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Home » Fukushima Prefecture will start accepting applications for the third round of “Fukushima Prefecture 12 Municip alities Entrepreneurship Support Fund” from July 8th!

Fukushima Prefecture will start accepting applications for the third round of “Fukushima Prefecture 12 Municip alities Entrepreneurship Support Fund” from July 8th!

UR Linkage Co., Ltd. Regional Vitality Co-Creation Department Fukushima Prefecture will start accepting applications for the third round of “Fukushima Prefecture 12 Municipalities Entrepreneurship Support Fund” from July 8th!
Would you like to start a business or open a business with a subsidy of up to 4 million yen? Fukushima Prefecture will support your challenge! The 3rd application deadline is September 10th (must arrive)
Fukushima Prefecture began accepting applications for the third round of screening for the FY2020 FY2020 12 Municipality Entrepreneurship Support Fund on July 8th.
This support fund will be donated to 12 municipalities (Tamura City, Minamisoma City, Kawamata Town, Hirono Town, Naraha Town, Tomioka Town, Kawauchi Village, The purpose is to further accelerate the recovery and revitalization of the 12 municipalities by attracting new vitality to Okuma Town, Futaba Town, Namie Town, Katsurao Village, and Iitate Village (hereinafter referred to as “12 municipalities”). This program subsidizes a portion of the expenses necessary for starting a business for people who are willing to take on challenges such as creating a new region and move from outside the prefecture to 12 municipalities to start a new business.
[Image:×2700.jpg] ◎For details, please see the website of the Fukushima Prefecture Evacuation Area Reconstruction Division (certain requirements apply) ■Subsidy eligible Applicants who meet all of the following main requirements from 1 to 9 are eligible. 1. Persons starting a new business in 12 municipalities by January 31, 2020 2. Persons outside of Fukushima Prefecture for 3 consecutive years or more immediately before transferring or applying for resident registration to 12 municipalities 3. Those who have moved to 12 municipalities after July 1, 2021, or those who have confirmed their intention to move to 12 municipalities by January 31, 2021 4.12 Persons who have the intention of permanently residing in a municipality (residing there for 5 years or more) 5. Persons other than those who resided in 12 municipalities as of March 11, 2011 (those with a resident record) 6. .A person who falls under any of the persons specified separately by Fukushima Prefecture. 7.A person who does not have a legal compliance problem. 8.A person who applies or an officer of the corporation to be established is a member of an anti-social force such as an organized crime group. 9. Not a person who has any relationship with anti-social forces ■Main Requirements for Projects Eligible for Subsidy Businesses that meet all of the following items 1. to 5. are eligible. 1.12 The business must be newly established in a municipality, town or village, or the business must be a business succession or second founding that utilizes digital technology in a high value-added industrial field such as a Society 5.0 related industry. 2. Business Must be a new business that will be started within the period, or a new business that will be implemented after business succession or second founding 3. Business continuity can be expected to a certain degree 4. The business must not be contrary to public order and morals 5. Public Businesses that are judged to be inappropriate in terms of socially accepted uses of funds (entertainment businesses, etc. as stipulated in Article 2 of the Act on Regulation of Entertainment Businesses, etc. and Appropriation of Business Operations, etc. (Act No. 122 of 1948)) ) ■ Subsidized expenses and subsidy rate, etc. (1) Subsidized expenses The following expenses can be proven to have been paid from the date of grant decision to January 31, 2020 [Personnel costs, store rental fees, etc.] , Equipment expenses, raw materials, intellectual property rights, etc., rewards, travel expenses, outsourcing expenses, consignment expenses, marketing investigation expenses, public relations expenses, etc.] 4 million yen ■Schedule (3rd)
[Table 2:] ■Inquiries Fukushima Prefecture 12 Municipalities Individual Support Fund Contact Center Phone number: 0570-057-236mail: (Weekdays 9:00-17:00, excluding year-end and New Year holidays) ■Submission address: 960-8670 Fukushima Prefecture 2-16 Sugitsuma-cho, Fukushima City (5th floor of main government building) Fukushima Prefecture Planning and Coordination Department Evacuation Area Reconstruction Bureau Evacuation Area Reconstruction Division Migration Promotion Officer ■About UR Linkage’s initiatives UR Linkage Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive support company for town and home development. . The Regional Revitalization Co-Creation Department works to revitalize, revitalize, and create livelihoods in sustainable regions through co-creation with local residents. We were commissioned by Fukushima Prefecture to carry out “administrative processing of individual support funds for 12 municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture in 2020,” and we responded to various inquiries regarding the system for people who are considering immigrating or starting a business in 12 municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture. We are moving forward with our business to attract more immigrants and entrepreneurs. UR Linkage Co., Ltd. HP:
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