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Shopify Japan Co., Ltd. Seijo Ishii revamps its official online shop with Shopify

[Shopify Japan Co., Ltd.] Seijo Ishii revamps its official online shop with Shopify
*Shopify Japan Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
Seijo Ishii revamps official online shop with Shopify
Shopify, the Japanese subsidiary of Shopify, a leader in global commerce Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Interim Country Manager: Sean Broughton, hereinafter referred to as Shopify Japan) today announced that Shopify Japan Co., Ltd.
Seijo Ishii (Head office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Katsuki Goto, hereinafter referred to as Seijo Ishii)
) is revamping its official online shop “
(” and is using Shopify, Shopify’s top plan as a commerce platform.
We are pleased to announce that we have adopted Plus
( and have reopened.
Seijo Ishii, whose management philosophy is “Creating a prosperous society by being particular about food,” currently operates a total of 213 stores including directly managed stores and franchises, and will begin partnering with Last Mile Business in 2020. In addition to increasing customer convenience, we aim to acquire new fans.

With the system renewal, Seijo Ishii has announced that it will be able to build an online shop quickly and at low cost, will have a rich set of APIs, will be easy to link with other systems, and will also be able to use the Shopify app if necessary. Shopify
We have decided to adopt Plus. Through this, we aim to engage with customers through personalized information dissemination, create an excellent shopping experience, and increase loyalty.
Additionally, since online shops can be edited without code, tasks such as changing the display of seasonal products and making campaigns easier to see can be done easily and quickly. Since it is easy to link to SNS, you can not only make campaigns more effective, such as limited collaboration products or sales of popular products at online shops, but also notify customers of information that they are interested in or deals without missing out. You will be able to.

Shopify Japan will support Seijo Ishii’s online shop business and contribute to Seijo Ishii’s sustainable growth.

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