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Home » Stadium Co., Ltd. Building your body isn’t just at the gym. Online personal gym “Online School to Learn Healthy Diet” opens on July 9th!

Stadium Co., Ltd. Building your body isn’t just at the gym. Online personal gym “Online School to Learn Healthy Diet” opens on July 9th!

[Stadium Co., Ltd.]
Building your body isn’t just at the gym. Online personal gym “Online School to Learn Healthy Diet” opens on July 9th!
*Stadium Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
Building your body isn’t just at the gym. Online personal gym “Online School to Learn Healthy Diet” opens on July 9th!
*Online school will start on July 9th, and we are also recruiting monitor members who are limited to 30 people. *
Personal Gym TBP (Representative: Tatsuya Tabuchi), the fitness division of S&F Co., Ltd., is a subsidiary of Stadium Co., Ltd. (Head office location: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director: Moriyama)
Utilizing the membership-based online business platform “FANTS” provided by Yuhei (hereinafter referred to as “Stadium”), we will open an online school “A school where you will never have to worry about dieting for the rest of your life” on Tuesday, July 9, 2024. .

Background of the online school establishment

TBP Co., Ltd. operates a personal gym for adults and a personal gym for juniors, and uses cutting-edge technology such as AI posture analysis to offer Pilates and pressure training, making it popular among a wide range of age groups. I am collecting. However, as I started working at my personal gym, I realized that there was no gym nearby, and I couldn’t go to the gym because my children were small. People who want to attend personal training but give up due to the high cost*
“I want to do it, but I can’t.”* I’ve started hearing things like that.

For such people, I want to be able to obtain the same effects and results without going to an expensive personal gym, and to acquire the correct knowledge about training and diet.*
We have decided to open an “Online School for Learning Healthy Diet”*.

FANTS can develop a dedicated app, and with a SNS-like UI, users can learn online during their travel time or free time from work or housework, and they can set multiple plans to suit each individual’s needs. The ability to separate plans depending on the situation matched well, so we decided to introduce it.

Message from the online salon owner

The world is full of information about diet and body makeup. Some information is correct and some information is incorrect. Wrong information is out of the question, but even if the information is correct, there is a lot of information that is meaningless, or in the worst case, can have the opposite effect if the person receiving it, the timing of receiving it, or how they receive it are slightly different. The important thing is to receive the information you need to change your body. In this school, we will carefully select and tell you what you need to do “now” and what you need “now”.

About Healthy Diet Online School
Salon overview
1. Your diet-related worries will be resolved and you will be able to live a healthier life.
2. You can learn effective dieting methods without wasting money or time. 3. By using the knowledge gained at the salon, you can support not only yourself but also the people around you and contribute to a happy life.
4. The knowledge you learn will be useful in your work and may create new career or business opportunities.
5. Successful dieting can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Salon details
– Opening date: July 9, 2024 (Tuesday)
– Plan name:
1. Diet body makeup course membership fee 22,000 yen (tax included)/monthly
2. Trainer training course Membership fee: 44,000 yen (tax included)/monthly
3. Professional course Membership fee: 66,000 yen (tax included)/monthly – I recommend this hotel
Those who want to connect with business owners involved in “body” and “beauty” People who enjoy interacting with “Online School for Learning Healthy Diet” – Click here to participate in the online school

[Limited to the first 30 people] You can start online school at a great price! To commemorate the opening, we are holding three campaigns.
1. Entrance fee: 33,000 → Free
2. Pre-registration fee: 5,500 → Free
3. Monitor recruitment: All courses → half price

About the salon management company
Company name: S&F Co., Ltd.
Established: November 10, 1972 (established as Saginuma Swimming Club Ltd.) Representative Director: Ken Ogura
Location: 4F STR73 Building, 1-11-17 Saginuma, Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Business details:
・Swimming Division: People who are now able to swim with satisfaction and people who are now able to swim easily and quickly due to high-quality services.
・Fitness Division (Personal Gym TBP): Many people are receiving proper training and improving their physical strength and strength through high-quality service and care.
■Official website:
Eighth and F Co., Ltd.: Personal Gym TBP:
Message from the online salon owner
[Image of person in charge]
[TBP Co., Ltd./Tatsuya Tabuchi]
By learning at this school, you will be able to open up a new perspective and discover your own potential after 30 days. What you learn will be a lifelong asset. The choice is up to you: do you want to continue worrying about dieting and body shaping, or do you want to learn here, be liberated, and live a fulfilling life? By acquiring knowledge about dieting and body shaping, and being able to give advice to family and friends, it will help your personal growth and may even lead to future business. Let’s learn together and create an opportunity to change your life.
About FANTS management company
With the management philosophy of “Creating as many online communities as possible and delivering excitement,” we started our business in 2020 and have supported over 370 communities to date. We provide a platform to support membership-based online businesses and provide planning and management consulting services that utilize a wealth of case studies. It is widely used in online salons and online schools for a wide range of people, including celebrities, YouTubers, professional sports teams, and educators, as well as membership-based services for companies.

【Company Profile】
Company name: Stadium Co., Ltd.
Address: HARVEY FUSHIMI 3F, 1-13-23 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0008 Representative: Representative Director Yuhei Moriyama
Business details: Planning, development, and operation of the online salon platform “FANTS”
Company website:
Shareholders and shareholding ratio: Starmen Co., Ltd. 100%
About FANTS management company
About product/service names
“FANTS” is an all-in-one platform for membership-based online business.

Rich functionality provides everything your community needs. ■Uses a dedicated app: SNS-like UI that is easy to use for both users and owners.
■Automate membership fee payments: Our unique payment system allows automatic linkage of customer information and payment information. Customers can also choose their payment method and can set up multiple monthly plans.
■Image and video posting function: In addition to images, it is possible to post an unlimited number of videos, and there is also a live distribution function, allowing for deep connections with users. ■Segment distribution: Designed to allow users to create
sub-communities, check the information they need, and interact by joining different communities.

Thorough support system for peace of mind even for first-time users ■Full-time support: We have a full-time support system that is rarely found in other companies, providing thorough support from concept and business model design consultation to launch.
■Customer attraction support: We have a system in place that allows even beginners to create the LP (landing page) necessary to attract customers, so you can start your online business with confidence. ■Full production of community management: Based on the know-how that has supported over 300 online businesses, FANTS management staff will manage the online business and maximize it through the PDCA cycle. (*Not applicable depending on the plan)

FANTS is an all-in-one subscription business tool that includes customer acquisition, payment, customer management, and content management necessary for doing business with a monthly membership system.It is a no-code platform that can be used without any special skills or know-how. , you can realize online business.

【plan contents】

Prices vary depending on your contract plan. Please check the web page for details.
Web page:
[Inquiries regarding services]
Stadium Co., Ltd. Customer Success
TEL: 052-990-2215 MAIL:
[Download materials]
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