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COGNOSPHERE Co., Ltd. “Zenless Zone Zero” fan art recruitment contest 1st period “Drip Fest” is now ac cepting applications

[COGNOSPHERE Co., Ltd.] “Zenless Zone Zero” fan art recruitment contest 1st period “Drip Fest” is now accepting applications *COGNOSPHERE Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
“Zenless Zone Zero” fan art recruitment contest 1st period “Drip Fest” is now accepting applications
*Let’s share your art and passion! Let talented proxies unleash their creativity in our first fan art contest! *
The urban fantasy action RPG “Zenless Zone Zero”, released worldwide by HoYoverse, a globally expanding interactive entertainment brand, is participating in the first fan art recruitment contest “Drip” for this work.
“Fest” was held. Players around the world have until August 23rd 13:00 (JST) to receive Drip
Submit your original work of graffiti, illustration, video, cosplay or music through the Fest official website and HoYoLAB and participate in the contest for a chance to win up to 3,000 USD in prize money and a Golden Bump Award trophy.

Click here for more information about Drip Fest:

“Zenless Zone Zero” players from all over the world, who are full of energy and talent and always have a passion for trends and aesthetics, are Drip
At the Fest, you will be able to fully display them and unleash the endless ideas hidden in the new Erie capital. There are no
restrictions on participation, so anyone interested can participate in any of the five divisions set up in this contest.

Players participating in the contest will be carefully judged by professional judges with different backgrounds, and awards will be given to the best and most professional works as well as the most popular works among the players. The following are this year’s judges.

・ZEUS40, one of the most talented graffiti artists from southern Italy ・BUNBUN, an illustrator from Japan. Responsible for illustrations for popular light novels such as the “Sword Art Online” series.
・NAJI Yanagida, illustrator from Japan. Providing illustrations for games such as “Sangokushi Taisen TCG”
・Yamashita RIRI, an animator from Japan. Skilled in modern animation, responsible for music videos such as “Project Sekai Colorful Stage!” and “Journey”
Sarrosa, actress, streamer and cosplayer from the Philippines. He has won numerous awards in cosplay contests and game competitions held in the Philippines.
・Jorn Heringa, world’s top house music label “Spinnin'”
Artist and production manager of “Records”. Contributed to the discovery of top musicians such as Alok and Don Diablo

Winners can win great prizes including cash, merchandise, and in-game items. The first place winner of the Jury Award will receive a Golden Bomp Award trophy, 3,000 USD in cash, and a series of portraits. You will receive a character acrylic stand and in-game item Polychrome x 10,000.

“Zenless Zone Zero” is HoYoverse’s latest urban fantasy action RPG. The story is set in a world after modern civilization has been destroyed by a supernatural disaster called the Hollow. Despite the disaster that threatened to bring about its destruction, the new Erie city overcame the adversity and developed, becoming the last light of modern civilization. The player becomes a specialist who undertakes a special job called a “Proxy”, and explores the Hollow with unique companions, takes on enemies, completes requests, and unravels the hidden secrets of the new Erie capital. .

This work has already been released simultaneously on PlayStation (R) 5, PC, iOS, and Android since July 4th, and also supports data sharing on multiple platforms. Drip
For more information on Fest and “Zenless Zone Zero”, please check the official website or X (formerly Twitter).

*Click here for the latest information on “Zenless Zone Zero”* [Zenless Zone Zero Official Website]

[Zenless Zone Zero Official X]

[Zenless Zone Zero Official YouTube Channel]

*About HoYoverse*
HoYoverse aims to provide an immersive virtual world experience to players around the world. In addition to game content such as “Genshin”, “Kaitai 3rd”, “Undecided Case Files”, “Kaitai: Star Rail”, and “Zenless Zone Zero”, HoYoverse has released a community product “HoYoLAB”. Focusing on original IP, we produce a variety of products such as anime, manga, music, novels, and goods. “Tech
Otakus Save the
We are committed to technology development, pursuing cutting-edge technology, and accumulating top-class technology in fields such as toon rendering, artificial intelligence, and cloud gaming. HoYoverse is actively globalizing with offices in Singapore, Montreal, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Seoul.

HoYoverse official website:

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