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Chiba Prefecture Open Data Connected Ideathon will be held!

Chiba Prefecture Open Data Connected Ideathon will be held!
*Civic Tech Lab General Incorporated Association*
Press release: July 8, 2024
Chiba Prefecture Open Data Connected Ideathon will be held!
*A problem-solving ideathon using open data will be held over 2 days! * Chiba Prefecture Open Data Connected Ideathon
In August 2024, we will be holding an ideathon sponsored by Chiba Prefecture! As “Chiba Prefecture Open Data Connected Ideathon”,
Let’s come up with ideas to solve *issues in three areas in Chiba Prefecture* using open data!
This is an event.

*What is open data?
Data that anyone can use freely within the rules.
This ideathon can mainly use data released by local governments and governments.
*What is an ideathon?
A coined word that combines the words “marathon” and “idea.” It refers to a competition or event where ideas are generated in a short period of time.

Background of the ideathon
Since 2015, Chiba Prefecture has been promoting the release of prefectural data through the “Chiba Prefecture Open Data Site.” In order to further promote the utilization of open data, it is necessary to create momentum by disclosing it in accordance with the needs of companies, NPOs, etc., developing human resources for data utilization, and holding events. will hold an ideathon contest in order to utilize open data and generate a wealth of ideas for revitalizing regions and solving problems that have been considered with free thinking.
In addition, we aim to network various actors within the prefecture by holding exchange meetings so that the ideas considered will lead to regional revitalization and problem solving.

Open Data Connected Ideathon Flow

In this ideathon, teams will work together to come up with ideas for solving local problems over two days.
With the two themes of “disaster prevention” and “regional
development,” different content is prepared for each venue.
Participants will choose an issue presented at the venue and take on the ideathon.
・Click here for detailed assignments for each venue. Two teams will be selected from each venue during the Day 2
presentation, and the selected teams will be able to advance to the final presentation.

[Event schedule]
・Chiba Institute of Technology (Narashino Campus)
  Day1 8/5 (Monday) 10:00-17:00
  Day2 8/23 (Friday) 10:00-17:00
・Reitaku University
  Day1 8/6 (Tue) 10:00-17:00
  Day2 8/22 (Thu) 10:00-17:00
・Chiba University (Nishi-Chiba Campus)
  Day1 8/7 (Wed) 9:15-16:30
 Day2 8/21 (Wed) 9:15-16:30
Brush up meeting (online)
After the Ideathon reviews, the selected teams will have a brush-up session.

At the brush-up session, we discussed with our mentors and asked ourselves if we could solve the problem with this idea.
What is an effective way to give a presentation? We will also hold an online consultation meeting while discussing these matters on Slack! Final presentation and networking session
Two teams from each venue will advance to the Day 2 presentation and make a final presentation in front of the judges.
After the presentation, we will hold a networking event with supporting companies and members who are active in the community as Civic Tickers.

[Awards] Governor’s Award, Civic Tech Award, Regional Sponsor Award, etc.

[Venue] Kiboru 4-5-1 Chuo, Chuo-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture

[Date and time] 2024/10/6 (Sun) 13:30~17:00

Masahiko Shoji
Professor, Faculty of Sociology, Musashi University, Open Data Evangelist, Cabinet Secretariat, Regional Informatization Advisor, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Hideki Shibata
Chiba Bank Executive Officer, Digital Strategy Department Manager

Miyuki Shirasawa
Representative of CivicTechZenChiba, Director of Code for Japan General Incorporated Association, Representative Director of Colabo-y Co., Ltd.
How to apply

Both teams and solo participants are welcome! If you are participating solo, increase your friends during team build time!

[Recruitment target]
Students enrolled in universities, vocational schools, and high schools within Chiba Prefecture, or students residing within the prefecture.
Up to 30 people per venue

[Application form]

Application deadline: Until 2024/7/31 (Wednesday) 23:59

Sponsor: Chiba Prefecture

Co-sponsored by: Chiba University, Reitaku University, Chiba Institute of Technology

Cooperation: Civictech Zen CHIBA

Management: (one company) Civic Tech Lab
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