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Home » Results of a survey on popular convenience store sweets sponsored by Gakusei Featured on Fuji TV’s “All Night Fujiko”.

Results of a survey on popular convenience store sweets sponsored by Gakusei Featured on Fuji TV’s “All Night Fujiko”.

Results of a survey on popular convenience store sweets [sponsored by Gakusei] Featured on Fuji TV’s “All Night Fujiko”.
*Galois Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
Results of a survey on popular convenience store sweets [sponsored by Gakusei] Featured on Fuji TV’s “All Night Fujiko”.
*Survey results regarding “Popular products at convenience stores (gummy, chocolate, ice cream)”*
* GALOIS Co., Ltd.
Inc., Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Ryosuke Asai, hereinafter referred to as the Company, conducted a survey on “Popular Products at Convenience Stores (Gummy, Chocolate, Ice Cream)” targeting female university students (young people) across Japan. implementation. Some of the response data (items related to gummies) was featured on Fuji TV’s “All Night Fujiko”, so we would like to introduce it to you. *

Survey overview
Survey period: Friday, June 7, 2024 to Saturday, June 8, 2024 Survey target: Students from around 800 schools nationwide who are registered as sponsors of Gakusei.
Survey method: Internet survey
Target number: 124 students including 4-year degrees, junior colleges, and vocational schools
Target attributes: 124 women, 124 men, no gender answered
Question content: Please tell us your top three sweets sold at convenience stores. (n=124)
Survey details:

Starting with the “Gakusei Sponsor” business, a sponsorship platform specializing in university students, which we launched in 2014, we have expanded our services to include human resources, real estate, entertainment, medical care, etc.
We are developing a customer referral platform business using the Internet in 10 business areas.
Currently, there are 8000 universities, 8,000 organizations, and over 150,000 members who have introduced Gakusei Sponsorship, and we are leveraging our strength in being able to directly collect the voices of many students to create new ideas based on the actual situation of students today. We conduct research with the purpose of proposing perspectives.

This time, the “Top 5” items related to gummies from the “Ranking of Popular Products at Convenience Stores” were introduced in the All Night Fujiko corner “Katte Ni Fujiko Ranking” that was broadcast on Friday, July 5th.

Program introduction
Fuji TV “All Night Fujiko” broadcast on Friday, July 5th

▽Fujico Judgment
▽Ranking Fujiko without permission
▽All night live
Image reference:

The TVer missed broadcast will be available until July 13th (Saturday).

* Survey results introduced on All Night Fujiko *
* 【Question matters】*
* Please tell us your top three gummies (sweets) sold at convenience stores. (n=124)*
* In this survey, we collected a total of 372 votes from 124 people x the top three categories and compiled them into a ranking format. *

1st place. Pure Gummy: 75 votes
2nd place. Fettuccine Gummy: 55 votes
3rd place. Fruit juice gummy: 46 votes
4th place. Haribo: 18 votes
5th place. Ninja Meshi: 18 votes

The following is a summary of the findings obtained from the survey results.

・Sweet and sour flavors are popular
・Fruit flavors are popular
・It is important that the gummy shape is cute, such as a bear shape or a fruit shape.
・Elements that satisfy hunger are important
・Products with detailed target strategies such as design and appeal methods are ranked.

Popular ranking of ◯◯ sold at convenience stores

The main part of the survey is published on the web media sponsored by Gakusei.

“Introduction to marketing strategies for young people that each company is implementing” “Reasons why products match the younger generation based on product characteristics” “Ranking of chocolates sold at convenience stores” “Ranking of ice creams sold at convenience stores” We introduce detailed considerations and surveys other than gummies.
If you are interested, please take a look here.

[About Galois Co., Ltd.]
Location: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 17F, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Founded: April 1, 2014
Representative: Ryosuke Asai, Representative Director and CEO Business content: Customer referral platform business using the Internet Privacy Mark registration number: 21001310(02)
Corporate site URL:

[What is Gakusei Sponsorship]
This is a fundraising app specifically for university students that allows university students to collect sponsorship money anytime and anywhere using the app.
The number of organizations that have introduced it has exceeded 800 universities and over 8,000 organizations, and it can be used not only for groups such as university laboratories and club clubs, but also for personal use!
It is possible to approach students in a pinpoint manner and carry out various measures targeting students, such as sponsorship, promotions, and questionnaire surveys.
Please feel free to contact us about attracting students or supporting students using the information below.
Gakusei Sponsored Corporate Consultation Desk:

For those quoting this press release
*When quoting the contents of this press release or the above survey results, please comply with the following.
・Statement that the investigation was conducted by Galois Co., Ltd. ・Installation of links to articles sponsored by Gakusei
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