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Wood Design Park Co., Ltd. Wood Design Park Yoi Make your travel bag even lighter! Amenity buffet is now available

Wood Design Park Co., Ltd.
[Wood Design Park Yoi] Make your travel bag even lighter! Amenity buffet is now available – Shiso City, Hyogo Prefecture –
Wood Design Park Yoi has recently added an amenity buffet. We would like to inform you that new skin care products have been added to our amenities.
Wood Design Park Co., Ltd. is a company that operates glamping accommodation and all-weather barbecue facilities mainly in Aichi Prefecture.
Wood Design Park Co., Ltd.’s first store in Kansai is Wood Design Park Yoi, located in Shiso City, Hyogo Prefecture.
The facility is surrounded by trees – more than people. This is a day-trip BBQ and glamping facility with a hot spring concept. With glamping and hot springs where you can enjoy 360 degrees of nature, we will provide you with a detox glamping experience that will give you an extraordinary experience and relieve the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
If your travel bag gets heavy, won’t your steps become heavier? Now, at Wood Design Park Yoi, you can make your travel bag even lighter! We have newly established an amenity buffet to make it easier for you to visit the park.
The amenity buffet is a service that allows guests to freely choose the amenity goods they need and take them home to their rooms. I realized I forgot something on my trip! My travel bag is full and I can’t fit any more! Have you ever had such an experience?
In order to make your stay more comfortable, we have a wide range of goods that can be used to reach itchy areas, with a focus on bulky skin care products.
Introduction of new amenities
We would like to introduce 8 types of amenities installed in the amenity buffet at Wood Design Park Yoi.
You brought your child’s luggage with you on a trip with your child, but you forgot your own skin care products! We also have skin care products that are safe for such people.
[Image 1:×780.jpg] -List of new amenities-
・Shaver, shaving gel
・Cotton, cotton swab, hair tie set
・Cleansing milk
・Peeling gel
・All-in-one cream
・Hair butter
・Drip coffee
You can freely use the eight types of amenities that have been added to the existing amenities: shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face towel, bath towel, body wash towel, and toothbrush.
Please feel free to visit Wood Design Park Yoi this summer with a light travel bag!
About Wood Design Park Yoi
Wood Design Park Yoi, where the red tent roofs stand out against the greenery of the trees, is located in Shiso City, the second largest area in Hyogo Prefecture, and 80% of which is forest, known as the Forest Kingdom.
You can spend a relaxing time surrounded by nature, with the rustling of leaves on the trees and the chirping of birds, in a quiet location about 2 hours from Osaka, Kobe, and Okayama.
Guests can also take a bath at the nearby Shisouoi Onsen facility, which is just a 0-minute walk away. Why not soothe your daily fatigue in the natural hot springs fed directly by the source?
[Image 2:×426.jpg] Equipment outline
[Wood Design Park Yoi HP]
[Official Instagram] 【address】
66-201 Yoi, Yamazakicho, Shiso City, Hyogo Prefecture 671-2512 [Contact information]
mail: tell: 0790-64-0170
(Available hours: 10:00 ~ 19:00) [Access] -Car-
Approximately 15 minutes from Chugoku Expressway Yamazaki IC -Public transportation-
From Harima-Shingu Station on the JR West Hime-Shin Line, take the Shinki Bus bound for Yamazaki and get off at Yamazaki, then get off at Niiki Bus bound for Yokoyama and get off at Tai, a 15-minute walk. About us
Wood Design Park Co., Ltd.
Established in May 2018.
As of December 2023, we are currently operating 7 stores in Aichi Prefecture and 2 stores outside the prefecture, mainly in the glamping and BBQ food business.
We do everything in-house, from facility planning, design,
construction, and subsequent operation, and our integrated system is a major feature of our company.
Currently, we are not limited to the outdoor business, but rather believe in our sensibilities and create what we want to create into the world.
-Company name-
Wood Design Park Co., Ltd.
-Telephone number/FAX-
TEL: 0564-84-2250 FAX: 0564-77-4785
-group Enterprise-
Nikka Home Co., Ltd.
Manica Home Co., Ltd.
Daitoya Co., Ltd.
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