-14.5cm) 100,000 yen (110,000 yen including tax) M (approx. 15-15.5cm) 100,000 yen (110,000 yen including tax) L (approx. 16-16.5cm) 105,000 yen (115,500 yen including tax) LL (approx. 17-17.5cm) 110,000 yen (121,000 yen including tax)
[Image 3:×651.jpg] ◇Stones used
Inca Rose: Passion, meeting your soulmate, and a rosy life
Blue Topaz: Bring out talent, work luck, protect from disaster, intelligence Larimar: Cultivating love and peace of mind
Crystal: Increase overall luck, power up other stones, purify ◇Metal parts: SV925 (pink gold plating)
◇Inca Rose
[Image 4:×937.jpg] Inca Rose is a beautiful pyroxene that looks like a photograph of rose petals. It is a natural stone that is loved as it brings out a woman’s natural beauty and charm and leads her to a rosy life.
The healing energy that surrounds you with great love is characterized by a great love that is worthy of the name of the mother stone, which increases the vitality of the person who holds it and restores the joy of living.
By holding this stone that heals all your hurts, you will receive healing that you may have forgotten, and you will be able to unleash your true potential and charm.
Walk into a warm life full of joy with the beautiful Inca Rose, which combines glamor and great love.
▶Click here for details on Inca Rose
[Image 5:×937.jpg] Larimar, which expresses the most beautiful light blue created by the sea, sky, and nature, is a gentle stone that emits the energy of love and peace, as if an angel has descended next to you.
It is prized as a symbol of the Aquarius era and one of the three major healing stones, and its healing abilities are said to be unparalleled.
Larimar will give you your own natural state by clearing not only your current life but also the problems you have had, and will gently work on the deep roots of your problems.
It also improves calm communication skills and fosters harmony, so it is also recommended for those who want to build peaceful
This is the perfect stone for those who want to live a life of love and peace, always surrounded by great nature.
▶Click here for details on Larimar
◇Engrave Malulani, God bless you
[Image 6:×1081.jpg] The sparkling original charm is engraved with the Hawaiian word “Malulani,” which means “protected by God.” It is a prayer for the person holding it, saying, “May God bless you.”
Choose from 3 types: plumeria, shell, and oval.
[Image 7:×1000.jpg] The metal parts are made of 925 silver pink gold color. Although it is small, the authentic texture will decorate your hands. Enjoy the essence of elevating power stones to jewelry.
[Image 8:×1081.jpg] Marulani Hawaii’s luxury collection made from rare stones. Recommended as a gift not only for yourself but also for your loved ones. How about a high-quality and elegant bracelet as a talisman to accompany your precious days?
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[Image 9:×1080.jpg] ◆Introducing the power stone dictionary
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◆Marulani Hawaii
[Image 10:×750.jpg] A natural stone jewelry brand with its main store in Hawaii. Based on the concept of “power stones = supplements for the soul,” we manufacture and sell original accessories using natural stones purified at power spots on Oahu, Hawaii.
The origin of the store’s name, “MALULANI,” is a Hawaiian word meaning “protected by the gods.” Incorporating items with the words “MALULANI” engraved on them, we entrust the prayer “May God bless you.”
◆For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact: Shoko/Yokoi TEL: 03-6433-5723 MAIL:
[Marulani Hawaii official account]
◆Company overview
Company name: H1GLOBAL Co., Ltd.
Founded: April 2005
Representative: Representative Director Sho Terusaki
Head Office: Azabu Hiroo Mansion 901, 5-1-29 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047
TEL: 03-6419-7755
Business content: Design, production, product development, and wholesale/retail of natural stone accessories. Planning and operation of restaurants, development of healthcare business, etc.
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