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Home » Shobunsha Holdings Co., Ltd. Limited release at the official online store “Book Shoulder that Only Kotorippu can read” will be released from the end of July

Shobunsha Holdings Co., Ltd. Limited release at the official online store “Book Shoulder that Only Kotorippu can read” will be released from the end of July

[Shobunsha Holdings Co., Ltd.] Limited release at the official online store “Book Shoulder that Only Kotorippu can read” will be released from the end of July
*Shobunsha Holdings Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
Limited release “Book Shoulder Only Kotorippu” will be released at the official online store from the end of July
*~Pre-order sales begin today, July 8th, exclusively for Kotorip’s various service users~*
◆* [Limited quantity release] Kotorippu size original bag*
* ◆A well-thought-out book shoulder for Kotorip fans*

Shobunsha Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Representative Director and President
Shigeo Kuroda (TSE Code: 9475) and its subsidiary Shobunsha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Representative Director) Tetsuya Kawamura (hereinafter referred to as Shobunsha) is the founder of the travel media brand “Kotrip”, which is a brand for bookworms “NIR IDENTITY &
In collaboration with “BOOK” (Taito-ku, Tokyo), we have created an original new product* “Book Shoulder that only Kotorippu can read”*. We are pleased to inform you that from July 26, 2024, only 100 pieces will be on sale* at the Kotorip Online Store.

Additionally, pre-order sales will begin today, July 8, 2024, as a benefit for Kotorip star users and users of e-mail newsletters, apps, subscription services, and online stores.

-Product image of “Book Shoulder Only Kotorippu can read”-

* )) Features of this product ((*
* “Book Shoulder Only Kotorippu Can Read” * is a minimalist shoulder bag for carrying around books that has been carefully thought out just for book lovers.
Inspired by “Book Shoulder that You Can Only Read”* Kotorip* and* NIR IDENTITY & BOOK*
This is a new item created by. It was created for people who love traveling and who love books, to make the time they spend using guidebooks while traveling more enjoyable.
-Book shoulder usage image 1-

A simple structure that only stores one Kotorip book and the minimum items needed for your trip. It wraps around the book like a book cover and is protected by zippers on all sides, top, bottom, left and right, making it resistant to stains, bends, and scratches.

There’s a pocket that’s big enough to fit your passport, as well as tickets, smartphones, lipstick, and coins that you’ll need on your trip. In addition, it has a 2-way design that can be used as a book pouch by removing the shoulder strap, and is designed to be easily opened on the train or wherever you are sitting, even when you have a little free time.
– Designed to be easy to use while traveling – holds passport, smartphone, tickets, lipstick, etc.
* )) Product Summary ((*
Product name: *Book shoulder that only Kotorippu can read*
Weight: 228g
Country of origin: Japan (Tokyo), each bag is made one by one by a bag craftsman.
Material: Outer material: environmentally friendly synthetic leather, lining: cotton, puller: cowhide (soft)
Color: Natural white, camel
Price: 17,600 yen (tax included)
Size: Height 19.5cm, Width 15.5cm, Thickness 2cm
Shoulder strap is removable and length adjustable (maximum 128cm) [Standard contents]
Inside the main unit: 1 guidebook Kotorippu (if you do not include Kotorippu, normally use the shoulder bag)
Can also be used as a bag. You can put your wallet etc. )
Front pocket: 1 smartphone / 1 passport
Rear case: Approximately 10 coins / 3-4 bills (folded in quarters) / 2-3 cards Internal pocket: 3 or 4 paper items such as tickets
|| *Books that can be inserted*
◆Special size for guidebook Kotorippu (recommended thickness within 2cm). * Fits Kotorippu (148mm vertically x 180mm horizontally).
*It may not be suitable for books of other sizes.
|| *About materials*
◆Environmentally friendly synthetic leather: Matte and chewy texture that is comfortable to the touch.
*Easy to clean (if you are concerned about dirt, gently wipe it with a damp cloth)
*Compared to regular bags, it is designed with the assumption that the surface will be touched more often when reading a book, so it is easier to clean.
We use materials that are easy to use.
|| *Purchase benefits*
1. Everyone who makes a purchase will receive an original notebook not for sale.
-Not for sale original notebook-
2. 100 people who purchase will receive a “serial numbered editorial department handwritten message card”.

|| *Recommended for gifts and celebrations*

If you select a travel trip book that is perfect for your partner and give it to them along with a book shoulder, it will become a special gift that is only one in the world. Available in unisex. The bag is delivered with an original cotton drawstring bag.
-Original cotton drawstring bag-
-Book shoulder usage image 2-
* )) About pre-order sales ((*
Limited to Kotorip star users and members of e-mail newsletters, apps, subscription services, and online stores.*
Pre-order sales will begin today, July 8, 2024*. We plan to provide information sequentially using email, notification functions, etc. For more information, please see the page below.
|| * Pre-order sales information page * ⇒
Target period: July 8th to July 15th, 2024
General reservation sales start from July 16, 2024
*Since the number is limited, those who wish to purchase are recommended to register as an online store member from the above page. * )) About NIR IDENTITY & BOOK * * ((*

A slightly luxurious brand for bookworms that provides unique reading supplies and events that allow bookworms to feel free. It is made with the help of members who love books and Japanese craftsmen.
* )) About Kotorippu ((*

“Kotrip” is a media that supports all women who travel. “WEB/APP” that disseminates information about travel destinations every day, “KOTRIP Magazine”, a quarterly magazine that introduces the charms of travel destinations and regions, “KOTRIP Magazine”, a travel guidebook with 123* titles in Japan and overseas, and a cumulative circulation of over 19 million copies. We help women who travel in a variety of ways to make them happy, including events and workshops. (*As of the end of June 2024)
It is also a popular brand that collaborates with a wide range of corporations that attract women, including local governments, transportation-related, distribution-related, restaurants, and manufacturers of products for women.
|| Cotrip web⇒ **
|| Kotrip Online Store ⇒ **

↓You can download the PDF of this release from here. *About details about this release*

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