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“AI50 Report” released for 50 AI startups around the world

“AI50 Report” released for 50 AI startups around the world *Ishin Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
“AI50 Report” released for 50 AI startups around the world *Ishin Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kataoka Satoshi (stock code: 143A) has released the “AI50” report, which summarizes notable startups and funding trends. *
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* AI trends to keep an eye on in the future *

In recent years, many startups with new business models centered on AI have appeared and are achieving phenomenal growth. Among them, OpenAI is a company related to generative AI that learns large amounts of data and creates new content based on it.
It attracted attention after announcing ChatGPT, a conversational AI that utilizes . Starting with OpenAI’s mega round of $10 billion investment from Microsoft in 2023, Anthropic and Inflection
Large-scale funding has been raised one after another by companies developing LLMs such as AI. Looking at the amount of funding in 2023, while all industries are sluggish at 42% compared to the previous year, the AI ​​industry only decreased by 10%*, and it appears that expectations for AI-related companies remain high. .

AI-related companies have increased their presence, and not only are AI technologies such as LLM the foundation, but a variety of applications have been created that utilize these AIs. Chatbots, transcription, generation tools for creatives, office tools for sales support, customer service, operational efficiency, image analysis and identity verification used for diagnostic support in the medical field, quality control in the manufacturing industry, etc. AI applications, such as solutions, are applied to a wide variety of industries and are rapidly becoming popular. Regarding infrastructure, a variety of LLMs are being developed that support multiple languages, are open source, and emphasize security, as well as various platforms for AI development.

In this report, we will select the top 50 AI-related startups around the world by total amount of funding and categorize them.
(Excluding AI related to autonomous driving that belongs to the mobility field).

*CB Insights “State of AI 2023 Report

*Introducing notable startups in fields such as “medical”, “finance”, and “automotive”*
This report covers the following notable categories.

[10 notable categories]
·medical care
・Automotive related
·supply chain
·Business support
・System construction/solution
・Large-scale language model
・Development platform

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【Company Profile】
Ishin Group
Company name: Ishin Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and Chairman: Tomoyoshi Akashi
Representative Director and President: Satoshi Kataoka
Location: 7F Shinjuku East Court, 6-28-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Established: April 2005

Ishin USA
Company name: Ishin USA, Inc.
CEO: Tomoki Iwashita
Address: 3031 TISCH WAY, SUITE 110, SAN JOSE, CA 95128
[Contact information regarding this matter]
Ishin Co., Ltd. Global Innovation Division
TEL: 03-5291-1580 (representative) Email: *About details about this release*

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