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Resonac Holdings Establishment of next-generation semiconductor package consortium by 10 Japanese and American companies in Silicon Valley

[Resonac Holdings] Establishment of next-generation semiconductor package consortium by 10 Japanese and American companies in Silicon Valley
*Resonac Holdings*
Press release: July 8, 2024
Next-generation semiconductor package consortium established in Silicon Valley by 10 Japanese and American companies
Resonac Co., Ltd. (President: Hidehito Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as the Company) will establish a consortium called “US-JOINT” in Silicon Valley, USA, consisting of 10 Japanese and American materials and equipment companies in the field of next-generation semiconductor packaging. We plan to expand the efforts of the semiconductor packaging technology development consortium “JOINT” and “JOINT2″, which have been advanced in Japan beyond the framework of
semiconductor manufacturing equipment and material manufacturers, overseas with the involvement of American companies. The activity base is scheduled to be located in Silicon Valley, and preparations such as installing a clean room and equipment will begin in 2024, with the goal of starting operations in 2025.

Currently, post-process packaging technology is one of the key technologies for next-generation semiconductors for applications such as generative AI and autonomous driving, which are rapidly expanding, and packaging technologies such as 2.5D and 3D* are rapidly evolving. Masu. In recent years, major semiconductor manufacturers concentrated in Silicon Valley, fabless companies such as GAFAM, and major IT companies have
Designing conductors. Furthermore, we conduct our own research and development for post-process packaging, and new concepts are being created one after another. *

Commenting on the establishment of US-JOINT, U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel said:

* “With nearly every area of ​​our daily lives now dependent on semiconductors, it is critical that we strengthen supply chains through cooperation with trusted partners in the sector. This new consortium of leading American and Japanese companies in the semiconductor industry is the latest example of our two nations joining forces to accelerate the development of advanced technologies of global importance.”* *
“At a time when almost every area of ​​our daily life relies on semiconductors, it is important to strengthen our supply chain through cooperation with trusted partners.
The consortium is the latest example of two countries joining forces to accelerate the development of globally important advanced technologies. ”*

In addition, E. Jan of TechSearch International, Inc., an American company known worldwide as a technology research company for semiconductor packages.
President Vardaman said, “US-JOINT is a great opportunity for American companies to utilize the expertise they have accumulated in materials and equipment to develop cutting-edge packaging,” and has high expectations for US-JOINT.

US-JOINT leverages its Silicon Valley R&D base to work with customers to verify the latest concepts in semiconductor packaging. In addition, by co-creating with customers and participating companies, we will grasp market needs in real time and accelerate research and
development of materials, evaluation, and mounting technologies.

*US-JOINT overview*
* US-JOINT (JOINT: Jisso Open Innovation Network of Tops)*

* the purpose*
* Creation of next-generation semiconductor package evaluation platform and development of packaging technology in the United States*

*Participating companies*
Alphabetical order * 10 companies (as of July 8, 2024) *
* Azimuth Industrial, KLA Corporation, Kulicke and Soffa
Industries, MEC Co., Ltd., Moses Lake
Industries, Namics Co., Ltd., Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd., TOWA Co., Ltd., ULVAC Co., Ltd., Resonac Co., Ltd.*
* Location* * Union City, California, USA*
* Activities * * – Promote co-creation in locations close to customers (anticipated customers: fabless companies, semiconductor companies) * * – Concept-verify customer’s new concept for advanced packaging with customer* * – Collaborate with US material and equipment manufacturers to provide the best solutions*

          ー US-JOINT Logo ー

*2.5D packaging is a technology that places multiple chips on a single substrate (interposer) and interconnects them.
3D packaging is a technology that arranges multiple chips by stacking them vertically. Chip interconnections are vertical, called TSVs (Through Silicon Vias)
wiring techniques are used

that’s all

Supplementary materials: Specialized technologies, comments, etc. of US-JOINT participating companies
*Company name*: Azimuth Industrial Co., Inc. (USA)
* Specialty technology *
: Specializes in high-speed, complex assembly for high power, high frequency, and unique board configurations, including multichip QFN, BGA, SiP, and new package development.
* Position within the industry *
Founded in 1972, we are a leading U.S. assembly company providing rapid assembly, engineering evaluation, and customized semiconductor packaging.
*US-JOINT participating technology*: Assembly for low-volume, high-mix and pilot production.
* comment*
: “By providing a team dedicated to our customers and a professional support company consolidated in one facility, we enable faster evaluation, development, and significant time savings. This is why we exist. ”(David
Lee, General Manager and Owner)
*Company name*: KLA Corporation (USA)
* Specialty technology *
: We develop industry-leading equipment and services that enable innovation across the electronics industry. We provide advanced process control and process enablement solutions for wafer, reticle, integrated circuit, packaging and printed circuit board manufacturing. * Position within the industry *
:KLA’s direct-write systems, featuring innovative technologies such as large-scale scanning optics, are leading digital lithography solutions for PCB and IC substrate manufacturing.
*US-JOINT participating technology*: Laser direct writing system. * comment*
: “The US-JOINT consortium was formed at a critical time for the semiconductor industry, where applications like AI are accelerating the development of interconnect technology. We hear that KLA’s large-scale scan optics direct-write solutions will help unlock advanced packaging possibilities, and we look forward to delivering new innovations through our collaboration with the consortium. ” (Oreste
Donzella, Executive Vice President, Electronics, Packaging and Components Group)
*Company name*: Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc. (USA)
* Specialty technology *
: We specialize in developing cutting-edge semiconductor and electronics assembly solutions to enable a smarter, more sustainable future. Our range of products and services continues to expand to support growth and technology transitions in large markets such as advanced display, automotive, communications, compute, consumer, data storage, energy storage, and industrial. I am.
* Position within the industry *
: Utilizing state-of-the-art ball and wedge wire bonding, flux, fluxless and solderless Cu-to-Cu thermal compression solutions, we enjoy global market leadership positions in multiple markets. *US-JOINT participating technology*: Fluxless thermocompression bonder. * comment*
: “K&S is excited to develop cutting-edge packaging through this newly formed consortium. This comprehensive development center will have strong connections with industry-leading members and customers in Silicon Valley. “We look forward to commercializing new industry capabilities leveraging state-of-the-art fluxless and solderless Cu-to-Cu thermocompression bonding solutions.”
Chylak, Senior Vice President, Central Engineering and Chief Technology Officer)
*Company name*: MEC Co., Ltd.
* Specialty technology *: Metal surface treatment technology that creates value at interfaces through chemical etching and chemical modification.
*Industry position*: A global niche top company that provides chemical processes essential for manufacturing cutting-edge semiconductor package substrates.
*US-JOINT participating technology*: Metal activator and etcher. * comment*
: “I feel it is meaningful to have the possibility of applying the metal processing technology that we have honed in the semiconductor package substrate field to the advanced packaging field.The activities through this participation will contribute to the development of a digital society and the creation of a sustainable society. We hope that this will lead to an acceleration of the
Kazuo Maeda)
*Company name*: Moses Lake Industries, Inc. (USA)
*Technical expertise*: Lithography, etching/cleaning, interconnect metallization applications used in the semiconductor industry, and specializes in wet chemicals for custom bulk chemical mixing. *Industry Position*: A leading supplier of tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) and copper plating products for advanced
semiconductor manufacturing.
*US-JOINT participating technology*: Copper electrolytic plating. * comment*
: “As we embark on this exciting joint venture, our passion for innovation and excellence is stronger than ever. We are confident that this partnership will open up new opportunities, not only for our company, but for the industry as a whole. We look forward to driving significant growth.” (Hiroyuki)
*Company name*: Namics Co., Ltd.
* Specialty technology *: Liquid encapsulant technology for semiconductors. *Industry position*: Global top-class technological capabilities in liquid encapsulants for semiconductors.
*US-JOINT participating technology*: Liquid encapsulation materials for semiconductors such as Liquid Compression Molding materials. * comment*
: “In the United States, there is an active movement to bring the supply chain back to Japan. At NAMICS Corporation, our main products are semiconductor peripheral materials such as liquid encapsulant for semiconductors, and we are responding to the movement in the United States to bring the manufacturing industry back to Japan. We agree with the significance of US-JOINT in line with the
Director Akito Yoshii)
*Company name*: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.
*Special technology*: Microfabrication technology, high purity technology. *Industry position*: Global top-class photoresist manufacturer. *US-JOINT participating technology*: Photoresist for semiconductor packages. * comment*
: “We are confident that this is a place where we can create total solutions using the cutting-edge photoresist materials we provide and our participating members, promote technological innovation in semiconductor packaging through collaboration with end customers, and contribute to the evolution of semiconductors. (Director)
Kosuke Doi, Senior Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of Sales Division and General Manager of Development Division)
*Company name*: TOWA Co., Ltd.
* Specialty technology *: Compression mold technology that achieves high reliability and productivity compatible with narrow gap mold under fill
*Industry position*: No.1 global share of semiconductor molding equipment *US-JOINT participating technology*: Compression mold equipment. * comment*
: “We support timely product development that meets customer needs, and contribute to a variety of packaging with our unique compression mold technology.” (Director)
(Executive Officer, General Manager of Sales Division Muneo Miura) *Company name*: ULVAC Co., Ltd.
* Specialty technology *: Development and manufacture of process equipment for semiconductors and displays, sputtering materials, and vacuum components using vacuum technology.
*Industry position*: Wafer Level Package/Panel Level
We provide the market with industry-leading process equipment for film formation and plasma processing in the package area.
*US-JOINT participating technology*: Sputtering equipment, ashing equipment. * comment*
: “This consortium aims to understand the concepts and technical issues of packaging technology, which will become increasingly important in the future, and to make manufacturing equipment the de facto standard.In addition, the activities of this consortium will be based on silicon, which is the epicenter of innovation in the United States. We believe this will be a great opportunity to introduce our efforts to the Valley.” (Executive Officer)
Harunori Iwai, General Manager of Electronic Equipment Division, Equipment Business Division)
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