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Home » Hitomi Arisa, Aya Oka, Moeka Koizumi, and Nozomi Hoshinami create a masterpiece with just the four of them. Clas sic Movie Reading “Little Women” has begun!

Hitomi Arisa, Aya Oka, Moeka Koizumi, and Nozomi Hoshinami create a masterpiece with just the four of them. Clas sic Movie Reading “Little Women” has begun!

Hitomi Arisa, Aya Oka, Moeka Koizumi, and Nozomi Hoshinami create a masterpiece with just the four of them. Classic Movie Reading “Little Women” has begun!
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Press release: July 6, 2024
Hitomi Arisa, Aya Oka, Moeka Koizumi, and Nozomi Hoshinami create a masterpiece with just the four of them. Classic Movie Reading “Little Women” has begun!
“Classic Movie” delivers classic movies that are handed down around the world as reading plays.
Reading” series. For the third time, a work based on the 1949 film “Little Women” will be performed at the Hakuhinkan Theater in Ginza on Saturday, July 6th and Sunday, July 7th.

Before the opening day, interviews and general production were held with Hitomi Arisa who plays the role of the eldest daughter Meg, Aya Oka who plays the role of the second daughter Joe, Moka Koizumi who plays the role of the third daughter Amy, and Nozomi Hoshinami who plays the role of the youngest daughter Beth. .
When asked about her enthusiasm, Arisa answered, “I don’t feel like I’m feeling it yet, but I hope everyone enjoys each episode and the four of us playing various roles.” Aya said, “As we were practicing together, I felt the universality, warmth, and friendliness of Little Women.I hope that this feeling reaches the audience and makes them want to do their best tomorrow as well.” ” he says. Koizumi said, “There are only four performances, but I hope we can show the bond between the four sisters,” and Seinan said, “This is a personal story, but it’s been about two years since I’ve been on stage, so I’m nervous about tomorrow.” I want to create a great space with all the wonderful people I can rely on.”
When asked about the highlight of the play, Arisa said, “There is no denying that it is a work in which everyone involved in the story supports each other, and once again I am impressed by the warmth and love of this work, the kindness that exists in everyday life, and the wonderful way they support each other.” Another highlight is that the director, Keisuke Shimohira, has edited the play based on the movie and created it for this performance. I’m working hard on my acting, so I hope you enjoy it.”
Arisa, Aya, and Seinan are also members of the Takarazuka Revue. When asked about co-starring with the two, Aya said, “When I was in Takarazuka, I played the role of two older brothers, and this time they are sisters.While I play various characters in the work, I have played the role of two older brothers and two older brothers. Personally, I find it very interesting that someone plays a male role.It’s been a long time since I last played the role, but I feel calm, and Moepi (Koizumi) is really cute, and I can feel that atmosphere among the three of us as if we were the youngest. I would be happy if that message was conveyed.” Regarding the key points of the role he plays, he says, “I don’t want things to change, such as the recklessness of a time when I don’t know anything and haven’t been able to form myself, and the bittersweetness of life that I don’t want my grand dreams to change, but that change is what happens when I grow up.” You can feel it. It feels like you’re passionately living your teenage youth,” he said of the highlights.
When asked about her impressions of being lined up as four sisters, Koizumi said, “I thought everyone was really beautiful and they were having a luxurious time from the time they practiced.Did I graduate from Takarazuka too?”
I was so happy that Frank treated me so well,” he says. Regarding the similarities with the role and how she prepared for the role, she says, “I love sweets, and Amy is also greedy for food (lol).Since I’m playing a young role, I was confused when I was asked to remember my pure heart.” .
When asked about the atmosphere in the rehearsal hall and dressing room, Seinan said, “Rehearsals were long for a reading drama, and we were able to deepen our interactions.All of the members are from Kansai, and even in the dressing room, Kansai dialect and laughter are flying around.It’s lively. I’m having a great time,” he says with a smile.
Arisa concluded by saying, “Each person changes and grows from the beginning to the end of the work. I would be happy if you would pay attention not only to the story as a whole, but also to each individual’s life.”
There are several pieces of antique furniture on the stage. Together with the carefully made costumes and accessories of the four sisters, they helped us enter the world of the story. The story progresses as Joe hands the sisters a script and they reflect on their lives. Arisa plays Meg, the homely eldest daughter. Her gentle smile and soothing voice give you a sense of security. Aya, who plays the role of second daughter Joe, expresses the vigor of a girl with a strong will to win. He delicately showed his feelings for his family and the hardships and conflicts he faced in pursuing his dream of becoming a writer. Koizumi, who plays the third daughter Amy, carefully portrays the change and growth from a selfish and carefree girl in her childhood to a graceful lady. Seinan portrayed Beth, the shy but strong-willed youngest child, in a very endearing manner.
The four actors play the roles of many people involved with the sisters, including their parents, aunt, and members of the Lawrence family. One of the highlights is that the four of them can watch a variety of dramas unfold with just the four of them, such as their interactions with their kind parents and difficult aunt, the friendships between Joe and Laurie and Beth and Lauren, and the romance between Meg and Brooke. In scenes where the same person is played by different cast members in each scene, and in scenes where characters change in an instant, each character’s individuality is expressed through accessories and facial expressions. The characters changed quickly and some characters were comically exaggerated, and there were occasional laughs from the audience.
Since it is a read-aloud drama, the production is by no means flashy. However, small changes in lighting, set changes, and images that play between scenes stimulate the imagination. You will be able to experience the charm of the work “Little Women” while feeling empathy for each of the four sisters as they grow from girls to women, and being touched by the words of those around them.
It has also been decided that the Sengoraku performance will be streamed live on July 7th (Sunday) at 16:00. Comes with a missed broadcast that you can enjoy even after the performance ends (until 23:59 on Sunday, July 14th).

* -Little Women-*
The setting is during the American Civil War.
There were four sisters in the March family who lived in a small town in Massachusetts. The sisters, who live with their mother, Mamie, live in poverty in the absence of their father, who is serving in the Union Army.
The eldest daughter Meg is the only one in the family who remembers when she was wealthy, the second daughter Joe is a tomboy like a boy and aspires to be a writer in the future, and the third daughter Amy is spoiled and has a shy and sensitive personality. Beth, the youngest. A story of the bond between four sisters who struggle and grow despite sometimes failing under the watchful eye of their kind but strict mother.
*The characters will be played as Amy, the third daughter, and Beth, the fourth daughter, in line with the movie.

[Performance overview]
Title: Classic Movie Reading Vol.3 “Little Women”
Screenplay: Yutaka Kainuma
Translation/performance script/direction: Keisuke Shimohira
Hitomi Arisa
Moeka Koizumi
Nozomi Hoshinami
Performance dates: July 6th (Saturday) to July 7th (Sunday), 2024 6th (Sat) 14:00/18:00
7th (Sun) 12:00/16:00
Venue: Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater
8-8-11-8F, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
■Tickets (all seats reserved, tax included)
With bonus: 9,900 yen / General: 9,200 yen
*Same-day ticket is +500 yen
・General sale: June 15, 2024 (Sat) 10:00
*Preschool children are not allowed to attend the theater.
*If you are visiting in a wheelchair, please submit your name, theater time, and seat number two days before the theater date after purchasing your ticket.*
Please let us know at*.
■Live streaming
Rakuten TV
Ticket (tax included) 3,500 yen
Streaming performance: July 7th (Sunday) 16:00 performance
Missed broadcast: Until 23:59 on Sunday, July 14th
Sponsored/planned/produced by: style office
Advertisement: Kyodo Medias
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Performance official website:


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