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Pallet and Umedia launch the “Tohoku Human Resources Redesign Project” to strengthen Tohoku companies

Pallet and Umedia launch the “Tohoku Human Resources Redesign Project” to strengthen Tohoku companies
*U Media Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
Pallet and Umedia launch the “Tohoku Human Resources Redesign Project” to strengthen Tohoku companies
*The first seminar will be held online from 17:00 on Tuesday, July 30th to introduce case studies of each company and discuss the outlook of the project*
Tohoku Human Resources Redesign Project Official Website

 Pallet Co., Ltd. (Taihaku Ward, Sendai City, Representative Director Akiko Hayama, hereinafter referred to as Pallet) and Umedia Co., Ltd. (Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai City, Representative Director President Konno)
Hitoshi (hereinafter referred to as Umedia) will launch the “Tohoku Human Resources Redesign Project” in July 2024.

The “Tohoku Human Resources Redesign Project” is based on the mission of “Together we continue to create a society in which all people can make the most of themselves through their work and move towards happiness,” and Pallet, which practices organizational development as an external partner, and This is a project to empower human resources in Tohoku through collaboration between U-Media, which places “the development of people and organizations as the first priority of management,” and has repeatedly put this into practice in-house and is expanding its practice to the region.

Specifically, we plan to operate a “Human Resources Learning Community” that creates a place for managers and human resources managers of companies mainly in the Tohoku region to connect and learn from each other, and to hold an annual human resources conference. Masu.
Tohoku becomes an advanced region for strategic human resources (background of project launch)

Values ​​in the VUCA era have become more diverse, and the way organizations communicate and manage has changed significantly. In order for regional companies to continue to grow, the role of human resources required in such an era is to have the function of “strategic human resources,” which plans and executes human resources strategies in tandem with management strategies.
In particular, the Tohoku region is experiencing significant depopulation and aging, and is said to be a “progressive region” that will be the first to experience the various challenges that the world will face in the future.
In particular, the labor shortage due to the outflow of young people is one of the major challenges for companies.As the population ages, more workers are retiring, and it is becoming difficult to secure new human resources.
In order for local companies to promote growth while facing such challenges, it is essential to strengthen human resources functions. By strengthening human resources functions, such as securing and retaining a workforce, developing human resources, improving organizational efficiency, creating a comfortable work environment, and strengthening regional cooperation, we can realize sustainable growth for people, companies, and regions. can.

Tohoku, a region with advanced issues, aims to become a region with advanced strategic human resources, thereby promoting the resolution of regional-specific issues and economic revitalization. By conducting economic activities that take care of human resources and customers, we can achieve sustainable growth and please both customers and the local community. We launched this project in order to increase the number of such “companies that people choose in their communities.”

Pallet and Umedia support companies with human resources and communication in Tohoku
(Reasons for both companies to collaborate on this project)

Pallet is based on three businesses: “organizational development,” “human resources development,” and “town development,” and engages in a wide range of activities including organizational development, coaching, regional co-creation, and seminars. As the meaning of work, work styles, and the role of organizations are undergoing major changes, we are solving the challenges of becoming an organization of choice for local communities and people, with a focus on
communication. To date, we have supported over 100 projects, half of which are for companies in Tohoku.

With the mission of creating the future of the region, Umedia has contributed to the region in a variety of ways, including printing, events, media promotion, branding, and tourism development. Since 2009, we have been the first company in the Tohoku region to practice work style reform, and with the aim of achieving growth and
sustainable development as a company, we have established a system to support employee growth and further deepen work style reform. We are developing a variety of programs.
In addition, we have redefined our corporate vision to “put the development of people and organizations as the first priority of management,” reconsidering the way people and organizations should be, and evolving toward a new stage.

By leveraging the strengths and resources of both companies, including expertise in human resources and communications, we aim to innovate the local corporate culture and create an environment that is conducive to work and growth.
There are two main pillars of our business. We will start by holding monthly seminars (business overview)
* “Tohoku Work Conference” *
* (tentative name) held*

Large-scale human resources conference in Tohoku
(Challenges for people and organizations, such as management and corporate personnel)
We are currently preparing for the event, which is open to leaders of all kinds.

Contents (planned)
・Keynote speech by a human resources expert
・Panel talk and award ceremony where each company presents their efforts and results
・A place for dialogue between participating companies *Establishment of a human resources learning community*

We will create a place for companies aiming for “strategic human resources” to connect and learn from each other.

Contents (planned)
・Holding seminars/webinars to gain knowledge of organizational development ・Sharing case studies and dialogue sessions
・A place for co-creation that leads to self-growth

Representative message
* (Left) Pallet Co., Ltd. Representative Director Akiko Hayama*

Through this project, we aim to work together to solve the “people and organizational issues” faced by companies in Tohoku, and to realize a future where Tohoku is full of people working happily and where companies continue to grow sustainably and flexibly. We look forward to working with you and moving forward together, and we look forward to your continued support.
* (Right) Ayako Konno, Director of U-Media Co., Ltd.*
We want to lead business growth by helping people and organizations grow flexibly and strongly. With this in mind, we have been exploring and implementing strategic human resources that are integrated with management. We will incorporate into this project the various aspects of our company that have continued to focus on “people and
organizations” toward the future, and work with Pallet to realize a vision in which “Tohoku companies become stronger by strengthening human resources.”
* From the Sendai City Economic Bureau, which is supporting us * As the workforce continues to decline, it has become important to create an environment where each employee can play an active role in their own way, which not only leads to the acquisition and retention of human resources, but also to the growth of the company. We sincerely hope that this project will lead to great results.

* We will be holding monthly seminars starting in July to create a place to learn about “strategic human resources”! *
*Tuesday, July 30th 17:00-18:00*
* ~Organizational development learned from case studies~What is the human resources strategy to become a “company of choice”*
Participation fee: Free / Implementation format: Online

Sharing examples of organizational development practiced at Umedia, With explanations from Pallet, an expert in organizational development, We will explore the type of organization that companies should aim for. This seminar is a must-attend for managers and human resources managers who are aware of issues related to human resources strategies and people in their region.

*From July onwards, Umedia and Pallet will be co-hosting a seminar once a month.
Information will be disseminated on the official website of the Tohoku Human Resources Redesign Project ( [Sponsor] Tohoku Human Resources Redesign Project Executive Committee [Sponsor] Sendai City Economic Bureau
*About details about this release*

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