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Home » K-1 Executive Committee Masato: “Buakao may be stronger now” Genki Sudo: “Enjoy the Tokyo gubernatorial election and K-1 tomorrow!” The day before 7.7 “K-1 WORLD MAX” Comment at weigh-in & press conference

K-1 Executive Committee Masato: “Buakao may be stronger now” Genki Sudo: “Enjoy the Tokyo gubernatorial election and K-1 tomorrow!” The day before 7.7 “K-1 WORLD MAX” Comment at weigh-in & press conference

[K-1 Executive Committee] Masato: “Buakao may be stronger now.” Genki Sudo: “Enjoy the gubernatorial election and K-1 tomorrow!” 7.7: “K-1 WORLD
MAX” comments at the weigh-in and press conference the day before. *K-1 Executive Committee*
Press release: July 6, 2024
Mr. Masato: “Buakao may be stronger now” Mr. Genki Sudo: “Enjoy the Tokyo gubernatorial election and K-1 as a set tomorrow!” 7.7: “K-1 WORLD MAX
” Comments at the weigh-in and press conference the day before * “AZABU presents K-1 WORLD MAX” will be held in Tokyo on Saturday, July 7th, which will be held tomorrow.
2024” public weigh-in and a press conference the day before were held, and in the third part of the 3-part series, “K-1 WORLD GP 2024” was held.
-8 athletes participating in the 70kg World Strongest Tournament Finals took to the stage. *

With the return of K-1 MAX, former K-1 MAX world champion Masato and K-1 MAX special ambassador Genki Sudo also participated in the press conference, and each spoke about the highlights.

Masato said, “To be honest, there were seven players who made it through, some of whom I didn’t know, but I was convinced that it would be a really interesting tournament.And with the unexpected
participation of our comrade Buakao as a wild card, we doubled or tripled the tournament. Also, I went to Thailand 10 days ago and saw them up close, and they were in conditions similar to when they played against us, although there was a time when they didn’t practice due to the coronavirus. He has played five games recently, and I think he is quite formidable,” he said of the highlights.

Mr. Sudo then said, “As Masato said, I’m interested to see how far Buakao, the same player we used to compete with, can compete in 2024. I heard from Masato backstage that Buakao can do quite well, so I’m looking forward to it. And then I said, “If I win, I’ll return to active duty.” I made this up myself (lol), but I don’t think Stojan should lose to the new K-. In the sense of making 1.

I want Buakao to prove that age is just a number. I hope all the other players will watch the match and do their best. The tournament is a kaleidoscope of martial arts, changing depending on the conditions. I don’t know who will win until tomorrow, and I think that’s the real thrill.”

July 7th also has a connection to Buakao’s victory on the same day in 2004. Masato said, “On July 7th, 20 years ago tomorrow, Buakao and I competed in the final.If we win tomorrow, we will make another piece of history.But we have a strong lineup. The players are 190cm tall, and Musinski is physical and can’t be underestimated. Darryl is also someone to be reckoned with, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

Mr. Sudo also said, “The MAX has power, speed, and the best of both lightweight and heavy weight classes, so I think 70kg has a lot of potential in the future.However, with the belt in front of me, Masato-san It feels like a title match when we are lined up next to each other, so it’s nice,” he said with a smile.

Regarding his predictions for winning, Masato said, “I think I’ve told you not to ask me for predictions about winning since I was an active player (lol). But I think it’s going to be a very tough match. , I’m keeping an eye on Musinski, but I wonder if Buakao will be able to play three games at the age of 42. Who it will be, I don’t know (lol),” he declined to say.

Mr. Sudo said, “I’ve been listening to everyone’s comments, and as someone who fought in the same era as Buakao, I have high hopes for him.After watching the match, Deng has great reach, and there are three fights to go. I think it’s all about how we can win without causing any damage.In that sense, I think the players who fight from a distance will have an advantage.However, I’m looking forward to seeing Buakao and Deng. issued.

Masato added, “They say that the lucky player wins the tournament, but I believe that the strongest player at that time wins the tournament.” At one point, Mr. Sudo says with a wry smile, “The players who have won are different. I’ve won just by luck.”

(Reference) Comments from the weigh-in and press conference the day before Buakao:
* “Iron Man of Time” Buakao: “Everyone is strong, but we won’t give up.” Generational conflict breaks out with tomorrow’s 70kg max.*
– * Finally, Mr. Masato, Mr. Sudo, and Buakao were interviewed together. Comment below. *

–It’s refreshing to see the three of you commenting side by side.

Masato: “When I was an active player, I was alongside Buakao, but now I’m a commentator.But I think it’s amazing to have a match like this.As a fan, I want him to do his best. ”

Buakao: “I’m proud to see everyone lined up like this. It’s giving me strength for tomorrow. I’ve had a rivalry with Masato-san in the past, but I’ve never fought with Sudo-san. But I learned a lot from watching him fight.I want people in Japan to see me still fighting, even though I’m considered a legend. I want to show how I can fight.I think this match is not just a one-time fight, but a part of continuing to fight.Even though we are in different positions, I will be interviewed side by side with Masato. I’m happy.”

Sudo: “I’m happy to stand alongside these two K-1 legends.It’s been a while since I retired in 2006, but I respect Buakao, who still competes.Age is just a number.” I’m looking forward to seeing him show that if he sets his mind to it, he can definitely achieve results.Also, when Buakao told Masato at the press conference to come back when he became the champion, he said it would be the Masters. I didn’t deny it, so I want him to win because it means he can return to active duty.”

Buakao: “Thank you. I’m 42 years old, and I think everyone is of a similar age and is running their own businesses. I like martial arts, so I want to do it professionally. I will continue to pursue martial arts. I will continue. I never imagined that I would be lining up with three people today, or that I would be competing in K-1. I have competed in China, Europe, and all over the world, but this time I was offered this match. I was surprised, but I couldn’t give it an OK right away, so I decided to participate.”

–I think so too.

Buakao: “I know it won’t be easy to become the MAX champion this time, but I think it’s possible.I was able to practice like this because it was possible.” about it”
–Both Masato-san and Sudo-san are worried about whether they will be able to play three games in a day.
Buakao: “I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Even though I think the experience I’ve gained is important, there’s a chance I’ll get injured, including myself, so I want to judge based on the situation and fight. The important thing is to minimize the damage. I think it is”
Masato: “Compared to when you were fighting us, how fast can you fight?” Buakao: “In terms of condition, we’re the same. I won’t deny that my physical strength has declined, but my technique has improved accordingly. When I was fighting Masato-san, I was only using power, but now I’m using technique. We are fighting.”
–Many people say that Japanese players today can’t beat Buakao, which is leading to a re-evaluation of Masato. What do you think about that? Masato: “If Buakao wins, my rating will go up, so I’ll be happy.I definitely hope he wins.However, Buakao used to play with speed and front kicks, and now he is This is a strange way to fight for energy conservation, but it may be stronger than before.
――Tomorrow is the deadline for voting in the Tokyo gubernatorial election.Do you have any thoughts, Mr. Sudo?
Mr. Sudo: “Tokyo residents, please go vote tomorrow! And please see the top of Tokyo and the strongest K-1 champion. You can enjoy it twice, so please support the gubernatorial election and K-1.” I hope that Buakao will continue to play until he is 96 years old, like Dr. Nakamatsu.”

– *AZABU presents K-1 WORLD MAX 2024*

* Tournament information *
Sunday, July 7, 2024
National Yoyogi Stadium Second Gymnasium
Event date and time summary
Doors open at 11:00 / Preliminary fight starts at 11:30 / Match starts at 13:00 * competition summary*
◆Sponsored and written by K-1 Executive Committee
◆Planning and production M-1 Sports Media Co., Ltd.
◆Sponsored by Shibuya Ward
◆Management: Good Loser Co., Ltd.
Ticket price
・Royal seat: 100,000 yen
・Arena SRS: 60,000 yen × sold out
・Arena RS: 35,000 yen × sold out
・Arena S: 18,000 yen × sold out
・Stand S: 18,000 yen
・Stand A: 10,000 yen
・Stand B: 7,000 yen × sold out
*Consumption tax included/All seats reserved/Tickets are required from elementary school students.
Ticket sales office
Ticket Pia Eplus
Lawson Ticket
K-1 gym stores
Good Loser Co., Ltd. tel.03-6450-5470 (telephone reservation)

[On the day of the tournament]
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Program name
K-1 WORLD MAX 7.7 National Yoyogi Stadium Second Gymnasium
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July 7th (Sun) 11:30-22:00 *Live broadcast
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August 6th (Tuesday) 16:30-25:30 Rebroadcast

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