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Home » Western Digital Expands WD Blue lineup for content creators with new 4TB NVMe SSD

Western Digital Expands WD Blue lineup for content creators with new 4TB NVMe SSD

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Expands WD Blue lineup for content creators with new 4TB NVMe SSD ……

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Content creators captivate audiences across a variety of platforms through engaging stories, eye-popping photography, and high-quality videos. Meeting the demand for premium content requires larger storage capacities and faster, more efficient workflows. As AI-enabled applications continue to generate larger media assets,
high-performance, high-capacity data storage becomes even more essential.
Western Digital’s new WD Blue(R) SN5000 NVMe(TM) SSD is
next-generation storage for content creators and professionals with demanding workflows including multi-stream 4K video, images and audio. The WD Blue(R) SN5000 NVMe(TM) SSD, an M.2 2280 SSD for PCs, is ideal for content creators looking to improve PC performance and expand to higher capacity NVMe SSDs. is.
WD Blue(R) SN5000 NVMe(TM) SSD strategically addresses Stages 4 and 6 of the AI ​​data cycle, providing users with an advanced
performance-driven storage solution to maximize content creation workflows in AI environments To do.
AI data cycle AI Data Cycle Video (Japanese)
This SSD powers AI-enabled applications and accelerates workflows with the following features:
・Up to 4TB* – double the content storage capacity of the current generation** ・ Accelerate your workflow and increase productivity with PCIe(R) Gen4 speeds of up to 5,500MB/s –
24% better performance than current generation***
– Copy folders and files at lightning speed with Western Digital nCache(TM) 4.0 technology
– Smoothly process high-load projects with multitasking using NVMe(TM) – Speed ​​up drafting and rendering processes with up to 1,200 TBW **** durability
Western Digital WD Blue(R) SN5000 NVMe(TM) SSD is now on sale at Western Digital Online Store
( -nvme-ssd), will be available from a wider range of sales channels on July 12th. For detailed specifications and additional information,
please visit ■ About Western Digital
Western Digital is on a mission to harness data and unlock its potential. In Flash and HDD, backed by advances in memory technology, we create breakthrough innovations and powerful data storage solutions that enable you to realize your dreams. And as a core part of our values, we are committed to working together to meet the ambitious and ambitious carbon reduction goals endorsed by the Science Based Targets initiative to combat impending climate change. For more information about Western Digital and the Western Digital(R), SanDisk(R), and WD(R) brands, please visit * 1TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual usable capacity may be less depending on the usage environment.
**Based on comparison based on Western Digital WD Blue(R) SN580 2TB NVMe(TM) SSD.
***Based on comparison between Western Digital WD Blue(R) SN580 1TB NVMe(TM) SSD and Western Digital WD Blue(R) SN5000 4TB NVMe(TM) SSD. ****TBW (terabytes written) value calculated by JEDEC client workload (JESD219) and varies depending on product capacity.
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