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Home » K-1 Executive Committee Yuki Takei, the first K-1 & boxing world champion to win two championships in history, fully predicts all matches of the 55kg tournament “K-1 WORLD MAX” to be held tomorrow until the finals

K-1 Executive Committee Yuki Takei, the first K-1 & boxing world champion to win two championships in history, fully predicts all matches of the 55kg tournament “K-1 WORLD MAX” to be held tomorrow until the finals

[K-1 Executive Committee] Yuki Takei, the first ever K-1 & boxing world double champion, will be participating in “K-1 WORLD” which will be held tomorrow.
MAX”-Complete predictions for all matches of the 55kg tournament up to the finals
*K-1 Executive Committee*
Press release: July 6, 2024
Yuki Takei, the first K-1 & boxing world champion to win two championships in history, makes complete predictions for all the matches of the “K-1 WORLD MAX”-55kg tournament to be held tomorrow until the finals
– * First ever K-1 & boxing world double title! Yuki Takei predicts all matches of the -55kg tournament until the finals*
“K-1 WORLD MAX” “K-1 WORLD MAX 2024” begins on July 7th (Sunday) at Yoyogi Tournament
-55kg World Strongest Tournament” While all eyes were on his progress after winning the first round, he won the WBO world bantamweight (-53.52kg) title in a match at Tokyo Dome on May 6th, becoming the first in history to win the K-1 and boxing world double titles. Successfully caught up with Yuki Takei (Ohashi Gym/27).
We talked a lot about his feelings about the world championships, his continued love for K-1, and even his predictions for winning the -55kg tournament.
――Now, on July 7th, “K-1 WORLD
MAX” -55kg world tournament will be held. As the second K-1 super bantamweight champion, first of all, how do you view this weight class from a global perspective?
“Although overseas players are strong, Japanese players, including young players, are really strong, so I think this is a class with a large number of Japanese players.”
–March’s “K-1 WORLD”
The first round of the -70kg tournament was held at MAX Opening Round, but all three Japanese players lost. Mr. Masato once played an active role, but it has become a difficult class for Japanese people. In that sense, isn’t -55kg a loss?
“Yes, I think it’s a class in which it’s relatively easy for Japanese players to succeed.”
–As a fan, I also want him to show that he is the strongest Japanese man at 55kg. How do you feel about being a senior?
“70kg is really true, and I think the heavier it gets, the bigger the pool of overseas players is.
But from the 55kg super bantamweight to the featherweight division, I really want Japanese athletes to do their best. ”
–What would be the most notable card in this -55kg world tournament? *
“It was definitely a match between Masashi Kumura and Antonio Olden.I have fought both of them, but Kumura was probably the fastest K-1 fighter I have ever fought against. On the other hand, when I first entered the super bantamweight championship tournament, I fought Antonio Olden in the first round, and both of them were very strong fighters. I wonder who will win.”*
–April 2017 “K-1 WORLD GP”
When I faced Olden in the first round of the 2nd Super Bantamweight (-55kg) Championship Tournament, it took 3 rounds (3R, 2 minutes 31 seconds)
KO win).
“It was quite a struggle. I remember that between two southpaws, a left high kick hit the back of my neck and it worked once. If we don’t get into the game well, we won’t be able to develop anything, and I think there’s a possibility that we’ll be taken away by the judge.” ――Kumura lost to Kodai Kaneko last September, but it seems like he has recovered from that and is aiming to get revenge on Kaneko in the finals this time. How does Takei infer Kumura’s mental state? “I think Kumura definitely has the feeling that he doesn’t want to lose again, so he definitely wants to get revenge on Kaneko in the final. He’s had three fights with Kaneko right now, right?
So I think I have a strong desire to win here and have another title match, so I’m looking forward to it. ”
–On the other hand, even though Kaneko is the current champion, he appears from the first round as if he doesn’t care about his title. How do you evaluate Kaneko?
“I also participated in the world’s strongest tournament when I was a champion, and as a champion, it’s taken for granted that I win, and that it’s natural for me to win, so I think there’s a lot of pressure. Kaneko doesn’t seem to worry about things like that, so I think he must be very mentally strong.I also think he wants to win all his matches by KO and stand out. I think Kaneko’s power is really amazing, so I think it’s completely possible for him to get a KO in all of his matches, so I’m looking forward to it. ”
–Looking over the eight players who entered, do you get the impression that champion Kaneko lacks the ability?
“I think I’m one step ahead, but all the other Japanese players and overseas players are strong, so
I think it’s a card that’s pretty hard to predict. ”
–The same goes for Alden, who I fought last time, and recently, Chinese players have become quite strong.
“All the Chinese athletes are strong, after all. (Liu Zha) won the championship the other day, so I think they’re all pretty strong and can’t be underestimated. Okubo is the first athlete at -55kg. I think it’s going to be quite a difficult development.”
–For Ryui Okubo, who will face Chinese fighter Zhao Zhendong, his selection was based on high expectations. It’s a showdown between 19-year-old comrades, but it might be a tough battle.
“That’s true. However, I think that the feelings between these two players are strong when they are young, so I think it will be a match where you can really see their feelings.”
–Kaneko’s opponent, Kang Meng-Hong, is a world champion in Kung Khmer, known as “Cambodian Muay Thai.” Have you ever seen Kunkmer? “No, I don’t think so. However, since he has been in 110 fights, I think he must have a lot of experience. A player with a lot of experience can’t be underestimated.”
–The power of Kunkmer vs. Kaneko. What kind of confrontation do you expect? “No matter what I say, I would like Kaneko to use his power to push through and defeat him…This is also my ideal, but I would like to see a situation where Kaneko uses his power to push through and defeat him.”
――Takei has experienced tournaments several times. This time, the schedule is one opening match, followed by the semi-finals and finals on September 9th. How difficult is it to play multiple matches in one day?
“First of all, you have to carry out the match without getting injured, and you have to defeat them quickly.Also, you don’t know who your next opponent will be, so strategy is very difficult.I think that’s the most difficult part.
Of course, we need to prepare properly for the first round, but we also have to think about the second round. Also (when you win) you have to concentrate all day long, so it’s pretty tough in one-day tournaments. ”

K-1 WORLD MAX 2024 -55kg World Strongest Tournament
* ――From my heart, I would like to hear Takei’s predictions for the tournament, although I know it will be difficult. *
First of all, what about the match between Ryui Okubo and Zhao Zhendong (China)? “I saw Jao’s match, and I think Okubo can win with his technique, so I think Okubo will break through in the first round.”
–Next up is Masashi Kumura vs. Antonio Alden (Spain). Takei has experience playing against both players.
“This is quite difficult. I think the development will probably change depending on how Kumura enters the match.Recently, Kumura has been stopping a lot and exchanging blows, but Alden is keeping his distance and striking. Because they will fight. Hmm, but I think Kumura will defeat Alden with his speed.”
–Next up is Rimeibu vs. Angelos Martinos (Greece). Martinos has speed. “That’s right. Previously, I fought against Gunji (Yasuto) (September 10, 2023 “ReBOOT~K-1
ReBIRTH~” Judgment 0-2), he was a pretty tough and powerful player. Hmm, I kind of want Martinos to win here. All of us want foreign players to be more successful than Japanese players. ”
–Finally, what is your prediction for the outcome of Kodai Kaneko vs. Kang Meng Hong (Cambodia)?
“This is already Kaneko. I don’t think Kaneko should lose, in my opinion. I want him to never lose, so Kaneko wins by KO.”
–Please continue to give your predictions for the semi-finals. First of all, what about Okubo vs. Kumura?
“Well… Okubo is also good, but I don’t think he has a 55kg body yet, so I think it’s Kumura.”
–Next, what about the other semi-final match, Kaneko vs. Martinos? “This is going to be a really intense match.
I think Kaneko will be able to win this match as well. ”
–Now, it’s the finals. What kind of battle do you think the final match between Kumura and Kaneko will be?
“I want Kaneko to win this as a champion, but the story of Kumura winning in a fight with Martinos (in the semi-finals) with some damage left is also a bit interesting. I think so, so I would like to make a prediction for Kumura to win this time.”
–It will be revenge for Kumura.
“It’s revenge. This is the fourth time, right? So, one last time, the fifth time.”
–If Kumura wins this time, it will be 2 wins and 2 losses.
“I do feel like I want to see it (for the fifth time), though.”
–Finally, please give Takei a message to the many fans who support K-1. “Right now, I’m working hard in boxing, but I think all the K-1 fighters are going to do their best, so I hope people enjoy watching K-1, and both boxing and K-1.” I hope everyone will support me.”
–Thank you for your wonderful message.
– *AZABU presents K-1 WORLD MAX 2024*
* Tournament information *
Sunday, July 7, 2024
National Yoyogi Stadium Second Gymnasium
Event date and time summary
Doors open at 11:00 / Preliminary fight starts at 11:30 / Match starts at 13:00

* competition summary*
◆Sponsored and written by K-1 Executive Committee
◆Planning and production M-1 Sports Media Co., Ltd.
◆Sponsored by Shibuya Ward
◆Management: Good Loser Co., Ltd.
Ticket price
・Royal seat: 100,000 yen
・Arena SRS: 60,000 yen × sold out
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・Arena S: 18,000 yen × sold out
・Stand S: 18,000 yen
・Stand A: 10,000 yen
・Stand B: 7,000 yen × sold out
*Consumption tax included/All seats reserved/Tickets are required from elementary school students.
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K-1 WORLD MAX 7.7 National Yoyogi Stadium Second Gymnasium
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