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Home » Takano Co., Ltd. Takano from Salacia Foods will exhibit at “Wellness Food Japan 2024” to be held from July 16th to 18th

Takano Co., Ltd. Takano from Salacia Foods will exhibit at “Wellness Food Japan 2024” to be held from July 16th to 18th

Takano Co., Ltd.
Takano from Salacia Foods will exhibit at “Wellness Food Japan 2024” to be held from July 16th to 18th
First exhibition of food with functional claims containing Salacinol derived from vegetable lactic acid bacteria and Salacia, which appeals to [sugar, intestinal regulation, and moisturizing]
Takano Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Miyata Village, Kamiina District, Nagano Prefecture, President and CEO: Jun Takano) will hold “Wellness Food Japan 2024” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from July 16th (Tuesday) to July 18th (Thursday), 2024. We will be exhibiting at “.
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Exhibited at Wellness Food Japan 2024
At this exhibition, in addition to the popular tea bag-type tea using Salacia extract granules, we will also display newly released Salacia products (two items including food with functional claims). We will also sell each product at special exhibition prices. Please stop by the Takano booth.
Wellness Food Japan 2024 Event Overview
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Wellness Food Japan 2024 Logo
This exhibition is an exhibition where you can compare and examine over 10,000 items, including health foods, supplements, functional foods, natural foods, and organic foods to improve your diet and create a healthier body and improve your QOL from all over the world. Date: July 16th (Tuesday) to July 18th (Thursday), 2024 Hours: 10:00-17:00 Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Building [Takano Exhibition Booth: E5-16-27] Official Website : Participation fee: 2,000 yen (tax included) Request an invitation ticket Free for those who pre-register ▽Click here for visitor pre-registration site
Exhibited products
Salacia Rich Plus, a food with functional claims, to be released in July 2024 *Exhibited for the first time at an exhibition This is a new jelly-type product that appeals to women with sugar, intestinal regulation, and moisturizing properties.・Body support Salacia tea: 3 types: “Hoji Coix Tea”, “Jasmine Oolong Tea”, and “Black Tea” that you can choose according to your meal or snack.
We have available. Contains 0.2mg/packet of Salacinol derived from Salacia. Other exhibited products: Salacia Venus Released in May 2024 This is a new product for beauty salons containing 0.3mg/bag of Salacia-derived Salacinol. “Salacia Rich Plus”
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Salacia Rich Plus
A jelly-type food with functional claims that can be easily taken without water. The elegant taste of the rose tea flavor was narrowed down by repeating prototype questionnaires to our female employees. By combining Salacinol derived from Salacia and plant-based lactic acid bacteria K-1 (L. casei 327), it has the ability to suppress the absorption of sugar ingested from meals and slow the rise in blood sugar levels after meals. It has three functions: “improving bowel movements” and “maintaining skin moisture,” and appeals to the problems that women tend to have: “sugar, intestinal regulation, and moisturizing.”
“Salacia Venus”
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Salacia Venus
Utilizing our experience in developing and selling Salacia products, we are also taking on the challenge of creating Salacia products for beauty salons. As the first product, we have released “Salacia Venus”. The stylish package is decorated with a gold logo and is inspired by Venus, the symbol of love and beauty. Please check the details at the exhibition venue.
About Salacia
Salacia is a plant native to subtropical regions such as India, where it has been used as a part of daily life for a long time to maintain health.
[Image 5:×1245.jpg] Salacia and Salacia extract powder
[About Takano’s Salacia] Takano was one of the first to notice the efficacy of Salacia and has continued research for over 15 years.・The first Salacia raw material to receive third-party safety
certification*1. (*1 Health food safety self-inspection certification issued by the Japan Health and Nutritional Food Association) – In addition to using Salacia ingredients, we also develop foods with functional claims aimed at users.
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Third party certification registration certificate
About Takano
“From the manufacturing industry to the “creative industry”” Starting with the manufacturing of springs, we have expanded to office furniture and exterior products. Takano has entered new fields one after another, including advanced electronics products, medical and welfare-related products, and clinical diagnostic drugs, and has always taken on the challenge of developing new products. This ability to develop is what makes Takano unique and the source of its development. In line with our basic management philosophy of “always having high aspirations, observing social rules, keeping an eye on changes in the world, and contributing to the realization of a prosperous society through sustainable growth and development,” we will continue to explore possibilities from every angle. We will continue to pursue and challenge unexplored areas. [Company Profile] Company name: Takano Co., Ltd. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market (Stock code: 7885) Address: 137 Miyata Village, Kamiina-gun, Nagano Representative: Representative Director and President Takano Associate Founder: Established on July 1, 1941: July 18, 1953 URL: Business details: Office chairs, other office furniture such as chairs, springs, exterior products, electronics-related products
(Image processing inspection equipment, electromagnetic actuators), manufacturing and sales of medical and welfare equipment
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