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Survey Results Who are the most commonly used suppliers for imports from China? Introducing the top 4 sites in the survey

Makoto Co., Ltd.
[Survey Results] Who are the most commonly used suppliers for imports from China? Introducing the top 4 sites in the survey
(, AliExpress,,
In the previous survey, we investigated the actual situation of imports from China (income distribution of active sellers, suppliers, sales destinations, handling categories, import methods). In this press release, we would like to take a closer look at the top four supplier sites based on the feedback we received regarding the previous survey results.
[Image 1:×780.gif] “China Import Agency – Makoto” (Makoto Co., Ltd., Address: Shirai City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director: Ryuta Sakai, Official Website: will rank 100 people with experience in importing from China in December 2023. We conducted a survey on Chinese imports and Chinese OEM targeting people.
The specific conditions are as follows.
[Summary of the survey]
Survey target: 100 people with Chinese import/OEM experience Survey period: December 8, 2023 – December 21, 2023
Question content: Set by our company
Research method: Internet survey using Freeasy
*When using or reprinting data, please be sure to include our URL (
Previous article: [Survey results] Is it profitable to import from China? Actual status of suppliers, customers, and products handled by active sellers ( The previous article was well received, and we received many comments saying, “I’d like to see a more in-depth analysis!” Therefore, this time we will introduce four commonly used suppliers along with the results of a survey. (Alibaba)
[Image 2:×319.png ] (Alibaba) is a BtoB mail order site mall operated by Alibaba Group. Since it is a mail order site for companies, stable bulk purchasing is possible. If you buy in bulk, you can get it at a cheaper price, so it is recommended for those who import extensively from China as a side job.
Since this is a domestic site, it only supports Chinese, and most stores do not support international shipping. You will also need to open a bank account in China to make payments. Therefore, in order to use it, it is common to have a local partner or request a Chinese import agent.
If you would like to learn more about (Alibaba), please refer to the following article.
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[Image 3:×319.png ]
AliExpress is also operated by Alibaba Group. It differs from (Alibaba) in that it is a B2C mail order site mall for overseas customers. Since it is aimed overseas, the site also supports Japanese. However, most stores only allow you to make inquiries in Chinese or English. It is the easiest online shopping site operated by Alibaba Group, as it supports credit card payments and overseas shipping.
AliExpress is a low-risk site to purchase from, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have low-quality stores or counterfeit products. On AliExpress, you can check store ratings and Japanese reviews of products. Choose a store with a high reputation as a supplier. If you would like to know more about AliExpress, please refer to the following article:
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[Image 4:×319.png ] is the familiar Chinese site of Amazon. A dedicated account is required for use. The only language used on the site is Chinese, but shipping to Japan is also available. The site structure is the same as Amazon in Japan, so even if you don’t understand Chinese, you can use your browser’s translation function without any problems. The appeal of as a supplier is that you may be able to find products that are not handled by Alibaba Group companies such as (Alibaba) and AliExpress. On the other hand, its market share in China remains at less than 1%, which is incomparable to other mail order sites operated by the Alibaba Group. The marketplace business, which sells third-party products, was also discontinued in 2019. (Alibaba)
[Image 5:×319.png ] (Alibaba), like (Alibaba), is a BtoB mail order site mall operated by the Alibaba Group. The difference from (Alibaba) is that it is aimed at overseas companies. Although it can be purchased by individuals, it is primarily used by companies and stores as a supplier.
Since this is a corporate site, prices and quantities can be negotiated. You can also negotiate with the factory rather than the manufacturer. On the other hand, there are almost no cases in which they accept small-scale transactions, and customers are required to purchase hundreds to thousands of items, so they are not suitable as a supplier for beginners importing from China.
If you would like to learn more about, please refer to the following article:
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( Reference article: Verification of word of mouth! Is Alibaba a reliable online shopping site? Safe usage too
Overview of Makoto Co., Ltd. Name: Makoto Co., Ltd.
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Representative Director: Ryuta Sakai
Capital: 10 million yen
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