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Home » HIKKY Co., Ltd. The world’s largest metaverse event “Virtual Market 2024 Winter” will be held from Saturday, December 7th, with 1.2 million people enthusiastic! We are looking for exhibiting companies and organizations that will deliver excitement

HIKKY Co., Ltd. The world’s largest metaverse event “Virtual Market 2024 Winter” will be held from Saturday, December 7th, with 1.2 million people enthusiastic! We are looking for exhibiting companies and organizations that will deliver excitement

[HIKKY Co., Ltd.] The world’s largest metaverse event “Virtual Market 2024”, which attracts 1.2 million people
Winter” will be held from Saturday, December 7th! We are looking for exhibiting companies and organizations that will deliver excitement beyond dimensions!
*HIKKY Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
“Virtual Market 2024” is the world’s largest metaverse event that attracts 1.2 million people.
Winter” will be held from Saturday, December 7th! We are looking for exhibiting companies and organizations that will deliver excitement beyond dimensions!
*Powerful support for promotions, new customer development, tourism and regional revitalization, etc. with XR*
* HIKKY Co., Ltd. is hosting “Virtual Market 2024,” the 13th time of the world’s largest metaverse event, which has received three Guinness World Records (TM).
We have decided to hold “Winter” for 16 days from Saturday, December 7th to Sunday, December 22nd, 2024, and have begun recruiting exhibiting companies. This virtual market 2024
In Winter, three venues will be used as VR venues for corporate exhibitions: “Odaiba”, “Las Vegas”, and “Fujiyama” in the area surrounding Mt. Fuji. Please use it as a new form of advertising promotion that involves users, tourism promotion and regional revitalization, interaction with customers using virtual space, and market research and PoC opportunities through the Metaverse. * * ▶Company exhibition application form: * **

*About Virtual Market (commonly known as Vket)*
“Virtual Market” is a pioneering event in the Metaverse that boasts over 1.2 million visitors from all over the world and holds a Guinness World Record (TM) *. In addition to the fun of buying and selling 3D items such as avatars and real products (clothes, PCs, food, etc.) at the venue on the Metaverse, you can also ride vehicles, receive customer service, participate in live music, etc. , we also offer “experiences” unique to the Metaverse. Voice communication is also possible between attendees, giving you the feeling of being at a real event. In recent years, major companies that want to enter the Metaverse business have expanded the sale of real products, creating new possibilities for VR commerce.
*Certified by Guinness World Records (TM) for having the most booths at a virtual reality market event

Three effects of virtual market exhibition
Virtual Market provides solutions that utilize the metaverse to help companies and organizations solve their problems.
* ・Cultivate new customers to gain fans of your company/services* By using Metaverse, you can make your products and services appealing to customers who have been difficult to reach in the past. By holding avatar customer service and in-booth events in a unique booth that expresses the brand’s worldview, highly visually effective promotions are realized. Immediate mutual communication that eliminates physical distance and time constraints is the key to gaining fans.
・Personalized marketing using virtual advertising
Next-generation promotions, which are a little different from traditional advertising, will help you gain the first impression of your products and services. By providing experiences unique to the Metaverse that cannot be realized in real life, and by turning products into 3D objects and allowing many users to actually touch them in a virtual space, you can promote your products and services in a natural way that is different from simply showing advertisements. We will increase the number of points of contact with customers so that they will become aware of our products and choose us in the real world.
・Increase awareness through SNS promotions that involve users Even if you spend a lot of money on large-scale product promotions, it may be difficult to achieve the desired results. Recently, there has been a growing movement to utilize UGC, which evokes empathy and trust. Since Vket is composed of UGC created and developed by users, more than 1 million visitors will voluntarily transmit and spread content on SNS, promoting mutual customer attraction.
*UGC (User Generated)
Contents): A general term for content created and generated by users. It refers to content in a broad sense, such as postings and videos on SNS and blogs, as well as comments and reviews on them.
Please consider exhibiting at “Virtual Market 2024 Winter”.

Virtual market usage example
To date, we have had a wide variety of companies and organizations exhibit and work with visitors and creators to promote initiatives unique to the Metaverse.
・Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.
Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store’s virtual store “Virtual Daimaru Matsuzakaya” is being developed on the virtual market.
We exhibited elaborately made 3D food models and provided a place where you could freely pick up real food and check its shape and contents while purchasing real food. In addition, avatar customer service will be provided by Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store staff with extensive product knowledge and Daimaru Matsuzakaya Ambassadors who are familiar with VR. In addition to real foods, we also sold 3D food models.
* ▼Use example article*
Virtual market visitor photography
・Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
The booth of Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which has exhibited at the virtual market four times in a row and promoted the city’s charm and specialty products, has been visited by a total of 700,000 people so far. On July 2, 2024, we concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with HIKKY regarding regional revitalization using the Metaverse. In the future, we will utilize the know-how of
communicating attractions and providing experiential value through the Metaverse to promote regional revitalization efforts that involve a variety of stakeholders both inside and outside the city.
* ▼Reference press release* Virtual market visitor photography
▼Click here for other virtual market usage examples

There are 3 VR venues for corporate exhibitions: Odaiba, Las Vegas, and Fujiyama.
The Vket company exhibition venues this time are three metaverse venues: Odaiba, Las Vegas, and Fujiyama in the area surrounding Mt. Fuji. It will be reborn in a way that adds even more originality to the real city and incorporates the voices and opinions of past visitors. In addition to reproducing reality, we will construct an ideal space full of individuality on the Metaverse, full of
extraordinary fun and dreams that can only be experienced through VR.

[Looking for corporate exhibitors]
In preparation for holding this event, we are currently recruiting corporate exhibitors for both the Metaverse and real venues. If you are a company interested in exhibiting, please feel free to contact us using the application form below.

*Please wait for further updates regarding the start of general exhibition applications and the release of information regarding each concept of the general exhibition venue. For detailed information, please refer to Vket official X ( ​​) will also be released sequentially. * [Virtual Market 2024 Winter Event Overview] *
Name: Virtual Market 2024 Winter
Sponsor: VR corporation HIKKY
Date: December 7th (Saturday) to December 22nd (Sunday), 2024 (16 days in total) Theme: Boundless!
Corporate exhibition VR venue: Odaiba/Las Vegas/Fujiyama (tentative name) Official SNS:
YouTube →
Instagram →
How to visit:
You can visit the special world in VRChat from VR devices and gaming PCs. We also have some web browser venues where you can enter by simply clicking on a URL from your smartphone.

* [About HIKKY Co., Ltd. (commonly known as VR Corporation HIKKY)] * HIKKY Co., Ltd.
With the mission of “Revolution,” we are a VR corporation that enriches creative options and evaluations, and creates opportunities for people to “want to try it.”
Hosting the world’s largest metaverse event “Virtual Market” which has received three Guinness World Records (TM), and the real metaverse event “Vket” where you can experience the virtual market in the real world.
We provide highly unique XR solutions centered on the development of the web metaverse development engine “Vket Cloud” hosted by “Real”.

Representative Director and CEO: Yasushi Funakoshi
Head Office: Mitomi Building 4F, 1-20-22 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013 Established: May 1, 2018
Corporate site:
Service site for corporations:
Recruitment page:

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