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Office Solutions Co., Ltd. Kushi Festival in Kobe 2024

[Office Solutions Co., Ltd.] Kushi Festival in Kobe 2024
*Office Solution Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 7, 2024
Kushi Festival in Kobe 2024
*Kitchen car! stage! night fair! Summer gourmet festival! *
Kushi Festival in Kobe 2023 (Hyogo Prefectural Maiko Park) Photographed Kushi Fest 2024 Overview
Kitchen car! stage! night fair! Summer gourmet festival!
Kushi Fest is a summer gourmet event with the theme of skewered dishes.Focusing on skewered dishes, there will be a wide variety of dishes from kitchen cars and food tents, as well as craft beer booths.

Enjoy delicious drinks, music, dancing, and street performances with a skewer in hand at a seaside park with sweeping ocean views!
Once you’re full, vote for your favorite restaurant with gold coins! This year’s Grand Prix will be decided.

Parents and children can enjoy fun stages, workshops, festival booths such as goldfish scooping, takeout booths, and night stalls.

The beautiful sea, the sun setting on the horizon, and the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge lit up from dusk are spectacular!
The park also has the Maiko Marine Promenade (Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Observation Lounge) where you can cool off, and the Bridge Science Museum, and is full of attractions such as the Ijokaku and the former Muto Sanji Residence.
Kushi Festival in Kobe 2024
July 13th (Sat), 14th (Sun), 15th (holiday) 12:00-20:00

Hyogo Prefectural Maiko Park Lawn Square
2051 Higashimaiko-cho, Tarumi-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture 655-0047 (Get off at JR Maiko Station/Sanyo Electric Railway Maiko Koen Station, about 5 minutes south)
Nearby parking lot has 700 spaces (200 yen/hour) and will be full during peak hours. Please consider using public transportation.

Free admission (including park admission and stage viewing)
Ticket system for food, experiences, and merchandise: 2,100 yen for 10 tickets (100 yen discount), 220 yen for each ticket sold separately All shopping at the venue is ticket-based. You will receive 1 voting gold coin for every set of 10 coins.
To purchase tickets, please come to the ticket office in the center of the venue (adjacent to the polling place).

Kushi Fest Executive Committee
Planning: Office Solution Co., Ltd./Araki Shoten Co., Ltd.
Contact: 078-939-3575
Hyogo Prefectural Maiko Park Photographed from the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Observation Lounge
Kushi Fest 2024 Poster
Kitchen car/food tent PR
Kushikatsu specialty store kitchen car “Tamuramaro”
Kushikatsu specialty kitchen car Tamuramaro
We’re doing it as a family! Please enjoy the crispy and hot kushikatsu! Brazilian food kitchen car “Saborosa”
Brazilian home cooking Saborosa ������������!
Brazilian sausage skewer “Linguissa”
The kitchen car that won the Grand Prix at Oishi Festival will also be opening a store!
Tokushima Raisukebab
In addition, 30 to 40 attractive kitchen trucks and food tents will open every day!
Burikatsu skewers from Kagoshima prefecture, Japanese black beef skewers, shumai skewers, chocolate daifuku skewers, garlic shrimp skewers, beef tongue skewers, grilled tuna skewers, grilled squid skewers, chicken and quail egg skewers, meat-wrapped rice ball sticks, fruit candy, etc. , Kushi dishes include things that you wouldn’t normally eat on skewers.
4 local craft beer makers exhibiting!
Akashi Beer Kushi Fest 2023 Another Division Winner
Akashi Beer Kobo Toki
free spirits brewing
Enjoy dozens of types of local beer from Hyogo Prefecture with a skewer in hand. Compare the draft craft beers that each company is proud of♪
How to enjoy Kushi Fest
How to enjoy Kushi Fest
free entrance! Free stage viewing! Enjoy delicious food, a stage performance, and a festival with a beautiful view of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and the ocean. You can enter the observation lounge of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge from the venue, so enjoy the spectacular view♪ stage PR
Nao Okushi will appear on Saturday, July 13th
Kitakyushu Tourism Ambassador ROCK★Artist Nao Okushi “Travels around the country with performances of sound and light. Next generation performance ROCK singer”
June 2017 movie “The Front Behind” theme song Evening Primrose and Sunflower ~Yin and Yang~
On July 26, 2017, Nao Okushi’s 2nd single “Show” was produced by HΛL, a music producer such as Ayumi Hamasaki and Flower of KinKi Kids. Time!!” released by Universal Music.
On May 30, 2018, the second major single “Sakiran Musou” was released. September 2018 Movie “Dead Water” theme song Summer Coast Story Vress Performance on Sunday, July 14th
Dance beautifully and sing beautifully. Vress is a Japanese-style idol unit that boasts spectacular live performances.
Vress is a live artist who has a reputation for powerful and impressive live performances that use Japanese umbrellas, dancing fans, Japanese swords (imitation swords), etc., with a focus on songs with a Japanese concept.
Since our founding in June 2010, we have had a number of member changes, but we are proud of our long history and track record, which marks our 14th anniversary this year, and will continue to work tirelessly to spread Japanese pop culture to the world. .
Please take a look at Vress’ one and only spectacular stage performance.
Asuk@ Performance on Sunday, July 14th
Born January 9, 1996 in Ishikawa Prefecture. Asuk@ is a singing and dancing rock singer who is based in Ishikawa Prefecture and travels around the country.
September 2022 1st single “brave” will be released.
August 2023 In charge of the theme song for CHARON’s new work “Pachinka Road”, a Yandere/Menhera ADV game development brand. September 2023 Participated as a singer in Hello wonder 1st produce stage play “Beautiful People”.
In addition to singing, he is also active as a radio personality, MC, and on stage.
Asuk@ 28TH BIRTHDAY ONE-MAN LIVE will be held at Kanazawa gateBlack on January 20, 2024 with a full band!
2024 A work by a voice acting agency in Fukuoka will be selected at the insert song audition for the anime “Gal wa Aniota ga Oshi”
SPYSHE Performed on July 15th (Monday Holiday)
SPYSHE – A dance and vocal girl unit produced by a Korean K-POP creator team. The song was written by A-FLOW, a former SM Entertainment music producer who worked with many famous K-Pop artists such as TVXQ. Produced and provided by Yong, a famous dance trainer who has experience teaching dance to BTS.
The origin of the name has a double meaning: “She who is spicy” and “She who is a spy who sneaks into your heart and captivates you without realizing it.”
Japanese Yume, Airi, Mayu, Soa
The four members have a repertoire of K-POP covers in addition to original songs with the theme of K-POP’s “Girl Crush.”
They are a group that continues to evolve as global idols while pursuing originality and expressiveness.
Ryusei Ieji will appear on July 15th (Monday holiday)
Ryusei Ieji, a “sensual singer” from Hiroshima Prefecture, performs live with songs based on Japanese musical instruments.
She has been a vocalist since elementary school and has been performing at live houses since the age of 14, making her professional debut under contract with Vice Sound in 2016.
He performs around 50 stages a year, both large and small, from local festivals to hall-sized events.
He won the Tokyo Governor’s Award at the “Beyond Festival” music award race sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. There has never been a live performance where it didn’t turn out well.
Shinsekai Hero Performance on July 14th (Sunday) and 15th (Monday holiday) Formed on March 25, 2023, the idol group “Shinsekai Hero” develops catchy sounds and performances that are not bound by genre, with the motto of “Transmitting from Osaka to the world! A new world idol culture pioneered by Generation Z.”
They actively perform outdoor free live concerts on weekdays and holidays at Ebisubashi Gliconneon (commonly known as Guri-shita), and receive praise from tourists visiting Japan.

A total of 48 other artists, street performers, and performers will also appear! !
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